Backpack Leaf Blower vs Handheld Difference: Which is on the Top?

If you own a big backyard where trees around there, in autumn and winter leaves will stick in the gutter. Here is why you must look for either a backpack or a small handheld blower.

Based on the surface area and the features you must choose any one of them after reading the discussion about the backpack leaf blower vs handheld blower.

They are two different machines but the purpose is the same. If you read between the lines of the following article, hopefully, you will make a decision about which to buy, so let’s get started.

Differences at a Glance of Backpack vs Handheld Leaf Blowers

Both of these leaf blowers have some differences. Before you read the whole article let’s have a look at here:

PropertiesHandheld Leaf BlowerBackpack Leaf Blower
Noise level:ModerateHigher
Maneuvering Process: Fully HandheldPartially (Blower rest in the shoulder)
Portability:LightweightModerate lightweight
Efficiency: GoodBetter
Ease of Use:BetterGood


The small backpack leaf blowers are expensive at the same time they serve for the big areas and gather tons of leaves and debris. On the flip side, the small handheld leaf blower is comparatively low in performance but still, it is handy to clean up the messes.


While comparing backpack blower vs handheld in terms of ease and comfort, then the handheld seems the right one. Because it is light and easy to hang around the yard. Moreover, it is easy to operate as you may shut it off without unstrapping it.

On the flip side, the backpack leaf blower remains on the back of your shoulder. Therefore, the more time you will spend on the cleaning staff, your shoulder tends to get more stress. This is why we don’t recommend carrying it on the shoulder who has chronic back pain.


Both of them are run by gas and battery, however, there is some limitation to have the amount of power.

When it comes to telling about the power, like who won’s over whom then Backpack leaf blower definitely win. Because it comes with a bigger engine on the backpack. This is why the backpack is a commercially recommended machine to clean up a huge amount of mess.

On the other hand, another type of blower is for cleaning up a small amount of debris alongside our residence. The power seems comparatively low but sounds perfect for kicking out messes.

If you want a more powerful one, you can check this best commercial leaf vacuum review.

Fuel Usage:

The more power you apply on your machine, the more fuel it will consume. Since we have told you that a backpack comes with more power so it requires more fuel to burn.

But when it comes to telling about the fuel efficiency the backpack is ahead of a handheld leaf blower. Because a handheld blower has a small fuel tank and it uses more power to finish the work. On the other hand, the leaf blower with a backpack comes with a bigger tank and efficiently consumes fuel.

Noise Level:

A handheld leaf blower is the earliest innovation. The first category of traditional leaf blower powered by gas that emits 75 decibels of noise and the commercial level blower produces up to 99 dB. But electric leaf blower is quieter than gas operated leaf blower which is 65 dB.

The Backpack leaf blowers have many variations of producing noise. The noise level determined by the power level. Normally, a commercial backpack produces more noise compared to the handheld because it unleashes more speed has a bigger vacuum.

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