What is the Alternative to Hot Glue Gun? [Perfect Solution]

Hot glue guns have a variety of uses, from electrical projects to wooden projects. Their ease of use makes them the first choice for many people when any project needs fixing. However, they have some disadvantages as well.

They don’t fill spaces like water-based solutions, and they bond quickly. So, the user would have to act fast. Due to their hot nature, they can damage human skin. Also, the gun is vulnerable to electric failure.

Hot glue guns may be easy to use and readily available, but that doesn’t make them the best option. Let’s explore some alternatives to hot glue gun.

5 Best Alternative to Hot Glue Gun

hot glue alternative

1. Two-Part Epoxy Glue

These glues are known for their versatility. You could use them almost in any kind of project you deem necessary. The package consists of resin and hardener. These two are formulated to apply on all sorts of stuff, from thermal, mechanical, optical to electrical components.

However, these two-part glues are great hot glue alternatives. If you need gaps to fill up, these glues will perform far better than its counterpart. They are also easy to apply, resistant to shock and vibration, and can be formulated without solvent.  And the best thing is that you will get them a lower price per unit.

2. Gorilla Glue

Another good alternative to hot glue gun is gorilla glue. This is a really strong glue that can handle the toughest structures and weights. This substitute for hot glue is considered one of the strongest glues in the world. Similar to hot glue guns, it is not good at filling gaps. Once applied, it expands 3 to 4 times on the surface area and creates the bond.

This glue’s noteworthy features are water resistance, incredibly strong, stainable and sandable, temperature resistant. It is best suited for hardware that has to withstand rough use and abuse. This glue is not usable with fabric or any other clothing.

3. Spray Adhesives

Spray glues are kept in pressurized containers. Once pressed, like body spray, they are directed as a mist. The coat of glue from this container is very consistent. These are a capable substitute for hot glue sticks for ease of use and performance. They have a wide range of applications. From wooden work to fabric, almost anything can be fixed with their help.

After application, the texture and color remain almost as it was. Because, after drying, the coat becomes transparent. Multiple coats can be applied to ensure a strong bond. But some glues are not suitable for high temperature or humidity exposure. So, check the instruction manual before use.

4. Plastic Glue

Hot glue guns are mostly used to fix plastics. It is better to use plastic glue if what is your only concern. The specialty of these glues is that they are made with flexible compositions that work great with plastic.

There are different types of plastics in the market, such as HDPE, PETE, PVC, etc. You will have to be a little informed because different types of plastic glue work well with different plastics types. Where they outshine, the hot glue is how strong they are. Also, you will have to be very precise when applying due to the strength. These are great hot glue gun alternative.

5. Replacement for Glue

If you had questions, what can I use instead of glue or what to use instead of glue, then this section is for you. There are times when conventional glues are not a good idea to fix broken things. That is where the homemade and other adhesives come in.

Duct tapes could be a great option if you want to avoid using glue. For other types of adhesives, you will need to follow the recipe to make them yourself. In general, they require flour, corn syrup, glycerin, gelatin, alum and etc. Adhesives made of these elements does not have any side effects.

Best Alternative to Hot Glue Gun

Bottom Line

What is a good substitute for glue? What to use instead of a hot glue gun? To be honest, there are many. Especially if you are looking for an alternative to hot glue gun. Depending on materials, you should get specialized adhesives designed just for that. So, you will be right to assume using specialized glue will offer lasting performance than all-purpose hot glue.

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