Best Demolition Hammer for Tile Removal: Top 7 Picks in 2021

Demolition is a crucial part when it comes to renovation projects. The whole process can be hazardous, frustrating, and expensive. It should be done correctly. Otherwise, it can nip your entire renovation project in the bud.

And the first approach to the destruction project is to have the best demolition hammer for tile removal for its brute force. The proper tool will help you to remove ceramic tiles without breaking

But choosing the right floor and wall tile removal tools can be frustrating and time-consuming. Don’t fret! We are here with our large to mini demolition hammer reviews to help you out in the crowd!

Here are our top 7 recommended demolition hammers for tile removal:

  1. Bosch 11316EVS SDS-Max – Best overall
  2. TR Industrial-Grade 4-Piece Electric, with 3 Bits – Runner’s up
  3. XtremepowerUS 2200Watt Heavy Duty Electric – Best Budget
  4. Makita HM0870C 11-Pound SDS-Max – Best Compact
  5. DEWALT SDS MAX with Shocks, 23.4-lbs (D25901K) – Best Premium
  6. F2C 2200W Heavy Duty Electric Power Tool Kit – Best kit
  7. ENEACRO 1-1/4 Inch SDS-Plus 13 Amp Heavy Duty – Best Heavy-duty
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    Can You Use A Hammer Drill to Remove Tile?

    A Hammer drill can be used to remove tile. Attach a chisel tip with the tool so that you can do the work quickly. It works like a jackhammer when applied to a tile floor. For removing, hold the machine and place the tip on a grout line between tiles at 45- degree angle. Finally, set the switch of the drill to hammer-mode. It’s comparatively far less laborious than removing each tile individually with hammer and chisel.

    However, don’t use a hammer drill to remove a ceramic tile because it can shatter the tile. 

    7 Best Demolition Hammer For Tile Removal: The Review

    01. Bosch 11316EVS SDS-Max – Best overall

    Bosch 11316EVS SDS-Max Demolition Hammer

    Key Features:

    This one is the best demolition hammer tile removal for those who are up for removing floor tiles from concrete slab without much ado. This electric tile removal tool has everything you could want, and so this one hits as our top pick for its automatic bit locking, dust protection systems, tool-free bit changes. 

    Right off the bat, you will be pleased to see its ergonomic pistol-shaped handle. Its 14 amp motor is capable of generating a maximum speed of 3500 strokes per minute. 

    The tool-free bit changes help you to switch tasks quickly. And the automatic bit locking ensures safety. This model has got the overload protection to avoid overheating in the middle of the job.

    The tool packs impressive constant response circuitry that ensures a soft start and a constant speed during the work. This tool can set bare steel rods in reinforced concrete. 

    The SDS-MAX bit system allows the convenience of switching from one project to another without any trouble. 

    Is this our best bet?

    Undoubtedly, it is the best of the best! This robust machine can be used for removing tiles, plaster, mortar, and glue layers. The 12.4 Ibs impact energy shows outstanding performance for the given impact-to-weight ratio. 

    Summary: When you look for a tile demolition hammer for the restoration and renovation works, this one should be on your list. This tool is reliable and offers excellent chiseling and chipping muscle. Above all, this model is known for its durability and shows top-notch convenience. 



    02. TR89100 Industrial, Grade 4 – Runner’s up 

    TR Industrial-Grade 4-Piece Electric Demolition Jack Hammer, with 3 Bits - Point, Flat, Scoop Shovel Spade Bit

    Key Features:

    Your TR industrial is compatible with your home and commercial projects. This machine can show you extreme power and performance. This best demolition hammer is a cord-type electric power tool that delivers 33ft-Ibs of impact energy on rigid materials. 

    Right off the bat, you will be happy to see the chisels as you can start working right away. This machine offers easy maneuverability for its 360-degree foregrip. 

    This tool for removing tile comes with a case for easy storage, even during traveling. You can rely on this as it has been TUV tested and found to withstand 176 hours of continuous use.

    This package includes three large hardened Chrome-vanadium steel chisels, a rugged steel storage case, 3 SDS bits, a clay spade chisel. 

    Why is this our runner’s up?

    This model is one of the best demolition tools without any doubt. It is also a well-priced tool for DIY enthusiasts or smaller construction companies. 

    However, its longevity is questionable, whereas our top pick has an excellent reputation for durability and longevity. So, our top choice is too good to ignore.

    Summary: This one is an all-rounder tool to remove the tile from concrete, chipping, heavy-duty drilling, and so on. This machine fits several jobs because of its 1800 blows per minute of impact energy and 11-amp electric motor with low noise. 



    03. XtremepowerUS 2200Watt Heavy Duty Electric – Best Budget

    XtremepowerUS 2200Watt Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Jack Hammer Concrete Breaker Chisel Point Bit w/Shovel Scoop Carrying Storage Case

    Key Features:

    If you are looking for a jack hammer tile removal without costing you the earth, the XtremepowerUS 2200WATT KIT347 will be the best one. The best thing is you are getting chisels, which add more value to the model. It runs with an input voltage of 110v/60Hz. 

    Firstly, its anti-vibration system will protect you from excess strain on your hands and arms while doing the task. 

    The ergonomic design lets you the easy handling of the tool. And you can efficiently work with it without much fuss for its proper center of gravity. 

    There is no worry about how awkward your job is! As it has got an adjustable chisel angle and speed, you can do any customization. It comes with a 360-degree fore-grip for better control. 

    Why is this our best-budget?

    This model has got all the lucrative features without breaking your bank. It is actually a fantastic deal for the money comparing any power tool to remove tile.

    Summary: This model is designed to last and offers extra comfort during operation. It is durable and compact. Above all, this power chisel for tile removal costs so little relative to other models



    04. Makita HM0870C 11-Pound – Best Compact

    Makita HM0870C 11-Pound Demolition Hammer SDS-Max

    Key Features:

    When you have brought it home, you will immediately realize the incredibility of the tool. This machine delivers the same aspects as other high-end products. 

    It has got an electronic speed regulation system on twelve different levels. This model stands out in the crowd for its AVT system, capable of reducing the vibrations. It comes with a dual ball bearing armature in the motor for reducing the rotational friction.

    This model shows versatility. It can be both a demolition hammer and a hammer drill. With just a dial, you can switch to any speed you prefer. The super-efficient motor of the HM0870C has special components like the field core interlocking steel laminations, dual ball bearing armature, large surface commutator.

    The automatic Brush Cut-Off System protects the commutator from damage and thus prolongs the life of the tool. The rubberized soft ergonomic grip ensures snug. 

    This model can automatically apply extra power to maintain complex jobs. 

     Why is this our best compact?

    This model weighs only 11 pounds, which makes it well-suited to horizontal works. Now you can hold it up for long periods.  

    Summary: The Makita demo hammer tile removal offers an excellent speed rating of 2650 bpm despite having a small motor. It excels at quick removal of materials and highly detailed works. This machine maintains the right balance among the durability, handling, performance, and safety.



    05. DEWALT D25901K SDS MAX – Best Premium

    DEWALT Demolition Hammer, SDS MAX with Shocks, 23.4-lbs (D25901K)

    Key Features:

    This model can cater to all the strenuous jobs without being worn out. This 2-in-1 lightweight model comes with active vibration control for actively compensating the vibrations it makes. It allows for both rotary function and concrete perforations. It offers twelve position chisel rotation with a side handle for rotating 360 degrees.

    This model has a spring-loaded dust-proof system and non-air pumping beat piece, which are crucial for extending the machine’s life. So, it can serve you for a long span without breaking down. 

    A Tip: Try to clean the opened wall cavities and subfloors as much as possible before sealing them up with drywall or flooring.

    Its power is more than enough for home tasks. But take your time while working with thick concrete walls.

    This device has 19 settings in total. This model is built to perform. You can work for an extended period yet incur much less fatigue. Other excellent features like a big rocker switch, rear rubber handles, and an internal suspension mechanism for controlling vibration – all these promote comfort and productivity.

    Above all, the machine can minimize shock. 

    Why is this our best premium?

    Undoubtedly it is the best premium! This machine is excellent for your hands. You won’t feel that much strain while working for its ergonomic configuration. This one is designed to offer superior performance yet comfort to hands. 

    Summary: The Dewalt D25901KN packs decent power and comes with variable impact control and a dust-sealed motor. If you are worried about getting your hands sore from vibration, this one is the right tool. This one will be the best tool for removing tile if you are looking for a lightweight model. 



    06. F2C 2200W Heavy Duty Electric Tool Kit – Best Kit

    F2C 2200W Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Jack Hammer Concrete Breaker Power Tool Kit 2 Chisel 2 Punch Bit Set W/Case, Gloves

    Key Features:

    When you want to fulfill the breaking tasks without any fuss, you will need a heavy-duty rotary hammer tile removal. It demolishes stubborn tiles and sub-surface concrete structures. 

    It enables us to work from different angles for its lock-rotating chisel mechanism. Its all-metal design ensures durability, and the plastic handle protects the user against potential electric shocks. The model comes with a decently powerful motor. 

    The safety gears are for ensuring protection against sudden mishaps. The blow-molded case with plastic locks helps to keep it safe. And the built-in tires assure easy transportation. It saves you time and has a simple design. So, you can do your task without hiring an engineer. 

    Why is this our best kit?

    This kit gets you covered all the way within a reasonable price. This tile chisel hammer drill smashes the obdurate surfaces and walls. Undoubtedly, it is a complete package of professional tools with superior products. 

    Summary: Are you looking for the best tool to remove floor tile? This one is the best industrial-grade jackhammer drill for removing tile and comes with a set of functional accessories. The durable tile chipping hammer with 2200 watt motor and 55 impact joules makes sure that you get your job done properly. 



    07. ENEACRO ENRH3201, 1-1/4 Inch SDS-Plus 13 Amp – Best Heavy Duty

    ENEACRO 1-1/4 Inch SDS-Plus 13 Amp Heavy Duty Rotary Hammer Drill, Safety Clutch 4 Functions with Vibration Control Including Grease, Chisels and Drill Bits with Case

    Key Features:

    When you want a beast to withstand the wear of intense tile removal task, the ENEACRO Heavy-duty 1-1/4 inch is here to rescue you. Making your life easier is the mission of ENEACRO tools, and the company is true to its words. 

    This premium tools adhere to the principle of safety and efficiency. Its safety clutch protection button helps you to stop any sudden high-torque force. 

    This model speaks of versatility as it has 4 modes – drilling, hammering, chiseling, and hammer-drill function. 

    A Tip: Make sure to turn off all the electricity and water line for avoiding any hazards

    Its heat-dissipation motor and cooling system enhances the chance of working for hours by the continuous flow of air. It has got an anti-vibration system that assists in doing the task with low noise. And this system enhances precision, control, and accuracy. 

    The dust and dirt particles reduce the efficiency and lifespan of the motor. So, the ENEACRO comes with a dual-layer dust-proof system that protects your machine from dirt. The flexible handle can be fully rotated up to 360 degrees and enhances the capabilities to work in a wide range of situations. 

    Last but not least, the storage case helps at storing and transporting. And the plastic lock prevents the tool from falling off. 

     Why is this our best heavy-duty?

    When you want to have a hammer drill to remove tile, which will serve you for hours without getting heated, the ENEACRO should be your choice. 

    Summary: The ENEACRO rotary hammer is the best for this category for the dust-proof system, vibration control settings, heat exhaust, cooling system, adjustable handle, etc. Grab this heavy-duty best tool to remove floor tile!



    Buying Guide for Selecting the Best Demolition Hammer for Tile Removal

    When it’s about a power tool to remove tile, you should be careful about where you are investing the money on. It’s not always for the money, if you end up buying a poor performing demolition hammer, you will experience a lot of hassle during work whether it’s DIY or professional projects.

    Whether you are a beginner or a pro construction worker, be sure to check for the following aspects before making the purchase.


    Like most power tools, these are also powered by a motor that determines the performance for tile removal. Be sure to check the power ratings. More amps would mean the electric tile removal tool is more powerful, and capable of handling heavy duty projects.

    You will find tools that spot a motor from 10 amp to 20 amp. 10 amp tools are for light-duty projects. On the other hand, for professional and DIY enthusiasm, go for a 20 amp model to get more efficient results.

    Don’t think that low rating models are garbage, and higher rating ones are superior in every aspect. You need to determine the wattage of power that your demolishing plans require. A powerful motor will be efficient only if you are to deal with large floors. Otherwise, for small projects, low amp models are great value for money.

    Chisel Size

    This is the component that handles the demolition part. Similar to the power rating, here you need to choose the right chisel size according to your projects. Most models come with a 1 ¼, 1 ⅛, 1 9/16 inch chisel; whereas, there are some that offer 1 ¾ inch chisel.

    A larger chisel size is suitable for larger projects. So, if you are getting this for professional work, consider purchasing a model with a larger chisel. This will allow you to handle demolition tasks efficiently.

    Even though it’s not a deal breaking spec, still choosing the right one will make the task a lot easier.

    Speed Rating

    This particular spec tells you about how fast the head of the tool can work while demolition tiles. It highly affects the performance, so make sure you give it your consideration too.

    The speed is rated in BPM – blows per minute. For example, if a tool has a speed rating of 2000 BPM, this means, it can make the hammer strike 2000 times in a minute. Higher is better, and this is no exception to this spec as well.

    For heavier tiles, go for a higher speed rating to finish projects efficiently. A low speed rating will be more than enough for light or comparatively thin tiles.


    As tile chisel hammer drill power tools require lift a bit and carry around the construction site, you need to consider the weight factor as well. No matter how many times you need to move the tool around, a lightweight model would make things a lot easier for you.

    If you are not a large individual, the best demolition hammer tool would be the one that weighs between 20 to 60 pounds. However, large individuals don’t have much issue carrying a heavy tool.

    Another factor that you should keep in mind that some heavier tools perform much efficiently than lighter models. So, this would be a wise decision to go with the most lightweight demolition hammer.

    Accessories Compatibility

    These hammers mostly don’t come with a number of accessories out of the box. You need to purchase separate components depending on your works. Most tile floors are good to go with a flat chisel. However, you might need to use bull points as well as shovels to complete some projects. Therefore, it would be better to get a model that is compatible with accessories.

    If you are tight on a budget, there are some deals that come with accessories kits such as different drill bits, hexagonal-pointed along with flat chisels. These deals provide great value for the money especially for non-professional projects. Professional grade construction projects require more high-quality accessories to deal with the tough concrete and tile floors.

    Cordless or Battery-Powered Models

    Like most power tools, there are some battery-powered demolition hammers as well. Although these aren’t that powerful like corded ones, when it comes to move pretty much everywhere around the construction site, and working in projects where you cannot connect the tool to a power outlet, these models have an upper-hand.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    To start off, place the chisel bit on the opposite of the mortar joint of the tile. Tip the hammer back at 30 degrees, and squeeze the trigger. Focus on the mortar joint, and keep hammering until the tiles fracture and come lose.

    A rotary hammer will do the trick if you are to remove relatively smaller tiles. Switch to the hammering-mode, and strike in tight spaces. However for a large rooms, you would need a demolition hammer for better results.

    When the hammer drill spins, it produces an extreme pounding force that can blast through masonry easily. While spinning, it also chisels the masonry away. The whole pounding action is delivered through these two tools; the chisel bit and the hammer itself.

    Hammer drills are perfectly fine for concrete as well as brick. However when it comes to removing floor tiles from concrete slab, this power tool can crack or shatter your ceramic tile. Thus, you need to use a demolition hammer, which is specially designed for removing tiles.

    Depending on the room size, the entire process will take several hours to a full working day. You will get the work done within a few hours if the room is small. As far as larger rooms are concerned, be prepared to spend almost an entire day.

    Demolition hammer tile removal would cost you around $1000 to $3000, if you want someone to do it for you. However, if you can handle the task, all you need is to get a mini demolition hammer for small rooms, and get some basic knowledge how to remove tiles, and start working.

    If you don't have any user experience of using power tools, you better ask a professional to handle the removal for you.


    The best demolition hammer for tile removal will save time and improve the quality of your craftsmanship. Whether it is a massive destruction project or DIY tile removal, a proper tool can ease your task to a great extent.

    Pay due consideration to the task’s purpose and the durability (if the hammer matches with your job). So, did you think about refurbishment? Which one tool will you choose from the list?? Share with us!

    Happy renovating!

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