Best Telescopic Fishing Rods in 2021: Top 5 Reviews & Guide

When it comes to the versatility and portability in angling, you must have owned the latest best telescopic fishing rods available in the market. The overall function of these rods is typically superior to the other fishing poles; however, there are some specific uses of these types of fishing rods though.

So, it is important to know the features of telescopic rods when you are in search of finding the best one for you. No worry, we’ve got your back this time. In this article, we’ve described all the things that you should know before buying the best telescopic rod for you and also suggested the top 5 rods you can buy in 2021.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the article below.


PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

1. Plusinno Fishing rod & Reel Combos

Plusinno Telescopic Spinning Fishing Rod comes with strength and durability both by dint of its high-density carbon fiber. The combination of carbon and fiberglass alloy makes it the best line up fishing rod. Read more…


Eagle Claw PK56TS Pack-It Spin Combo Telescopic Rod (1 Piece)

2. Eagle Claw Telescopic Fishing Rod

Eagle Claw comes with the feature of the extended handle, which paves the way to extend the rod up to 8 inches. This handle makes it significantly one of the best options while trout fishing and pulls over three pounds of fish in a row. Read more…


Sougayilang Telescopic Fishing Rod

3. Sougayilang Telescopic Fishing Rod

If you are traveling a lot and need to see your fishing gear easy to collapse & store anywhere, then you must go for this one. Basically, it is a travel-oriented fishing rod with its thin shaped lightweight body. It comes in different sizes and available lengths to bait under freshwater, saltwater, and trout fishing. Read more..


Goture Telescopic Fishing Rod

4. Goture Telescopic Fishing Rod

When you are on the go to the saltwater fishing, preferably, your fishing rod comes with corrosion resistance and, more importantly, ultra-durable. Goture made of advanced carbon fiber technology with high elastic sensitivity. Read more…


Yongzhi Telescopic Fishing Rod

5. Yongzhi Telescopic Fishing Rod

It fits on up to 55 types of a different size of the patios. Besides, you can utilize the cover for your outdoor furniture as well. It is beautifully designed and offers a padded handle, storage pocket, air vents, and, more importantly, the double stitching polyester fabric. Read more…

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    5 Best Telescopic Fishing Rods: Our Honest Review

    1. Plusinno Fishing rod & Reel Combos – Best Overall

    Top Features:

    • Closed length designed portable rod best for traveling.
    • Carbon+Fiberglass combo materials make the rod durable.
    • EVA grip and anti-salt water resistant.


    Plusinno Telescopic Spinning Fishing Rod comes with strength and durability both by dint of its high-density carbon fiber. The combination of carbon and fiberglass alloy makes it the best line up fishing rod. Besides, the deep aluminum spool with one large line hole gives you an amazing experience while catching nerdy fish. 

    If you are on-board to the saltwater, then you will find this as an anti-seawater corrosion protective rod. Basically, while fishing on one’s boat, your arm will be unrest, and then you may lose your control across the grip. With the EVA Grip, you may get some privilege indeed. 

    When it comes to talking about the functionality, then we must say it is equipped with great power-drive gears indeed. The hooded reel seats are extra strong as it is made of stainless steel. Finally, the S-curve oscillation and interchangeable handle will give you the ultimate convenience. 


    This bait comes up as 1 fishing rod & 1 fishing rod where the combinations are with carbon and fiberglass, a perfect durable telescopic fishing rod ever. 


    Overall, it is a nice telescopic rod with its extended handle portion; hence if you don’t know the right way of angling with it, then it tends to fall apart while catching a big fish. 

    This telescopic fishing rod is for you while you are on the way to find the saltwater fishing and looking for the best durable fishing rod on your bag.

    2. Eagle Claw Telescopic Fishing Rod – Best Collapsible

    Eagle Claw PK56TS Pack-It Spin Combo Telescopic Rod (1 Piece)

    Top Features:

    • Fiberglass high-quality materials made the rod lightweight & thinner.
    • EVA Foam Grip ease one’s arm while fishing for hours.
    • Pre-loaded with the line & thus best for freshwater fishing.


    Eagle Claw is another best telescopic fishing rod that comes with the feature of the extended handle, which paves the way to extend the rod up to 8 inches. This handle makes it significantly one of the best options while trout fishing and pulls over three pounds of fish in a row. As it is a collapsible rod so you can easily make it short and on your way to the fishing. 

    This rod comes with the medium action rate, and with its action, you can catch a fish up to 6 Lbs. weight, so what do you need more? If you look over the tip of the rod, then you will find the material made of fiberglass, so it enhances the sensitivity and, at the same time, makes it lightweight as well. 

    Most fishers find difficulty while casting the line smoothly with a fishing rod. However, this will release some hardship with its 8 eyelets as they stay aligned to help you. Besides, the eyelets set evenly, and three of them are made of high-quality material, so this won’t get crooked. 


    It is a 1 piece spin combo telescopic fishing rod, so chances are pretty low to fall apart, and more importantly, ideal for the freshwater casting with its extended handle.


    As it doesn’t come with the feature of corrosion resistance, so not preferable to bait in the saltwater at all.

    If you are in search of a collapsible rod, then we can bet on it as the best deal, as it comes with the extended handle with the pre-loaded line that is equipped with a quick fold handle to store it easily. 

    3. Sougayilang Telescopic Fishing Rod – Best For Travel

    Top Features:

    • Lightweight but delivers great power with 24-ton carbon fiber.
    • E-Glass Composite ensure sensitivity with accuracy.
    • Three-point stainless steel guide comes with Ceramic insert.


    If you are traveling a lot and need to see your fishing gear easy to collapse & store anywhere, then we must share you with Sougayilang fishing rod features. Basically, it is a travel-oriented fishing rod with its thin shaped lightweight body.

    Although it is a thin-shaped telescopic rod, the manufacturer made it durable with the combination of 24-ton carbon fiber & E-glass composite. Therefore, this rod may endure a greater force, so bring on big fishes for you. 

    One more thing, it is a well-balanced spinning rod, so the accuracy level of catching fish will make you amazed. Because inside the rod, the carbon fiber remains in fatigue order, that said, not dense but fatigue.


    Travel oriented fishing rod comes in many sizes and easily catches fish from fresh or saltwater with its exquisite reel seat that is Corrosion resistant.


    The reel is not included with the package, so you may need to purchase it.

    Sougayilang Telescopic Travel Fishing Rod is for you when you are looking for different sizes and available lengths to bait under freshwater, saltwater, and for trout fishing. 

    4. Goture Telescopic Fishing Rod – Best Durable

    Goture Telescopic Fishing Rod

    Top Features:

    • Great Tensile Strength weigh more weight as made of 98% Carbon.
    • SIC Ceramic colorful guide rings.
    • Adjustable full metal screw reel seat.


    When you are on the go to the saltwater fishing, preferably, your fishing rod comes with corrosion resistance and, more importantly, ultra-durable. Goture made of advanced carbon fiber technology with high elastic sensitivity. Compared to the normal steel, this may easily cope up with the tensile strength up to ten times more. 

    As many rods fail to deliver a perfect SIC ceramic guide ring, this one comes with the ultra-durable guide, so it may easily resist the superheat dissipater. Besides, the lower friction feature is a plus. With its aluminum alloy and advanced machined epoxy, it barely falls apart.

    As we mark it as a durable rod, so the reel seats seem to be the second most important factor after the material it is made of. We find the reel seats on the adjustable metal wall with screws that are heavily welded. When we pay attention to the extended handle of it, then we find it as a high-grade antiskid.  


    This fishing rod comes with amazing carbon construction with sound durability, performs great in saltwater, and can easily snag the fish, but the tip won’t break apart. 


    The extended handle won’t extend more than 5.5 inches, so it is not an ideal pick for brass fishing.

    If you are in quest of the best durable fishing rod,which is made Germany NM Piano baking varnish coating and, more importantly, the best carbon fiber technology, then this will satisfy you indeed.

    5. Yongzhi Telescopic Fishing Rod – Best Affordable

    Yongzhi Telescopic Fishing Rod

    Top Features:

    • Ultralight Pocket Fishing Pole made of Carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass.
    • Anti saltwater rod comes with the machined aluminum reel seat.
    • Stainless steel guides ring with ceramic inserts.


    YONGZHI is the best affordable fishing rod in your town, which is less than 30$ only. We were stoned to see the features of it because, in this price tag, they manufacture the item that is appreciated indeed. 

    Therefore, the combination of carbon fiber and fiberglass took our attention at first glance. Besides, it comes with the corrosion-resistant machined aluminum steel, which is another fact that makes us put this best telescopic fishing rod list. Well, what have you just informed about the features within this price will give you the best reason to bring it home right away!

    The collapsible functionality is great as each section smoothly settles and gets locked. The eyelets are conveniently reachable and exchangeable to its users. For all-day casting, the handle seems effectively retrieving, and the length is good enough for easy storage. 


    It is lightweight, affordable, and easy to store in your travel bag, and more importantly, the eyelets are easy to line up, whereas another inexpensive rod barely provides so. 


    After day to day use, the end cap on the handle comes to loose, so you may need to use some glue and make it fix. 

    If you need an affordable fishing rod under 30$ of investment, then this would be the best pick for you. Surprisingly, when you use the rod, you will never be going to experience it as a cheaply made product.

    Best Telescopic Fishing Rod Buying Guide: The Features You Need to Check

    The Playful fishing piece is not easy to buy, just like the regular rod. It requires knowing a number of factors and based on that, you may opt for any rod. So, let’s find out some of the exciting features and discuss them.

    Size of the Rod:

    Where are you going for fishing tomorrow? Is it in saltwater or freshwater? Based on that, you should choose the size of the rod. Saltwater telescopic fishing rod or freshwater rod both come with different sizes, and you must opt for yours.

    So, when you are going to buy a bigger rod, then you will find maneuverability while casting it. Also, it helps to deal with the bigger fish as it has a bigger power in the tips.

    On the flip side, the short telescopic rod is a good pick while performing with your rod under freshwater angling. Again, the short rod easy for storage and convenient in casting in short distances. You may easily pack it for traveling and easily snap it out for casting right away.


    The best telescopic fishing rods made of either graphite or fiberglass. The fiberglass material is a better pick to use in any telescopic rod, as it is durable and reflexive both. If we compare the telescopic rod to the regular fishing rod, then we find it less durable. Telescopic travel fishing rod is a popular choice, but they won’t catch big fishes.

    The eyelet is so flexible and accurate, while casting made of fiberglass mostly. When you snap it or collapse it in different joints, then you may experience each section with different materials. The tip preferably comes as made of fiberglass, where the rest of the body is okay with graphite.


    The weight of any fishing rod signifies the portability. That said, the less weight of any rod comes with more portability. Nowadays, manufacturers are on the race of minimizing the weight of a rod. However, there is a border of it; if a fishing rod is too lightweight, then it will be fragile and also lose some power to combat with fishes.

    Fishing is a playful game while you are on-board to the boat. Keeping this in mind, a lightweight, sensitive telescopic fishing rod gives more privileges.


    Because a boat is an unstable place for fishing and over there, your arm would be at the state of unrest condition. Hence, the lighter rod comes with, the better features as you may easily weigh it and cast it over. One important thing to consider what kind of rod you will prefer to hold. Well, this completely depends on your perseverance, suppose if you are angling for years, then you are getting used to getting your hands on a fishing rod. Hence, you may weigh a fishing rod that weighs more than average. This will set privilege for your rod in case of durability.


    The term “Action” plays as an important aspect of any high quality telescopic fishing rod. It refers to how much the tip will bend in what amount of pressure and then how it will retreat to the original position. A beautiful action of a rod or performance of it costs a lot. With a great reliable brand, you will get to see more action games indeed.

    Here, you come to experience either fast action, moderate action, or slow action. The faster it will be less the tip will bend and go for snapping back to the real position.

    How to Put a Hook on Telescopic Fishing Rod?​

    There are a number of fishing knots you can use to tie into a swivel. We suggest you go with the Palomar knot as it has the best line-up and reputation. Well, the way you will put a hook on a fishing rod will become easy after practice it several times. Besides, when you will get used to it, then you can put the swivel or hook even in the dark too. So let’s discuss how to put a hook on your fishing rod.

    Step 1: The very first step to tie the knot begins with the leader. You may take the end of it and make it double, and by doing so, you may form a loop. By the way, if you are a novice and do this for the first time, then we suggest you make the loop a little larger. For that, you will be comfortable to make the knot correctly. In this process, you can form the loop up to 6 inches from the line.

    Step 2: Now on, take the loop then make sure it will intersect the eye of the fishing swivel. Be careful with a hoop as it will go through in the middle of the loop, so on it can swing easily from the middle position.

    Step 3: Just like you pull the shoelaces and make it large, do the same thing with it and make a big loop. Afterward, do an overhand knot. As a result, the knot will allow the swivel to remain inside and don’t try to twist the line.

    Step 4: Now the high time for you to take the hook slowly then pull it inside the eye. Once you pull it and make a big loop only if ensure to make it tighten. When you fix the hook by tightening it. Now pull the knowledge from both of the sides at a time.

    Step 5: You finally nail the process and one more thing you need to do. Cut the tag line and then attach it with the end of the other line along with the tip of the fishing rod.

    How to Collapse/Unstick a Telescopic Fishing Rod That Stuck?

    If you will clean your fishing rod after every use, then chances would be pretty low to get stuck. You need to be careful with the joints where you may not welcome dust. Therefore, you may use the WD-40, but don’t use it too much.

    Unfortunately, once for a lifetime, you may come to experience that the rod gets stuck and now on won’t collapse. So you must come to know some hack so using the hack you can unstick it.

    The first thing you may do is to pour some amount of hot water on the edge of the joints. Hot water easily kicks off the dirt and make the rod free to open. After doing so, you may simply twist or push the small joint to the downwards. However, this won’t work out for the very first time. So try it again, also make sure to pour hot water again.

    If your fishing rod is stubborn to open-up, then you need to come with WD-40 or tackle guard. Soak the rod for an hour or more afterward, you may try to push it downward again.  Hopefully, this time you may successfully unstick your telescoping fishing rod.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

    While comparing the best collapsible fishing rod & traditional fishing rod, you need to decide to choose based on convenience with performance. You will find a telescopic rod collapsible and thus easily store anywhere to go anyplace. The traditional one is unlikely to come to the store in a short area as it doesn’t have a collapsible feature. However, the rod seems more durable compared to the telescopic one. On the other hand, the sensitivity and angling performance is best with the telescopic fishing rod indeed.

    For beginner’s usage, a telescopic rod is not easy to understand. First off, it collapses in, and when it expands, then it comes with a number of sections. Each section has a different level of sensitivity. However, once they learn by using it for a few days, then they will master it. So on, a newbie will get to know how the weight and stress evenly distribute in many sections.

    Telescopic fishing rod comes with many Brands, but many of them locally produced using cheap materials. If you want to buy from good brands, then you need to expend some handsome cash. By the way, from our suggestion, we believe the KastKing and Plussino offer the best-valued fishing rod. Because the different collapsible sections are so much dedicatedly and equally distributed with the perfection of weight and balance.

    Telescopic rod never breaks down while fighting with the dog; however, you need to careful while expending it or closing it. Make sure you are not giving any pressure at the sideway. The secure opening means you are going to open the rod just from the tip to the bottom one by one. Again we remind you the sideway pressure may ruin the rod when twisted. While extending the individual section tightly snug in each section so that, while opening them, they won’t get stuck.

    The available length of a Shakespeare telescopic rod is in between 4’6” to 6’6. It is available from medium to ultralight action and considers as one of the strongest telescopic fishing rods. In all activities, we tested the 10 grams of rod easily cope up 1kg of fish and will break down when you approach the 2 kg of fish.


    Hopefully, your quest for the search of the best telescopic fishing rod comes to an end after reading through the lines. In the final call, remember the guideline we have narrated above. As telescopic rod comes with better storage and portability, so any cheaply made rod also gives you the same feature. What you should opt for is the sound durability. So go with the renowned brand first then cast your preference. Last but most importantly, the rod which is made of graphite is okay, but the tip of it is great with fiberglass.

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