10 Best Mini Glue Gun in 2021: The Reasons Why We Love These

Crafting without a glue gun is quite unimaginable. Whether you deal with professional or DIY crafting and projects that involve bonding two materials together, you must have the best mini glue gun to do it effectively. Also, for home repair purposes, these tools are something that we vastly rely on.

Binding projects that have to deal with wood, plastic, metal, stone, glass, foam, fabric, etc. can be handled as expected when you have the right glue gun in the hand. These differ from each other in terms of performance, temperature, size, and design depending on projects.

If the overwhelming number of these guns already made you confused, be sure to check out the list below. After days of research and going through customer reviews, these are the ones that I found to be effective for various binding projects.

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    10 Best Mini Glue Gun - Our Honest Reviews

    01. Ccbetter Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun with 30pcs Glue Sticks – Best Overall

    Hot Glue Gun,ccbetter upgraded version Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun with 30pcs Glue Sticks with glue gun removable Anti-hot cover for DIY Small Craft Projects and Home Quick Repairs Blue

    Highlighted Features:

    The first one on the list requires much less time for heating up and becomes safe to touch quite faster. Within 5 minutes, you can prepare the glue and make it ready to be applied on objects. The gun is made in a way that makes sure that the temperature is controlled inside the gun to keep it in a hot state.

    Ideal for both DIY and home repair purposes, the glue becomes cool to touch quickly. Featuring ABS made anti-hot cover, you can safely apply the glue on objects regardless of your skills. In addition to that, there is a safe power switch with LED light indicating whether the gun is ready to use or not.

    To keep the gun stable while applying, it comes with a built-in stand bracket. You can apply glue conveniently without facing any stability issues.

    Unlike conventional mini hot glue guns, this one features a trigger propulsion that ensures the glue flows out of the nozzle without any wastage. It also got an insulated nozzle that makes sure the glue doesn’t deform due to high temperature.

    The package includes 30pcs of environmental-friendly glue sticks with strong adhesive properties. No matter where you use it, there is no health issues associated with it.



    02. Gorilla Dual Temp Mini Hot Glue Gun Kit with 75 Hot Glue Sticks

    Gorilla Dual Temp Mini Hot Glue Gun Kit with 75 Hot Glue Sticks, (Pack of 1)

    Highlighted Features:

    Not all the hot glue guns are ideal for both indoor and outdoor usage. This one from Gorilla is one of those reliable solutions that you can apply on both the purposes. What’s more interesting is, the glue is weather resistant. Thus, you don’t need to worry about the quality of bonding due to weather issues.

    Once you apply the glue, it will take 45 seconds to create a strong and impactful bond. Even though it seems that 45 seconds is too long compared to the previously reviewed one, if anything goes wrong with the placement of materials, you will have enough time to fix it before the bond gets strong.

    With an effortless squeeze on the trigger, glue comes flawlessly and smoothly out of its insulted nozzle. The handle has a good grip on it, which feels comfortable enough to work for a long time. As the nozzle is insulated, your hand or fingers will not take the heat whatsoever.

    The glue also features an integrated stand that keeps the nozzle away from the surface you work on. You can apply the hot glue with dual temperature; 374 degrees and 311 degrees Fahrenheit. Select the right temperature for the right project.

    It comes with a 4.5ft long cord that allows you enough maneuverability while working. This small hot glue gun is compatible with mini glue sticks of 0.27” diameter. The package includes 75 glue sticks for your convenience.



    03. TOPELEK Mini Heating Hot Melt Glue Gun with 30pcs Melt Glue Sticks

    Hot Glue Gun, TOPELEK Mini Heating Hot Melt Glue Gun with 30pcs Melt Glue Sticks, Melting Glue Gun Set for School DIY Arts and Crafts Projects, Home Quick Repairs(20 Watts, Blue)

    Highlighted Features:

    Whether you are looking for a glue gun for household repairing, school crafting projects, or any other DIY works, this one from Topelek can meet those requirements quite well. Within 3 minutes, the stick heats up to melt into glue, and dries fast, which is something needed for small projects.

    You can apply the glue on furniture, appliances, glass, etc. surfaces that require strong bonding. The gun features a heat preservation sleeve at its nozzle that prevents your finger from getting burned. No need to plug and unplug for using it, simply press the on/off switch to use it more conveniently.

    The gun features a propulsion trigger that requires you to pull the trigger to pull the sticks into the gun. While applying, you will get constant and smooth flowing glue to work with.

    You will get 30 pieces of environmental-friendly glue sticks to use it out of the box. Each stick lasts a long time without much wastage. The manufacturer provides 45 days money back and 18-month warranty so that you can consider the deal without any hesitation.



    04. Topelek Cordless Hot Glue Gun – Best Cordless Mini Glue Gun

    TOPELEK Cordless Hot Glue Gun, Mini Glue Gun Kit with 10Pcs Glue Sticks, USB Charging High Temp Melt Glue Gun for DIY Crafts, Quick Repairs, Decorations, Home, School, Office Arts

    Highlighted Features:

    So far I have reviewed quite a few mini hot glue guns that come with a cord. Using a cordless hot gun is more convenient and user-friendly especially if you work on a project that requires you to maneuver from one place to another. To meet such preference, Topelek presents you to this battery powered glue gun, which is reliable and able to handle heavy-duty projects without any issue.

    You can use any USB cable to charge this small glue gun, no need to use any specific charger and cable for this. Once the battery is fully charged, you can use it for about 80-100 minutes until it requires recharging. One drawback of this gun is that the stick doesn’t melt properly while using when the battery is low.

    Using the glue gun is super convenient and easy. Press the on/off button to control the flow. There is an LED light indicator that makes sure you use the gun safely.

    For your comfort, the handle is made ergonomically. If your projects require you to work for a long period, the handle will not make you feel uncomfortable whatsoever. In addition, the glue gun got a flexible stand to continue working with it conveniently.

    Being able to deal with paper, glass, wood, metal, plastic, ceramic, fabric, etc. you can use this fine tip hot glue gun for school, DIY projects, and also household repairing.



    05 FL Mini Hot Glue Gun – Best Glue Gun for Kids

    FL Mini Hot Glue Gun, Hot Glue Gun for Kids, 20W Mini Size High Temperature Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit with 15 pcs Glue Sticks, Packaging, DIY, Arts & Craft, Repairing and More, Aqua (FQ-118)

    Highlighted Features:

    Looking for a glue gun for your kid’s school crafting projects? Look no further. With fast preheating, safe design, decent bonding, and ease of use, this can be the best mini glue gun for your little craftsman.

    Within 3 minutes, the stick inside the gun gets heated, and ready to apply glue on a wide variety of materials. The gun is designed in a way that prevents glue dripping on the surface. It features a sealing ring along with an anti-dripping heating chamber to make sure your kid makes less mess while working on the project.

    When it comes to create bonding, this one does an excellent job on foam, fabric, cardboard, particle board, light metals, and other similar materials. You along with your kid will be able to complete DIY projects with glue gun conveniently.

    Holding the handle feels great and comfortable, thanks to its ergonomic material. As the tool is quite lightweight, there will not be any problem regarding handling and balancing while applying the glue, even for the kid.

    To tackle little abuses, the tool got premium ABS plastic construction that feels enough sturdy. This solid built contributes to the overall thermal stability to increase the longevity. Also, there is a flexible stand to make sure you don’t accidentally apply the glue on other surfaces.



    06. SLDL High Temp Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit with 50pcs Glue Sticks

    Hot Glue Gun, Upgraded 20W High Temp Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit with 50pcs Glue Sticks(4.0'' x 0.27") for DIY Projects, Arts and Crafts, Home Quick Repairs & Sealing, Artistic Creation, Black

    Highlighted Features:

    To be able to use the same glue gun on a wide variety of materials including plastic, wood, glass, stone, fabric, brick, and more, you will need a product like this one. The gun is one of the best hot glue gun kits on the list that delivers extremely strong bonding on different materials, and provides great value for the customer.

    It only takes up 3 minutes to heat the sticks to be able to deliver the glue liquid. You can control its temperature, which sounds great for those who want a glue gun for DIY projects. Apart from enthusiasts, this one comes great for home DIY projects, school projects, and craft making as well.

    While most manufacturers focus on the glue gun, SLDL did also come with excellent quality glue sticks. These sticks create extremely strong bonding. If you compare the glue with other brands, you will not find any impurities in it.

    Featuring a propulsion device, glue that comes out of the nozzle is flawless and smooth. You can apply glue on large projects without any dripping hassle at all. This saves a lot of wastage, and allows you to use each stick for a long time.

    Made of a hard plastic shell, the tool feels sturdy. It will easily withstand light abuses as well as high temperature issues. The handle got an ergonomic rubber on it to provide you great working experience.



    07. TACKLIFE Mini Hot Glue Gun 20w with 30 Pcs EVA Glue Sticks

    TACKLIFE Mini Hot Glue Gun 20w with 30 Pcs EVA Glue Sticks Flexible Trigger High Temp Overheating Protection and Heating up Quickly Hot Melt Glue Gun for DIY Small Craft and Quick Repairs-GGO20AC

    Highlighted Features:

    To be the best mini glue gun, it must check fast melting and heating ability, so the customers have to wait less. Within 50 seconds, this glue tool from Tacklelife can provide you with consistent and smooth flow of glue. It melts the stick as soon as you squeeze the trigger.

    The glue comes out of the nozzle at a constant flow and ideal temperature, which is needed for perfect repairing and DIY projects. All credit goes to its high-quality and environmental-friendly sticks.

    If your projects require you to work for a prolonged period, you can count on this tool, as it got ergonomic and comfortable to hold handle. You will not experience fatigue and hand-tiring issues whatsoever. The trigger is lengthy enough for you to find a comfortable squeezing position.

    The gun is designed to prevent hot melted glue to burn your hands. Also, it features an overheating protection so that your hand doesn’t feel too hot while holding the handle or anywhere on the tool. To make sure the nozzle always faces downwards when not in use, it got a flexible bracket.

    As far as the durability is concerned, its plastic and aluminum combo built makes it pretty solid. You will not be disappointed regarding its durability.

    You can use the glue gun right out of the box as it comes with 30 glue sticks.



    08. AONOKOY USB Rechargeable Portable Mini Melt Glue Gun Kit with 20pcs Glue Sticks

    Cordless Hot Glue Gun AONOKOY USB Rechargeable Portable Mini Melt Glue Gun Kit with 20pcs Glue Sticks for DIY Crafts, School Projects and Fast Home Repairs

    Highlighted Features:

    With the advantage of USB charging, super strong bonding, and great build, Aonokoy hot glue can offer you pretty much that your projects would need. Even though the gun takes 3 to 5 minutes to heat up the sticks, the adhesive strength is quite satisfactory. And this is how good quality sticks work, these take time, and deliver uncompromised bonding results on various materials.

    Once the tool is fully charged, you can use it up to 100 minutes without any interruptions. This is something that you need for working in large DIY projects.

    Comes with 20 pieces of quality adhesive glue sticks, you can use these on a wide variety of materials without any issues. With its propulsion trigger and quality copper nozzle, the glue will flow smoothly and consistently out of the gun. You can control the flow, which will save a considerable amount of glue. Conventional ones don’t come with this feature.

    To make it safe to work with, the manufacturer implemented advanced thermistor technology that fastens preheating. The cover is made of temperature resistant material so that you don’t end up burning your hand. Also, to keep the mess at its minimum, there is a movable stand for ease.

    The handle is ergonomic enough that it feels much comfortable to hold for longer periods.



    09. Surebonder Mini 20 Watts Auto Shut Off Glue Gun – Best for Auto Shut Off

    Surebonder Mini Glue Gun with Auto Shut Off 20 Watts

    Highlighted Features:

    For small crafts and DIY projects, you don’t need a full size hot glue gun. Using a gun like this one would suffice the needs without much compromise. Even though it’s not a full sized model, you can expect it to provide almost 50% better performance than its competitors within this price range.

    For small to medium duty bonding projects, its 20 watts of heating power will be more than enough to provide great adhesive outcomes. Featuring an insulated nozzle, glue comes out of it flawlessly. For temperature control, you can control its dual-temperature setting.

    The handle is ergonomically made to make sure your hand don’t feel uncomfortable and fatigued for prolonged use. Like the best mini guns on the list, you will find an LED indicator telling you whether the gun is on or off.

    If you forget to turn off the tool, its automatic shut off system will shut it down after 30 minutes of non-use. This particular feature will prevent glue wastage, each stick will last you longer. Also, there is a wire stand to keep the nozzle downwards to make sure it doesn’t accidentally put glue on other surfaces.



    10. Cobiz Lightweight Hot Melt Glue Gun – Best Low Temp Glue Gun

    Hot Glue Gun with Glue Sticks-25W Low Temp Mini Lightweight Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit for Kids Crafting,Home Holiday Decoration

    Highlighted Features:

    Last but not least, this gun comes at number 10 on this list of best mini glue gun. But, don’t underestimate its adhesiveness. If you are to compare it side by side with other glue guns on the list, you will find it to be worthy enough to consider the deal.

    Once you insert the glue stick, it will take about 3 to 5 minutes to preheat and make the hot glue come out. Although preheating time is a bit more than some models on the list, this is quite normal for glue sticks that are made of high quality rubber and other materials.

    There will be no clogging issue whatsoever. Every time smooth and consistent glue will come out of the nozzle. Its heating tube is made of unibody materials, which makes preheating a bit quicker and makes the stick to melt properly. Whether you engaged in small or medium projects, hot glue stream out of it will suffice your needs.

    Unlike most conventional ones, its trigger does the job excellently. Absolutely no need of prodding and positioning when you need to insert the second glue.

    The glue strength is pretty impressive. It takes care of your projects quite firmly. Also, the glue doesn’t instantly turn hard, you will have enough time to fix anything if necessary for the job.

    For ease of use, the handle feels ergonomic, and its lightweight construction make it an ideal equipment to work with for longer periods.



    Mini vs Full Size Glue Gun

    If you are confused whether you buy a full/large size glue gun or a mini glue gun. It all depends on what kind of projects you are about to apply the glue.

    Full size ones deliver more glue out of its nozzle at a time. Thus, the sticks for these glue guns are much larger, 0.44 inches in diameter. So, if your projects require higher volumes of glue on a regularly basis, consider getting a full or large glue gun.

    Small or mini glue guns deliver low volume of glue out of the nozzle for more finer, delicate, and precise projects. Ideal for small bonding, these tools are also suitable for most crafts, DIY projects, as well as regular household usage. If you want a lightweight and compact glue gun for detailed work, consider getting one of these. For intricate items such as jewelry and other similar things, a mini glue gun would be the best.

    Logically, these come with small glue gun sticks. And you cannot interchange larger sticks into a smaller tool, and smaller sticks to a larger tool. You will need mini sticks that are 0.27 inches in diameter.

    Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Mini Glue Gun

    Best Mini Glue Gun

    Before you make the final purchase, be sure to check for the following things so you don’t end up regret buying.

    Temperature Range:

    The working temperature of a glue gun determines whether it would be ideal for your specific works or not. Low powered models heat glues at 250 degrees Fahrenheit or less. Whereas, the higher end models go all the way up to 300 degrees or above that.

    Don’t think that going for a high temperature model is always good. You need to consider the type of material you will apply the glue on. If the material is soft or delicate, you cannot use glue that gets too hot due to high temperature.

    Materials such as plastic, foam, fabric, ribbons, cardboard, etc. go for a low temp model. It will make sure the material doesn’t get damaged.

    For heavy-duty or sturdier materials such as glass, metal, stones, wood, etc. get a high temp glue gun for better results. These materials require more adhesive elements.

    However, if you are a DIYer, and have to deal with both hard and soft materials in different projects, make sure you get a glue gun that features an adjustable temperature system. You can easily adjust or control the temperature as per the materials require.

    Power and Power Type:

    How faster the glue gun can preheat the sticks and melt to deliver the glue out of the nozzle, depends on the power and wattage of the model. More watts means more power, and faster preheating. Sometimes the quality of the sticks also influence the time length.

    Most mini hot glue guns take 3 to 5 minutes to preheat the sticks. Whereas, more powerful models can do it within 90 seconds or less.

    Also give consideration to the source of power of the glue gun. Most models are electrically powered and come with a cord. These are more powerful. However, there are some battery-powered ones that are great for maneuverability, but not as powerful as corded ones.

    Nozzle Size:

    Here, your work projects would determine the nozzle size as well. When a large volume of glue is required, you would need a larger nozzle to deliver such volumes of glue out of it.

    For precision or more delicate projects, a smaller nozzle would do the trick well. Some models are compatible with both large and small nozzles, you need to interchange according to the need.

    Trigger Mechanism:

    Although it seems that trigger doesn’t have much to do when it comes to get the best mini glue gun, having a well-functioning trigger makes it much easier to use the tool.

    There are two and three-finger trigger mechanism that is more user-friendly than single finger trigger. In addition, a trigger with propulsion control reduces glue waste significantly.

    Extra Features:

    Many models come with LED light indicator that tells you about whether the gun is turned on or not. When the light is on, you are less likely to press the trigger or touch its nozzle that can burn the fingers.

    Having an ergonomic handle allows you to work using the tool for a long time without any fatigue and uncomfortable issues.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    For more intensive projects where you need to deal with hard materials, a 60w glue gun would be the right one to go with.

    As far as 40w models are concerned, these are primarily for small to medium crafting and DIY projects that have to deal with a bit of soft materials.

    Technically you can use smaller glue sticks in a regular size glue gun. Also, the glue will come out of the nozzle nicely. However, the gun might not be able to push the stick through the heating element properly. In that case, you might need to push the stick using your other hand.

    Freeze the glue stick for a few hours. Then, bring the stick out and cut or shave using a knife. It will not make the stick change its form. Keep shaping the stick until it fits to your small glue gun.

    You will find glue gun sticks in 2 different sizes. One is 0.77 inches, which is for larger models; another is 0.27 inches, these are for small or mini glue guns.

    Low temp glue guns work decently on softer material such as fabrics, foams, papers, ribbons, plastic, etc. However, using this glue on harder materials will not create a strong bond as the adhesive properties don't create bonding with hard surfaces.


    It’s not that you buy a powerful, strong, and expensive glue gun, and it will work on every single material you apply on. Depending on the materials, you need to get the best mini glue gun according to that to make sure the bonding is strong and doesn’t easily get damaged.

    One more thing, even though these glue guns claim to be safe to use regarding temperature and heating issues, be very careful while applying the glue on surfaces. Being careless can burn your fingers.

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