Best Pool Vacuum for Sand

These days the popularity of pool vacuums, especially the ones with sand elimination capabilities, has upsurged noticeably. And it’s no surprise because pool owners do find dealing with sand quite difficult. So, manufacturers targeting this specific need is actually something pretty obvious to happen sooner or later.

A few major characteristics that a pool vacuum for sand should have are:

  • Effortless scrubbing and sweeping abilities inside the swimming pool with less pool draining needs.
  • Suction power that is capable of picking tiny objects, in this case, sand.
  • Filter that targets sand cleaning, for instance, special microfiber ones.
  • And basically, any feature that reduces hassles for sand cleaning as it’s a daunting task overall.

Now, having a lot of good-looking models in the market is both good and bad news. Good because you have a wide range of options to explore and pick from. Bad because deciding on a final pick becomes hard.

Let’s help you with it! We have summed up the 7 pool vacuums that are great for cleaning sand along with being good for many more things. Keep On Reading

Best Pool Vacuum for Sand

1. Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner

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Let’s start with probably one of the best robotic pool cleaners for sand, the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus. And when we say cheap, it’s in the sense that features are better than the price point.

So, this dolphin pool vacuum would work for in-ground pools up to 50 ft, comes with superior suction power, and includes top-load filter cartridges that are easy to clean.

Now talking about the performance, this unit basically takes away any need of doing manual cleaning of the pool walls or even the bottom.

It can do random cleaning, and you will find the unit able to cover around 90%, which is exceptional for the price.

Also, the provided cloth cartridge is slightly better at retaining debris than the installed nylon one. Accessing the cartridges is fairly simple.

However, there’s no manual book, just a quick start guide. The cord was also a bit disappointing, as it seemed a little too short.

Overall, Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus did a decent job and we would call it an under 1000 bucks pool vacuum that can deal with sand and everyday cleaning needs like so.


  • Quite strong suction ability.
  • Traction is great.
  • It gives enough pool coverage.
  • Cleaning or replacing the cartridge is simple.
  • Cost-effective option.


  • There’s no manual provided.
  • Short cord.

2. Pool Blaster Max Cordless Pool Cleaner

Pool Blaster Vacuum

Next, we have not only a great unit to remove sand but also a great product within a good budget. It’s the Pool Blaster Max Cordless Pool Vacuum.

The unit runs for a decent amount of time. Almost 1.5 hours before the battery fades up. And no, it does not stop randomly in between.

It comes with a wheeled floor brush that does a good job of dealing with the pool bottom. The part makes things quite easy to maneuver.

However, you do require scrubbing down a few areas of the pool. Especially if there are any caked slits. Also, the unit isn’t very favorable for tiny stones or acorns. Leaves are also less likely to be collected.

However, for everyday fair usage, it’s an overall good deal that would make sediment cleaning simple and eliminate the need for chasing those with nets.


  • Great for sediment pickups.
  • Runs continuously without issues.
  • Scrubs pool areas are quite nice.
  • Easy to maneuver wheeled floor brush.
  • User-friendly design.


  • Misses out tiny stones or acorns,
  • Not for leaf cleaning.

3. PAXCESS Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

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If you are in for an optimal automatic inground pool vacuum for sand, then this PAXCESS one is something you should give check.

It might not be the best inground pool vacuum for sand, but some of its features do make it close to one, especially with its sand-picking abilities.

The unit is cordless, so no fear of tipping over with a snaking cord on the swimming pool floor. And also, the weight is pretty minimal, which makes the device better at maneuvering.

Inside the swimming pool, it moves quite quickly. There’s an excellent pool water propulsion angle adjustment feature with it.  

And this robotic cleaner allows for more controlled movement motion or direction. So, there are fewer wearing-out chances. And the motor will also have fewer chances of burning out.

The suction is decent as well. However, cleaning the larger debris out of the unit Is a bit of a task. The rechargeable battery also requires around 6-8 hours for complete charging, which feels a bit too much.

Apart from those few drawbacks, the PAXCESS cleaner is still a strong option to consider under 300 buck budgets.


  • Decent suction power.
  • Maneuvers well inside the pool.
  • Fewer chances of motor burnout.
  • Made quite well.
  • No cords to deal with.


  • Cleaning the unit is difficult.
  • Takes too long to get fully charged.

4. Intex Handheld Rechargeable Vacuum

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The next one on the list is the Intex Handheld Rechargeable Vacuum which can be held by hand and is a rechargeable type. This unit comes with a great ability to pick up tiny plants and also dirt.

The pool vacuum easily traps all the large size particles. And it has a mesh along with a cloth filter for the purpose. So, a few messes might pass through it but eliminate the dirt of the pool. You can use the filter pump if there’s a need for removing the finer particles. 

Also, keep in mind this handheld pool vacuum is not the absolute strongest, and that’s quite expected of an under-100-bucks option. But it has enough suction power to clean regularly. Also, the operation is super simple and pretty much anyone can figure it out.

With one charge, the battery life will go quite a long time. So, a small above-ground pool will be cleaned more than a few times with one charge.

The only problem is that the provided pool filter is kind of small. And so, when you try to clean it, there’s quite a bit of effort needed to do so.

Now, this is also a good sign telling the vacuum traps a lot of dirt. But there’s a price to pay as well. Overall, it does make an excellent pool vacuum that makes your pool sparkling clean.


  • Great for cleaning small dirt and plants.
  • Two interchangeable brush heads.
  • Strong enough vacuum.
  • Operating it is easy.
  • The battery will last quite a reasonable period.
  • Very portable.


  • The fine dirt filter is hard to clean.

5. AIPER Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

The AIPER robotic pool vacuum has a good potential to become the best automatic pool vacuum for sand that anyone would like to consider.

The unit has great potency for cleaning and it’s hassle-free for charging as well. The provided instructions could have been better. But the assembly hardly needs one to go through any instructions. It’s figurable.

You can get max cleaning power by adjusting the exhaust ports. And the robot will be just fine to do a great job at cleaning the pool pumps.

Just make sure you have the patience of dealing with the settings, as there could be errors quite frequently. 

Other than that, AIPER robotic pool vacuum is a decent piece of equipment any pool owner would love to include in their household.


  • Pretty much easy assembly
  • Easy to use.
  • Low battery detection is available.
  • The cleaning range is large.
  • Enough suction for the price.


  • Settings are sometimes hard to read.

6. AIPER Cordless Automatic Pool Cleaner

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Another AIPER pool cleaner that does an excellent job at sucking up sand and proves to be a decent purchase for the price.

Even with the amount of dirt inside the swimming pool, you will find the unit doing great at clearing those out effortlessly.

The instructions for assembly are of no use, there’s less detail and so it does not help. But because there are not many pieces to the unit, the assembly is simple enough even without the instructions.

We wish the bottom surface maneuvering was a bit better. But if the surface is pretty level and smooth, it still does a fairly good job. For above-ground pools, this is not the one you should be looking at.

Overall, this AIPER pool automatic vacuum will be great for any in-ground pool that requires regular basic sand cleaning.


  • Gives a decent performance.
  • Quite good at sucking sand.
  • Assembly is super easy.
  • Cleaning is simple as well.
  • Suitable for everyday pool cleaning.


  • There’s a lack of detail in instructions.

7. Intex 28620EP Handheld Rechargeable Spa Pool Vacuum

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And last but not least is the Intex 28620EP, a strong option for pure spas. It is the perfect handheld pool cleaner vacuum for an above-ground pool that is up to 18’ in diameter.

Make sure you read the provided instructions and do the charging recommendation before assembly, and then it should be a piece of cake.

With the pole expanding, it’s effortless to get deep sand piles out of the way. The unit does not even require that much time. 

The suction is also responsible for the good outcomes, it’s decent to get rid of the deep piles. Some however share that a technique works best with the pool cleaners, and it’s all about going slow while making use of the triangle shape adapter.  

Especially if you are working on huge areas that have pretty large piles. Also, the attachment swivels a lot. 

But it’s fixable by simply making sure it’s flat. You can go for spas and tight corners by using slim attachments, no complaints here. 

Overall, the Intex 28620EP makes a solid buy for someone needing a fast-at-its-job pool vacuum that also takes relatively less space for storing. 


  • Super easy to use
  • Suction power is sufficient.
  • Tighter corners are easy to clean with slim attachments.
  • Takes barely a few minutes to clean.
  • Portable to store anywhere.


  • The attachments swivel, but won’t if you lay those flat.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Pool Vacuum for Sand

When it comes to finding a pool vacuum for sand, there are many things to consider before you buy. The pool vacuum category is large and encompasses many different models. Here are a few things to look into before purchasing a sand suction vacuum.


Be sure you have the proper setup for the vacuum you choose, regardless of whether it is battery-powered or any other type.


Invest in your vacuum and don’t be afraid to spend money. Although the prices vary on different models, usually the higher quality vacuums are more expensive. Choose one that gives you the most value for your money if you are on a tight budget.


It’s important to consider the vacuum’s weight since lightweight vacuums are easier to carry and move around. You are going to operate by hand, so it is wise to choose a lightweight vacuum.

Pool Type:

You have to choose a vacuum depending on your pool type. Whether you have an in-ground or above-ground pool there are different models available for different pool types.


To get excellent performance from the vacuum, you first have to ensure that the build quality of your vacuum is top-notch. Choose a vacuum with good filter bags so that the vacuuming process becomes easier and more efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will a pool vacuum pick up sand?

Some vacuums have a filter that catches small amounts of sand. Others do not. Your pool vacuum will need a filter bag or filter cartridge to pick up sand.

2. Why does my sand filter keep putting sand in the pool?

It happens mostly for two reasons. Your pool pump might be too big. Or it could be due to having a too high level of sand in the filter.

3. Should sand come out when I backwash?

Typically, it is not normal to lose sand from the sand filter nor is it to any coming out when you backwash. There must be a problem.

4. Can you put too much sand in a sand filter?

Yes, there is a correct amount of sand that needs to be used for the filter. And using too much or too little will erupt the cleaning method.

5. Should sand come out when I backwash?

Sand can generally come out during backwash. But it shouldn’t be too much. If it’s a little then nothing to worry about, but if it is way too much then there might be a problem with the hose or the filtration system.

Final Verdict

And we are by the end of this article. Hopefully, you will be able to grab at least one of these pool cleaners that does great at collecting sand out of your swimming pool. 

However, if you feel the need to look a bit more, then go for it! Be sure of your final decision. 

We hope you find our review helpful!

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