Best Central Vacuum Powerhead for Pet Hair – Top 5 in 2022

When it comes to cleaning your house, a vacuum cleaner is the most popular option as it pulls off the dirt from every corner. However, you won’t get the best out of the central vacuum system unless you have a reliable powerhead.

A central vacuum powerhead doesn’t only remove dust and debris, it’s quite effective to get rid of pet hair that a traditional vacuum without a power nozzle may not. Also, a powerhead purifies the air of the house.

Nowadays, vacuum powerhead is hugely popular for removing pet hair as most American families have pets. Keeping that in mind, there’re lots of available options. But not all of them come in handy. To aid, this article comes with the best central vacuum powerhead for pet hair with a precise buying guide.

So, let’s begin!

Top Pick: Can-Tec CT20QD

If you don’t have the time to shop around, then just go for this one. It offer a quiet and comfortable effective cleaning. Overall its performance and build quality are better than most others.

5 Best Central Vacuum Powerhead for Pet Hair Reviews

As said earlier, there’re hundreds of vacuum powerheads for pet hair removal on the market. I researched them a lot before bringing the best central vacuum powerheads for you.

Here’s the best central vacuum powerhead reviews in 2022.

1. Cen Tec Systems 94775 CT20QD Central Vacuum – Top Pick

Cen-Tec Systems 94775 CT20QD

If you want a powerhead that works fine with most major central vacs, Cen Tec CT20QD can be a great option. The premium Cen Tec systems are perfect to clean your pet’s hair from the floor.

Smooth & Reliable Clean

Cen Tec CT20QD runs smoothly on the carpet having four height-adjustment options. The brush agitator also has a view window so that you can confirm its operation when engaged. There’re wheels under the central vacuum power brush that allows the Cen Tec systems to glide easily over the carpet.

Quiet Operation

The poly-v belt ensures vibration and noise-free operation. Its QuietDrive vacuum cleaner system allows it to operate quietly and smoothly on the high pile carpets and hard floors.

Easy Reset

The electric vacuum head for central vac incorporates a reset button to save the Cen Tec systems in case it becomes blocked. The best central vacuum powerhead gets switched off instantly to let you clean the debris and start cleaning again with the Cen Tec systems.

Furthermore, Cen Tec systems have a telescope electric integrated wand that has an easy connection to the brush. It also works with numerous hoses of different brands through a flush mount.


  • Sleek and durable construction
  • Noise and vibration-free cleaning
  • Telescopic electric integrated wand
  • Auto shut off feature


  • Height-adjustment is weak


Many may find the Cen Tec CT20QD power brush vacuum cleaner a little bit expensive, but the best central vacuum powerhead serves accordingly. Cen Tec systems offer a quiet and comfortable effective cleaning.

2. Wessel Werk EBK 360 Power Nozzle – Runner Up

Wessel Werk EBK 360 Power Nozzle with Integrated Wand

The Wessel Werk EBK 360 power nozzle comes with a telescoping steel integrated wand. The German electric head brush is durable and long-lasting.

Manual Height-Adjustment

The EBK 360 includes a 5-position manual height adjustment. If you need to clean the bare floors, set the height level to 1, while use level 5 is for the highest plush and soft carpets.

Level 3, 2, and 1 is used for high, medium, and low pile carpet respectfully. The adjustment is done manually by a foot pedal.

Large intake orifice

To get rid of the locking of the power nozzle on the dense carpet surface, EBK360 has incorporated suction release holes at the bottom of the power nozzle. They allow the best central vacuum to have more efficient suctions and prevent clogging.

Quick Disconnect Neck

The EBK 360 has a quick-release neck which makes the power nozzle easy to use. You don’t need to bend to disconnect the wand.

The best central vacuum powerhead also includes a 360-degree swivel neck which provides excellent maneuverability, especially where it is hard to reach. It can be turned on and off easily so that you can save power and money while cleaning bare floors.


  • 5 levels of height adjustment
  • Durable and maintenance-free cogged belt lasts longer
  • Solid-state circuit breaker to protect the motor
  • Chevron bristle rotating brush roll configuration
  • Bright LED headlights provide superior illumination


  • Customer service isn’t much responsive


Wessel Werk EBK 360 is a powerful and reliable central vacuum head. It is also well-designed and affordable. This power nozzle works with multiple heights. If you’re thinking of buying an electric power head, this might be a great option.

3. Vacuflo Turbocat Air Turbine Nozzle – Best Budget

Vacuflo Turbocat Air Turbine Nozzle, Black

Vacuflo Turbocat is an air-turbine powerhead that needs no batteries or additional power to run the central vacs.

Comfortable Cleaning

The Vacuflo power head nozzle includes a horizontal turbine that makes it comfortable to clean low-height areas, especially under the furniture. Again, its T-shape design helps edge cleaning of the chairs and tables.

The electric powerhead has dual height bristles that ensure constant contact with the floor surface. Its soft wrap-around bumper ensures a consistent performance on both hard floors and soft or thick carpets.

High AirFlow

Vacuflo electric powerhead contains a unique brush roller that helps to enhance airflow within the powerhead. More airflow means it sucks more dirt than conventional powerheads from the floor.


The electric powerhead is quite lightweight weighing less than five pounds. It allows you to move around with it comfortably. Furthermore, its easy gliding wheels make it so easy to maneuver.


  • Multi-floor cleaning path capability
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • No battery or external power is required
  • Improved airflow with brush roller for more dirt removal
  • Compatible with most vacuum cleaners


  • The power head is inconsistent in picking up long hair
  • Makes sound while in operation


Requiring no external power, Vacuflo Turbocat electric powerhead cleans your house perfectly. Its high airflow makes sure the deep cleaning process is top of the class. Furthermore, it’s compatible with most of the major central vacuum systems. You can certainly have good times with the air-powered powerhead for more efficient cleaning.  

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4. VacPrincess Central Vacuum Kit with Hose – Best Value

35' Central Vacuum Kit with Hose, Power Head & Wands - Black - Works with all brands of central vacuum units

The 35-inch central vacuum system includes a 12″ Floor brush, crevice tool, upholstery tools, and duster. The best central vacuum also has a telescopic wand to use while cleaning bare floors, a caddy bag, a hose hanger, and a wall holder.


The central vacuum brush head has an excellent construction to last long. It backs with three years of warranty that truly defines its durability. The central vacuum electric hose is also long enough to move around the house with it easily.

Easy Fit

The crush-proof vacuum kit is compatible with any 1.5-inch inside diameter wall inlets. It fits perfectly all the major central vacuum system brands such as Beam, Cana-Vac, Electrolux.


The central vac power head is also pretty affordable as well. It includes all the necessary features that you need. However, this central vacuum power unit creates loud noise while in operation. Also, it may get clogged when cleaning the high pile carpets. Keeping these flaws away, the central vacuum system is a very good powerhead for the price.


  • Crush-proof and durable
  • Lightweight and affordable
  • Wide fitment with hose hanger and crevice tool
  • Long warranty period


  • A little bit noisy


The 35-inch central vacuum power heads kit is a durable, lightweight, and affordable option as an electric power head. The best powerhead also has a wide fitment which may save your money by not buying a new one.

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5. Broan-NuTone CT700 Deluxe Electric Power Brush – Best Electric

Broan-NuTone CT700 Deluxe Electric Power Brush With Built-In LED Lights

If you want a central vacuum powerhead for a deep cleaning path on your thick carpets that extends their lifespan, the Broan-NuTone CT700 Deluxe electric power brush with its 700 air watts of power would be a great option. This central vacuum electric powerhead is an upgraded version of CT600 and CT650 with lots of innovative features.


The high-quality Nutone vacuum power head removes dirt and debris from floors and carpets so efficiently using its motorized roller bar. The nylon brushes leave a spotless area when cleaned.  

Height Adjustment

A convenient 4-position height adjustment feature makes it easy to house clean floors with multiple layers. Again, a brush roller release pedal allows you to clean hidden areas under the furniture and beds.

Easy Steering

The Nutone central vacuum powerhead features a built-in steering element that offers maximum maneuverability for twisting and turning around allowing you to edge cleaning properly of the house.

Also, the rubberized coated wheels deliver improved traction that makes the best powerhead easy to move around through various floors and carpets with it.


  • Has improved traction for easy mobility
  • Includes a reset button to protect the motor
  • The convenient height adjustment feature
  • Superior LED lighting


  • The hose nozzle is tight making it hard to detach from the wand


Broan-NuTone CT700 Deluxe electric power brush is a high-quality central vacuum electric powerhead with many convenient features. Its easy height adjustment feature makes it efficient to deep clean the carpets.

Cen Tec Systems 94775 CT20QD - Top Pick
Cen Tec Systems 94775 CT20QD – Top Pick
  • Noise and vibration-free cleaning
  • Telescopic electric integrated wand
  • Auto shut off feature
Vacuflo Turbocat Air Turbine -  Best Budget
Vacuflo Turbocat Air Turbine – Best Budget
  • Multi-floor cleaning path capability
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • No battery or external power is required
VacPrincess Central Vacuum Kit - Best Overall
VacPrincess Central Vacuum Kit – Best Overall
  • Crush-proof and durable
  • Wide fitment with hose hanger and crevice tool
  • Long warranty period

How to Choose the Best Central Vacuum Powerhead for Pet Hair?

If you’re still confused about finding the right central powerhead, let me help you with the buying guide. This will discuss all the factors you should consider before buying the best central vac powerhead.

Types of Powerheads

Vacuum powerhead is mainly of two types namely, air driven powerheads and electric powerheads.

Air turbine powerhead depends on the suction power of the central vacuum. It’s quite easy to operate and provides deep cleaning path actions without electric brushes.

As an air turbine powerhead doesn’t need electricity, it’s also an economical option. Again, you don’t have to replace the motor frequently.

Electric powerheads, on the other hand, utilize motors to produce suction power. There’re different controls on the electric hose. You can turn on or off the motor whenever you need it for effective cleaning.

Air driven powerheads are the best for cleaning bare floors and low-pile carpets with suction power. An Electric powerhead is better for deep cleaning and high-pile carpets with superior suction power.

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Height Adjustment Capability

Height adjustability is another important factor to consider, especially if you want to remove pet hair from carpets with varying thickness. The best central vacuum powerheads with a floating head design automatically adjust their height depending on the surface they are used for cleaning.

Quality Roller Brush

The quality of the metal roller brush is important as it determines how well the floor will be cleaned and how long the central vacuum system powerhead lasts. That’s why, try to buy a high-quality metal roller brush, preferably those are made of sturdy steel materials.

You’ll also get brushes made of wood and aluminum. Also, look for a central vacuum powerhead with a replaceable brush strip so that you can fix a new one when the old brush breaks. That’ll extend the life of central vacuums as well.

Flooring Type

If the floor of your house is bare almost, you can go for an air-driven powerhead. Again, if the floor has carpet mostly or partially, you may go for the central vacuums of electric powerheads.


Central vacuum powerheads may be of different sizes. The wider it gets, the faster it can remove the pet hair and other dust of the house. However, the tricky part of being too wide is that the central vacuum powerhead work may have to struggle in cleaning path the tight spaces of the house.

So, you have to pick central vacuums wisely depending upon the structure of your home.


Belts are also significant parts of the best central vacuum powerheads. There’re three major types of belts available namely, Flat belts, Poly-V belts, and Geared belts for central vacuums. Even though they all serve the same purpose on central vacuums, the geared belt system is the most durable. They have longer lifespans than the others.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


So, that’s all from the best central vacuum powerhead for pet hair review. All the central vacuum system powerheads on the list are quite capable to clean the pet hair and other dust of the house.

Make sure you know what type of floors you’re going to clean mostly and how often you need it before buying the best central vacuum powerhead for central vacuum systems.

Hope you find the right one. Thank you.

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