Best Robot Vacuums for Long Hair 2023

Having long and lush hair is a fashion statement these days to many people. And there’s no doubt that it is a stunning length that suits several hair types.

However, one drawback, that accompanies long hair, is the increase in hair getting all over. Including your floors.

And it’s bad to the point where sometimes regular vacuum suction is not enough. So, the need for purchasing a robot vacuum for long hair pops up, something that will:

  • Have more suction power than average, better if more than 800Pa.
  • Can easily avoid hair wrapping around parts.
  • Includes anti-hair wrapping and anti-tangling technology.
  • Comes with a low profile to easily get long hair from underneath furniture.

Today, we are here to disclose our list of top 8 robotic vacuum cleaners that are pretty decent at dealing with long hair cleaning. Let’s Get into It!

What Is The Best Robot Vacuum for Long Hair?

1. iRobot Roomba i3 EVO (3150) Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum


  • Cleans with a straight-line moving motion.
  • The included app lets you know where the unit is working.
  • There’s less banging on furniture or getting stuck in incidents with it.
  • Sensors work great for promised functions.
  • A solid run time.


  • The straight corners of the dustbin are too deep and hard to clean.

We’ll start with a premium robot vacuum that not only comes with an excellent 3-stage cleaning mechanism but also promises 10 times more power-lifting suction than usual. And it’s the iRobot Roomba i3 EVO.

This pretty popular robot vacuum from iRobot includes smart mapping, cleaning schedule, detection for the dirty area, and a sensor to identify spots that could be less suitable to fit for example under furniture.

Coming to the performance, the unit does provide a good amount of suction and does excellent on both carpet and hardwood floors. Though it’s a bit loud on tiles, there are cleaning outcomes no doubt.

This robotic vacuum cleaner proves to be an excellent cleaner for dealing with long hair, and that’s why it’s on this list. It can be even used for cleaning pet hair along with human hair. And you will even have all the dirt particles out from edges as well as corners of space as this little guy comes with scoopable side brushes.

The fab thing about the unit is its capability of working in dark areas. And there’s not even a visual camera for the purpose. It’s a budget option but there’s a more high-end model-friendly feature called charge and resume.

This allows the unit to clean the floor no matter what size. With the provided dirt detection, the cleaning process is even more effective.

It’s also simple to set up on your own and there’s no problem in navigating the provided app. You get an error code in the app whenever there’s an issue you need to solve along with a guide on how you can do that.

The solid 90 minutes of run time is again helpful and great. The cliff sensors make sure the robot never falls off stairs. Both dirt and bump sensors are good at their job as well.

There’s no advanced sensor with it, so don’t expect it to find the docking station unless that’s where the robot starts its work. The unit also comes with a deep corner including a dust bin that’s a bit hard to clean.

Apart from these minor issues, there’s not much serious to complain about. And we feel the iRobot Roomba i3 EVO makes a strong nominee to be called the best Roomba for long hair.

2. iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum


  • Comes with a versatile app to conduct many tasks.
  • Emptying the bin and removing the filter is super simple.
  • Easy start-up and also takes less time to set up.
  • Great for picking up medium to long size hair, even the coarse types.
  • Balanced suction, cleans everything but does not suck up tiny tile floor mats in the process.


  • It takes longer to clean odd-shaped areas.
  • There’s quite a bit of noise.

The next pick for this list of best vacuums for long hair is iRobot Roomba 675, again from the same brand as the previous one with quite promising things to offer.

It can be controlled through voice with Alexa, automatically adjusts the head for working with various heights, and is one of those models you can use for weekly cleaning. 

And even for such a not-so-frequent clean-up routine, it will adequately take care of all the long hairs (even the coarse types) from various areas of your home.

The first thing we’d like to emphasize about the unit is its effective step detection. Even though it’s not as perfect as high-end models, it does a decent job at avoiding falls and detecting steps.

Along with that, it’s also good at getting unstuck on its own. This means even if the robot sometimes bumps and gets stuck in a certain area, the machine does quite well at freeing itself from the situation. However, this is not always the case.

If there’s enough light in the space, you will find this vacuum to do great at wall detecting as well. And then the robot cleaner smartly slows down engaging in a gentle bump with the object in front.

With rooms that are slightly odd in shape, the robot cleaner finds them a little hard to clean. For example, if you have tilted spaces on the entryway. Or even an island inside your kitchen. But it still manages to effectively clean those areas, taking a bit more time than usual.

Overall, the iRobot Roomba 675 will stand strong whenever there’s a consideration for decent low-range robot cleaners for human hair and many other cleaning needs.

3. Roborock S5 MAX Robot Vacuum


  • It comes with an excellent mapping feature that does not need several runs to generate.
  • Amazing battery life that tends to remain after each cleaning session.
  • Two side brushes along with good suction work combinedly really well at cleaning long hair.
  • The no-go zones feature is one of the handiest characteristics it got.
  • Cleaning the unit is remarkably easy.


  • It is a bit weird with rug patterns in dark rooms.
  • Object detection could have been better.
  • There’s no google home integration, that’s disappointing.

And here we have the pick that stands the strongest when it comes to being a great robot vacuum for long hair. It’s the Roborock S5 MAX.

It comes with LiDAR navigation combined with algorithms that provide effective thorough cleaning. The incredible suction power of 2000Pa, is especially good for our subject today which is vacuuming long hair. And the ability to cover an entire huge space with 180 minutes of running time.

All of these are some of the many fabulous things about this unit. Having a direct look at its performance, the first thing that catches attention is the robot’s ability to sidestep docking for map degeneration, there’s no need for several running.

Even though there are a few odd patterns sometimes, the navigation of this robot vacuum is pretty solid. And it goes over the same spot for more than just one time. 

This could be a waste of time to some users but a few might like the thorough cleaning system. Especially when it comes to eliminating something as thin as hair.

Now as we already said, it has a great battery backup, but the unit takes a lot of time to charge as well. Another thing sort of disappointing about the robot is its tiny dustbin, which will need frequent emptying for some users with larger homes.

There’s also the no-go or no-mop zones feature, that you can use for selecting certain areas that you don’t want the robot vacuum to visit. And it’s going to save so many hits and random object-bumping situations.

Along with all these amazing features, the Roborock S5 MAX is also easy to take care of with rather simple cleaning requirements. Overall, we loved it!

4. EUFY by Anke BoostIQ RoboVac 11S Robot Vacuum Cleaner


  • It works without much noise, most of the time there’s no sound at all.
  • The unit is fabulous at detecting edges.
  • The dual brushes clean areas almost perfectly.
  • It is a slim unit so in case of hitting objects there are fewer chances of damage.
  • The device is capable of vacuuming in a more directed fashion.


  • Instead of the beeps notifying problems, voice notification is expected.
  • The cords get in the way and parts sometimes get stuck in it.

A 1300pa strong suction capability that increases as needed, fab working drop sense tech preventing falls, and probably the slimmest design robot vacuum is what we have for you next. And it is called the BoostIQ RoboVac 11S.

This one has solid potential to be called the best robot vacuum for long hair with seeming dirt cleaning double sides brushes. The machine runs mostly on straight paths and lines. It deals with the general floor surface first and then goes for the edge cleaning service.

There are also fewer stuck moments with the unit as it is made super slim. You will find the robot easily thriving through rugs with heavy piles. And it can deal with human hair decently well too.

There’s some design element to the machine that makes it better at edge detection. And it stops as soon as there’s an object nearby. 

The robot smartly moves around the object and there’s no hit or bang most of the time. Even if sometimes, it does, then that’s not more than a gentle bump.

You will also find BoostIQ RoboVac 11S pretty quiet. Sometimes you won’t release the machine that is running in the background.

With the high suction setting, it can be a little too much for the battery, and draining within 30 minutes or sometimes even less is a probable thing with this unit.

The power cord is also a little bit annoying as it gets in between both brushes. Turning and tucking those away shall solve the problem. Bread ties work best for the cords.

If you have pets, the unit will take care of all the fur to leave rugs clean along with eliminating long human hairs.

Overall, the BoostIQ RoboVac 11S is an easy-to-clean, use, and storage unit that will give you a more than average performance with the most useful advanced features.

5. iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum


  • Decent for cleaning hairs out of any surface as a less pricey option.
  • The navigation system is also good enough. 
  • It can charge on its own whenever needed and then continues its job.
  • Cleaning can be scheduled and so it’s customization and control-friendly.
  • Picking up power is nice.


  • Debris rollers and wheels do catch some hair. 

Next, we have the iRobot Roomba 960, another fabulous option with exceptional suction power to remove dirt and of course long human hair pretty effortlessly.

There’s a well-planned cleaning system that works in 3 stages, which are loosening the dirt first, then lifting it to suck with powerful suction capabilities. And this seems to work for long hair, pet hair, dust particles, and dirt well.

You can expect excellent performance in effortless cleaning rugs as well as carpets with short hair. The price point of this vacuum is also impressive. To be more specific, it’s one of the cheapest robot vacuum cleaners that come with smart navigation capability.

The robot can also charge itself automatically whenever there’s a need. And then it continues the floor cleaning until complete. This additional feature keeps you free from constantly having to monitor the unit.

You can also use the iRobot home app provided for scheduling the cleaning process. And it’s pretty simple to customize as well as control according to your needs with it.

There are a few drawbacks we would like to mention. The wheels and debris rollers, will catch some hair if there’s too much it needs to clean. And there can be some tangling that you need to sort out.

Overall, this one does save lots of time and effort by giving decent cleaning performance to a household.

6. ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner


  • The battery life is more than enough.
  • It does a great job at picking up long human hair as well as dog hair.
  • Works on several types of surfaces.
  • The sensors are decent at performing.
  • A value-for-money option.


  • Moving in a random pattern sometimes does not help.
  • Makes a lot of noise.

If you are particularly in search of the best tangle-free robot vacuum cleaner that will clean long hair and pet fur, then the ILIFE V3s Pro is the one to look at.

The low-profile design helps in picking up all the hair as well as dirt from the underside of objects and furniture along with being suitable for many different surfaces.

It’s not the smartest in terms of cleaning service, but that does not mean there’s a lack in its performance. For the price, the robot does a great job. You will find it great on low pile carpet as well.

The provided sensors are also pretty decent. You won’t find the robot running into walls that often. And it even avoids situations of falling down the stairs.

The random patterns it uses for cleaning sometimes end up making a few areas get missed. And it also sorts of wastes the battery power by going through the same spot many times.

Apart from these minor drawbacks, the unit serves with promising essential features such as self-charging capacity and scheduled cleaning flexibility for easy clean-up routines.

Overall, the ILIFE V3s Pro Vacuum Cleaner will be enough for those who want to save themselves from frequent tangles within a less price point.

7. iRobot Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum


  • Great at picking up a considerable amount of dirt.
  • For the price point, it handles human and pet hair quite nicely.
  • There’s no problem with the unit climbing up and cleaning.
  • Setting up the machine is super simple.
  • Removing the filter and dust tray is easy.


  • The brushes quickly get filled up.
  • It will get stuck in places several times.

Next is the iRobot Roomba 694, which lacks in some fields but still deserves a shout-out for its ability to remove hair and fur so well.

You see, it’s not the best option for anyone willing to vanish the need for hand vacuuming. Nor will it suit anyone with a preference for smart mapping features including robot vacuum.

But when it comes to managing a decently big space with rugs messed up in pet and human hair layers, the unit does a great job.

It will ensure thorough cleaning by even picking up hair from under cupboards and tables. It’s pretty impressive when it comes to getting hard-to-reach spots.

You can decide to run the unit once every week with this pick. And the robot vacuum shall still manage to keep your space free from mess.

The unit can also effortlessly climb over area rugs or high piled bathroom rugs. You can however not excuse yourself from cleaning the dustbin after each use, because that’s necessary for its minimum maintenance.

Overall, for a small size space, this robotic vacuum cleaner will be more than enough to take care of cleaning with the most suitable features for pet and human hair dealing.

8. Shark ION RV871 Robot Vacuum


  • The app and WIFI work with no trouble most of the time.
  • It is a relatively quiet machine.
  • Effortlessly transits to different surfaces without issues.
  • The unit can hold a charge for a good amount of time.
  • It is great at maneuvering beneath objects to clean long hairs and other messes.


  • The docking sensor is not very responsive from a distance.

The last one we have to talk about is Shark ION RV871, a decent suction, voice control, great surface transitions, and similar cleaning features providing pick.

The unit will start once you command through your voice as it supports the feature through Alexa and google assistant. You can even do that with your smartphone.

It comes with pretty old-fashioned buttons. And actually, that’s why it’s straightforward to use. you get one for spot cleaning and another to clean. There’s also a button for it to return to the docking station.

The auto-sense navigation is another highlighting point of the unit. This makes surface transmission smooth enough. You’ll find the robot traveling on the carpet, area rugs and hard floors, and other floor surfaces super efficiently.

The robot vacuum would work for linoleum floors as well. We are not saying it’s the best linoleum floor-friendly vacuum, but definitely, an inexpensive one if you’d prefer robot vacuum cleaners for the job.

The provided multi-surface rotating brush roll does an excellent job at dealing with hair as well as dander. However, be sure to check the brush roll frequently as there’s a good chance of tangling if there’s too much hair to deal with.

However, the docking sensor seems to have issues. It sometimes fails to work when farther away. And even if it does, the unit takes a while to return.

Overall, Shark ION RV871 makes a quiet, everyday usable, and multiple surface-friendly robot vacuum cleaner that you can consider for deep cleaning long hairs along with other things.

We understand how painful it is to clean all the hair from your house floor. Also, it takes a lot of time to finish this task. As a sufferer of this problem, we tried to find out a way to get rid of this problem. After some research, we found that a robot vacuum cleaner can help me the best.

However, purchasing a robotic vacuum cleaner for your hair may not be a piece of cake for you, especially if you are not familiar with a vacuum cleaner. No need to worry.

In this part, we will be talking about the factors you should consider while purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner for cleaning your long hair.

House Size

Your house size should be the first priority. It is important to get the best outcome. Because there are a lot of vacuum cleaners that work better in small environments like apartments and townhomes.

There are vacuum cleaners also that are best to use in the 2000 square feet apartments having multiple rooms and floors. I think you got it that the efficiency of your vacuum cleaner will depend on your home size.

Without it, you should find how much furniture you have in your house where the robot vacuum cleaner can pass through. In general, most robot vacuums are up to 4-inches tall and that’s why they can’t do their task properly due to the height.

Buying Guide:

Hardwood Or Carpet 

Well, you will find there are a lot of robotic vacuum cleaners that have the ability to clean both carpet and hardwood. Obviously, all the vacuum cleaners will not have the same ability on all surfaces.

Usually, the quality robotic vacuum has the ability to lodge a quick change of surface. It is done by ramping the cleaning power up upon carpet detection. Then the throttling down process is done and after that, it senses the hardwood surface 

However, if you don’t want to get your product caught up in the fibers, you should consider rugs in your consideration.

Suction Power

There is no way to deny the importance of suction power, especially when you are talking about a robot vacuum cleaner for your long hair. Basically, the 800 pa suction power will be good enough for tiles or hardwood floors. 

However, as you need a vacuum cleaner for your long hair, you will be needing extra-strong suction power. Otherwise, there is the possibility of getting the hair wrapped with the robot wheels.

As a result, your robot may not be able to make a move. In this kind of situation, a tangle-free technology along with strong suction power is preferred to remove long hair.

There is some vacuum where advanced technology is used for avoiding the hair wrapping problem. Purchasing this kind of robot vacuum cleaner will be a great decision.

Navigation Features

This premium feature will allow getting your job done with minimum supervision. For this, your robot vacuum cleaner needs to navigate the layout of your house first, moving around your furniture, and if there is any obstacle in his way that can be the reason for getting tangled and falling down in the cables.

There are some robot vacuum cleaners in the market having sensors to allow them to see around. For instance, cliff sensors are found on the vacuum cleaner to know the distance to the floor.

There are other sensors to allow bumping into an object around the house or for teaching the path the vacuum cleaner traveled. 

Without it, in some robotic vacuum cleaners, there is a smart sensor that can measure the dirt amount.

It will help you to adjust the cleaning mode according to the dirt amount. You can keep it in your consideration.

Modes Of Cleaning 

You are supposed to know that it is possible to adjust your robot vacuum while cleaning a variety of surfaces. Almost all robot vacuum has the cool feature to shift suction and different cleaning modes for adapting to the floor surfaces.

The robot vacuum may opt for spot mode which is for cleaning the small area using more focus or cleaning the wall edges or baseboards, or single and double room passes.

Filtration System

It is important to have a filtration system in your robot vacuum cleaner for long hair. The filter will help to stop the pollutants and allergens from entering your house.

So, make sure that the vacuum cleaner you are picking holds a HEPA filter. The filtration system must be sealed. It will allow your vacuum cleaner to pass whole air via a filter before releasing again.

Noise Level

It is always recommended to get a robot vacuum cleaner for your long hair that produces a lower noise level. It is very usual that you will not like to tolerate the sound of your robot if it crosses a certain level. You are supposed to find information in the product description. Pay heed to this issue too.

Long Lasting Battery

The battery of your robot vacuum cleaner is a thing you can’t avoid. The long-lasting battery life will allow you to clean your entire house on a single charge. If your battery is short-lasting, then you may have incomplete cleanings.

I think you have understood the importance of batteries. Basically, the vacuum cleaner that has the ability to last about 60 minutes is supposed to be the good one.


Finally, your robot vacuum cleaner needs to be reliable. There is no meaning in purchasing a cleaner if it can’t last for a long time. Basically, the robot vacuum cleaner that is made of high-quality materials is supposed to be reliable and durable. It is highly recommended to get that type of cleaner. They can be a bit pricey though.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to vacuum long hair using a robot vacuum?

In short, yes. You can use your robot vacuum cleaner for vacuuming long hair. You just need to get a suitable vacuum cleaner.

What is actually a smart robot vacuum?

Basically, the smart vacuum is internet-enabled so that you can remain connected to your vacuum even if you are not at home. The smart vacuum has an application control method. In some vacuum, there is Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa integration.

Does long hair clog the robot vacuum cleaner?

Yes, there is a possibility of getting your vacuum clogged if your hair is long. However, there is a specific vacuum cleaner that holds rubber brushes to avoid clogging problems. 

Do I need to empty my robot vacuum very often?

Well, it depends on the model. You will find there is some specific robot vacuum cleaner available that is automatically empty. However, you need to clean the vacuum cleaner filter and empty out every five cycles depending on the dust particles amount collected from the surface.

Is it possible for a vacuum cleaner to clean long hair in absence of light?

Fortunately, the modern robot vacuum cleaner has some sensors and smart features that allow it to work in the dark. You need to ensure enough light for navigating your entire house. The darkroom is a problem for a tangle-free robot for navigation and cleaning.

Is a robot vacuum worth it?

Definitely, the robot vacuum is worth it. The smart vacuum has some advanced technology for cleaning your house without supervision. It is possible to clean your house if you are not at home with the help of smart technology.


And there you have it! A total of 8 best robot vacuums for long hair to explore, each being great in its way. We don’t have a final best pick to suggest actually. Because feature-wise, we feel people would have different preferences. 

However, vacuum for hair specifically, we find the Roborock S5 MAX Robotic Vacuum cleaner to be more suitable.

But you should find things for yourself and only decide on the pick that seems to be promising for your usage. 

That’ll be in the true sense, the excellent robot vacuum for long hair made for you. Good Luck!

Let’s have a look at our choice of robotic vacuums for hair salons.

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