Best Vacuum for Hair Salon in 2023

Nobody would love to visit a salon that looks like a mess with floors piled up with hair. And it’s going to cause a serious reputation issue for any salon owner. Because customers will always prefer hygiene factors quite seriously when considering taking an appointment from your shop.

One easy, manageable, and fast way to take care of the hair mess is simply investing in the best vacuum for hair salon. Something that shall:

  • Be fine with frequent usage as you’ll be needing the unit to clean piles of cut hair after the client leaves.
  • Deal with long hairs amazingly with sufficient suction power.
  • Come with features suitable for getting places clean faster and better.
  • Never leave an odd scent as this is your professional space and it can not smell weird.
  • Work excellent for walls, baseboards, shelves, tables, seats, upholstery, cushions, drapes, windowsills, fans, ceilings, vents, electronics, and any area inside your salon shop.

Today, we would like to introduce to you 8 such picks that are quite good for handling a hair salon.

Best Vacuum for Hair Salon

EyeVac PRO Touchless Stationary Vacuum


  • Super Convenient to use every day for a salon.
  • The motor is surprisingly a lot powerful which helps to get the job done quickly.
  • Smooth running most of the time without much lagging.
  • The positioning of the on/off mechanism is fabulous and works for someone who needs to quickly access it.
  • The automatic mode is very handy.


  • The sensor for starting the machine is a little sensitive sometimes.

Starting with the option that gives an impressive impression of the best vacuum cleaner for hair salons specifically with an excellent 1400 watt of running power. Also, the way it deals with all types of mess is pretty strong. It’s the EyeVac PRO Touchless Stationary Vacuum.

You get well-working infrared sensors, good-performing high-efficiency filters, and even touchless operation. In fact, it comes with technology to clean the air of a certain space.

Coming to the performance, the unit does great with automatic mode set on, something you can turn on and almost forget about. While the machine cleans things in the background.

However, this won’t be enough for sessions where you are left with a bulk of hair to clean from the salon floor.

The provided powerful motor is strong and picks up everything. Some may not love the way this unit gets dirt clinging to the filter. But that’s a rare case.

You can easily remove the filter, shake it over a bin, and try brushing all mess off. So, it’s pretty simple to clean for the most part. However, the frequency of needing to clean might not feel right to some.

It’s probably the best hair vacuum for barbers, except for the fact that you must have the mindset to clean it quite a few times. Another thing that works in favor is the way it allows easy accessibility.

The positioning of the on and off button is super handy, something that supports the concept of quickly getting the device started, getting the cleaning done, and putting it back without much drama.

And all in all, the EyeVac PRO is for sure an optimal cleaning choice for anyone who needs a reliable salon vacuum for keeping their workspace, and their salon clean and mess-free.

Shark AZ2002 Vertex Powered Lift-Away Upright Vacuum


  • The unit can handle a lot of cleaning.
  • The vacuum works exceptionally well on hardwood floors to vacuum hair.
  • Dumping the dirt is super simple.
  • A very powerful unit to run for a long time.
  • It’s a self-cleaning unit.


  • Cannot light pathway while cleaning.
  • It’s a heavy unit.

Next, we have the Shark AZ2002 Lift-Away Upright Vacuum, with promising features such as incredible suction power, self-cleaning brush roll, all floor suitable brush rolls, and more.

There’s a lot of cleaning power that you can get out of this professional vacuum cleaner. And it should deliver so as it’s claimed to be one of the most powerful vacuums from the shark.

It’s excellent when maneuverability is what one is talking about. The pivoting is super flexible to go through corners and the most hard-to-reach spots you can have inside your salon. Also, the performance on Hardwood floors will be much smoother compared to its previous other models.

The vacuum may stop on itself once it gets full. So, if you don’t want that, just consider emptying frequently. Especially if you consider doing quite a large-scale hair cleaning job with it. By the way, dumping the dirt particle is a piece of cake.

Because of the excellent maneuvering ability as well as the powerful performance scale, the unit delivers deep commercial cleaning. If not for the salon, you can also consider it as a hair vacuum for dogs or pets who shed a lot.

However, the vacuum will cost you a substantial amount, not to forget it’s a heavy piece. But the capacity, powerpack scopes, and admirable cleaning results will still hold Shark vacuum at a pretty above position as the best vacuum cleaner for hair salon.

EyeVac Pet -Touchless Stationary Vacuum


  • It’s quite lightweight and has no problem moving around the house.
  • Combining is super handy and easy to figure out.
  • It’s a little machine that has a pretty good amount of power.
  • Takes less time to get a space cleaned.
  • Very basic mechanism, so quite user-friendly.


  • The modes are a bit hard to get used to.
  • There are some noise issues with it.

The next hair vacuum cleaner we have for you, is the Eye-vac pet stationary touchless vacuum, one of the perfect picks for regular sweeping need spaces.

There’s not much to assemble. It’s a basic “plug-in and starts using” type of vacuum. You however need to tap the filter for a while and then confirm it’s ready to start. The modes provided are handy, but first-time users will need some time to figure things out.

Now with the auto mode, the suction power and cleaning seem fabulous. But even when there’s no hair left on the salon floor, you might find the mode still going on with constant suction.

This is the case with a few units, and there’s not much detail on what went wrong. And this is not something visible with using the unit in other modes.

The best part about this consumer-grade vacuum cleaner is that it suits someone with limited mobility. You will find the machine efficiently taking care of a space with just a few times usage every day. And this works for someone with a salon well.

The unit is powerful even with a little body. You can expect it to easily take care of a large hair pile within barely a few minutes. Just leaving it in auto mode will be enough for getting a space sorted.

However, there are noise issues that can sometimes feel irritating. Especially when the device needs to run multiple times a day.

Overall, the Eye-vac pet stationary touchless vacuum is an impressive unit that will fit anyone with a pet at home and of course for those needing a reliable vacuum cleaner for their pet hair.

Shark NV352 Navigator Lift-Away Upright Vacuum


  • Comes with a swivel feature that is quite useful.
  • The whole design is minimal and lightweight for easy maneuvering.
  • Incredible suction power to get a lot of work done.
  • It comes at a very accessible price point for the features.
  • Even with tremendous suction power, there’s not much noise to deal with.


  • You will find quite a load of hair on the roller bar to deal with.

You get a detachable pod for simple cleanup, switching from deep rug to basic floor cleaning mechanism being extra easy and high-efficiency whole-machine filtration system to keep aside allergic reactions and whatnot.  

With Shark NV352 it’s almost packed with just good usable features except for minor one or two issues, we’ll talk about that. 

There’s a swivel feature that would make cleaning into tight spaces and hard-to-reach areas simple enough. And so, it’s especially useful for salon owners.

The weight of this upright vacuum cleaner unit is also minimal. And combinedly with the advanced swivel technology, the experience is even lighter. You won’t find the vacuum wrestling into spots as regular conventional-style vacuums do. And that’s a great point.

There are also enough scores for the suction capacity of this vacuum. Surprisingly, the powerful suction power doesn’t associate with the noise, which is an expected error though.

However, you need to be sure that there’s no twist in the tiny ring as it can reduce the suction drastically. And that happens because the outer air gets sucked in.

Considering the number of benefits that accompany this vacuum, the price point hit a great spot as well. Especially for those who don’t want to spend an excessive amount on high-end models but will like a casual pick that mostly seems promising.

Overall, the Shark NV352 will prove to be sufficient with more than just a few quality features bundled up together.

EyeVac Home Touchless Stationary Vacuum


  • Exceptionally well with sand and pet hair along with human hair.
  • You don’t require constant dumping with it
  • Quite a small unit that is easy to store.
  • The design is minimal so it does not grab unnecessary attention.
  • Sucks up dirt, leaves, and other sorts of debris efficiently.


  • Dark bristles are hard to recognize with the sensor.

We have the EyeVac Home Touchless Stationary Vacuum next, with 1000-watt power giving enough fast functioning, efficient cleaning on the hardwood floor, sweeping motion detectable infrared sensors, and more.

This one is a well-known vacuum cleaner hairdresser, as it has some pretty amazing hair-sweeping functions. There’s no hair floating on the floor that it won’t be able to suck with the powerful 1000 watt backing it up.

Apart from hair, no matter what size, it is also an effective cleaning solution for other messes such as surface debris, sticky gunk, and even products that might be spilled accidentally.

For some reason, the vacuum sensor cannot catch dark bristles, and that’s a shame. Because if this was working with a decent performance, it would have made it into the top few picks in this list.

But we don’t think it is that much of a big deal. Switching to a light bristle brush or light color dust mop will just solve the issue in no time.

This domestic vacuum cleaner does not need constant dumping as well, because the provided bin can hold a pretty lot. The side or back sometimes blows air. And this means you need to be varied in order not to end up placing the mess in the wrong spot.

Apart from all these good kinds of stuff on EyeVac Home Touchless Stationary Vacuum, it is also one of the minimal human hair vacuum options that does not stand out grabbing unnecessary attention.

BLACK+DECKER HV1410L Cordless Handheld Vacuum


  • It can suck up dirt no matter what the situation.
  • There’s room for turning the nozzle if needed.
  • It does great with dealing with odd shape specs as well as corners.
  • The nozzle is huge and does an excellent job.
  • It is a fast-charging unit so you can get a good amount of cleaning out of it.


  • Makes too much noise.

Next, we have a basic, within-budget, and ergonomic design-focused cordless vacuum called BLACK+DECKER HV1410L.

The unit is a conventional style vacuum that has some up-to-mark performance for low scale salon shops. It does excellent at sucking dirt as soon as it reaches the mess. And the size of the nozzle really supports the approach.

Because the nozzle is fairly wide. And so, you don’t have an issue with getting all the hair out of the floor, even the ones that might be stuck in some corner.

To make powerful cleaning even more efficient, the nozzle is tur- able. This means, again, odd shape spots and corners will be a piece of cake to get effectively clean.

This unit has a strong suction power and it does not take much time to charge. You can catch those accidental spills from the carpet with the brush attachment provided which is great.

And for the final note, BLACK+DECKER HV1410L even enables an easy emptying concept by simply having to push a button and accessing the dirt tray.

Overall, this hair salon vacuum is easy to maintain as well as to use a vacuum cleaner that will take care of a small salon shop cleaning needs pretty well.

NeoVac Elite- Touchless Stationary Vacuum


  • A value for price option considering the features.
  • It somehow makes sweeping so easy that one would consider sweeping more.
  • Excellent grab does not feel too bulky or oddly shaped to manage.
  • It helps in keeping the human or pet hair mess cleaned quickly.
  • Heat activation is available and easy to do.


  • It cannot sense garbage for some reason.

The NeoVac Elite- Touchless Stationary Vacuum is just right for those who need a unit compatible with quick cleans as well as features that are just enough for basic needs.

This is the type of device you would want to get simply because the manual sweeping with a dustpan on hand seems too much for you. However, it still can be basic vacuuming features that can handle a small size salon shop.

The unit does great even on dark floors. The overall cleaning is convenient for the most part. However, there’s some problem with the sensor, because it sometimes fails in sensing garbage according to several users.

To have it heat activated, you do need to manually put your foot in front. That is not bad actually, and some consider this to be fair enough for a vacuum pricing low.

And with that being said, it’s a budget-friendly option so anyone not interested in committing to a vacuum entirely can give this a go.

Overall, NeoVac Elite- Touchless Stationary Vacuum is a small hair salon-suitable vacuum with lots of decent features to talk about.

ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner


  • Cleaning is super easy with the unit.
  • You can work with different cleaning patterns with the provided remote control.
  • Overall functionality is smooth as butter.
  • It runs without making any noise using noise-reduction technology
  • The price point is fairly low for the provided features.


  • Roller brush is tricky to maintain.

And for the last one, we have a robot vacuum cleaner for hair salon, called ILIFE V3s Pro that gives amazing suction skipping any tangling of hair.

So, because it has a tangle-free hair management feature, there’s hardly any trouble with cleaning hairs from the surface. Suction-wise it’s decent as well and because you don’t have to charge it as the unit is a self-charging mechanism the entire usage already sounds convenient.

For the actual performance, the cliff sensors are great for areas with stairs. There’s a lot of cleaning with the unit.

You won’t find the robot having any trouble making its way back to the charging station. The provided remote control feels slightly disappointing though. The cleaning schedule sometimes lags.

There are also no issues with its flexibility in performing on different surfaces. You will find the robot doing well in both low-pile rugs and hardwood. The provided roller brush does good too, just that it needs frequent cleaning of the axle as otherwise there will be jam.

Because of the zig-zag pattern, the unit sometimes cleans one spot multiple times. This gives better cleaning of hair falling on the floor but power wastage at the same time.

Overall, ILIFE V3s Pro seems to be a great robot vacuum to give a try for keeping hair salon clean in a convenient way.

How to Choose the Best Vacuum for Hair Salon

As an owner of a salon, it is among your topmost responsibility to keep your salon clean and hygienic. The thing that keeps your salon messed up is the leftover hair. For keeping your salon hygienic and attractive, you need to keep your salon neat and clean. 

We understand how annoying it is to clean the leftover hair. To keep your effort minimal, a vacuum cleaner will be the best option. Here are the factors that you should consider while purchasing a vacuum for a hair salon.

Bin Capacity

The bin capacity of your vacuum cleaner should be the first priority. The bin size you need depends on the amount of hair cut in your salon. If your salon used to have busy schedules, then it is recommended to pick the vacuum that has a bigger bin. It will not let you feel disturbed very often.

Suction power

I understand that you are looking for vacuum cleaners to clean the leftover hair. But is it everything that you need? I guess no. You also need to clean the dirt, dust particles, and debris of your salon. So, bring a vacuum cleaner that has enough suction power to clean your salon completely.

However, too much suction power can be harmful if your salon has mixed floor types. In this case, you should select a vacuum that has automatic suction control features. You can control it manually though if your vacuum has the option.

Can litter?

It is seen that a lot of people visit the salon with their pets. Now you may have a question about how you can deal with the pet’s litter. Fortunately, vacuum cleaners have the ability to clean the pet litter without facing any problems.

Wet hair

Not every time you will have dry leftover hair in your salon. That’s why your vacuum needs to have the ability to clean the wet hair also. Pay heed to this issue too.


Vacuums use attachments that extend the usefulness of the vacuum, such as brooms, brushes, and dusting brushes, upholstery tools, crevice tools. For your vacuum to be more useful, it should come with these attachments.

Vacuum Type

There are hundreds of vacuums to choose from, but if you’re cleaning a hair salon, you need to buy a vacuum that is practical for you. The size, weight, and power should be suitable for your salon. 

If you want to go for the most popular type, then an upright vacuum is for you.

Washable filters

It is better to bring a vacuum cleaner for hair salon that has removable and washable HEPA filters. It will save you money. The disposable filtration system will ask you to spend more money on maintenance.

Noise Level

The noise produced by vacuum cleaners should not be too loud. If the noise of your vacuum is loud, customers will have an annoying feeling and it can be the reason for fewer customers in your salon. So, make sure that the noise or sound of your vacuum cleaner is not exceeding the tolerance level.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I avoid the hair-tangled issue?

Well, there are some vacuum cleaners that have an innovative tangle-free brush roll to avoid this tangled hair issue. In order to get rid of this problem, you should check the product features while making a purchase.

Is it possible to use the shop vacuum as a regular vacuum?

Basically, the shop vacuum has strong suction power. This suction can harm your house staff. It is better not to use this vacuum in your house. However, if you still want to use it in your house, you should use it carefully.

To Conclude

And that was our thoughts on finding the best vacuum cleaner for hair salon with 8 recommendations that according to us are quite impressive.

Of course, you would be the one who makes the final call. So, take your time and pick the one that fits best. You want to consider a few things while making the decision, for example:

  • The size of your hair salon.
  • The potential amount of hair the unit will need to take care of every day.
  • Any dust allergies concern your existing clients or you could have.
  • Whether to go with a cordless or corded model.

And you can add concerns of your own. Combinedly consider all these to make the final decision.

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