Best Vacuum for Linoleum Floors

One of the more durable types of flooring that people are loving recently is linoleum floors. These are not just great at lasting you a fabulous number of years but also maintenance-wise, you don’t need to do a lot of hassling things.

You pay attention to getting the best vacuum for linoleum flooring, the main protagonist of keeping it in good shape, then the half job is done.

When one says the best vacuum cleaner for linoleum floors, it refers to something that can:

  • Help in preserving the luster of this flooring type and get rid of any allergens on it.
  • Work for debris collection as a lightweight unit hardly putting any unnecessary pressure on the floor.
  • Maintain a polished outlook.
  • Avoid causing any marks, scratches, or ugly spots.
  • Deal with pet hair and hard-to-get-rid-of mess easily.

Now, there’s good news for you! We have already managed to sort down the 7 best vacuums for linoleum flooring that are great in more than a few of these benefits individually. And with their complete reviews, let’s just start introducing you to those, one by one right below!

Top Pick: Shark NV356E S2

If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner for linoleum floors and you don’t have the time to shop around then just go for this one. Overall its performance and build quality are better than most others.

7 Best Vacuums for Linoleum Floors

1. Shark NV356E S2 Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright Vacuum


  • Works fabulous with hard floor dealing accessories.
  • Worth the price considering the provided features.
  • Looks premium and is made to last with proper maintenance habits.
  • A strong suction power overall and there’s hardly any sound.
  • Steering is super simple with it.


  • Using over shag rug can be difficult as the unit is pretty heavy.

The Shark NV356E S2 is an excellent combination of a bunch of features that target mostly basic home vacuuming needs for linoleum flooring.

The suction quality of this unit can be customized according to the type of linoleum flooring you own or use it for. 

Also, it’s an easy-to-maneuver unit without any additional obstacles standing in your way of using the vacuum almost every day. This is due to the steering technology used with it.

It’s a cleverly designed unit meant to clean multiple spaces from furniture to hard floors to stairs. You can detach the pod without much trouble.

The vacuum cleaner can tackle most types of dust particles and allergens, so something that’ll work for linoleum floor owners. It works by capturing and trapping all the nasty things out from the air as well.

Shark NV356E S2 can also help you with deep cleaning carpets. However, the shag rugs are slightly difficult with this unit as it’s not the most lightweight vacuum cleaner. So, keep that in mind.

Overall, it’s a well-made, great-looking, versatile piece of home cleaning unit that you can use for hardwood as well as linoleum floors and even other sorts of surfaces once or twice a week.

2. Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro All in One Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop 


  • There’s no pad-changing mess to deal with.
  • Refreshing a dirty rug is simple and the results are always great.
  • Scrubbing linoleum floors with it gives amazing outcomes.
  • It can handle large and small debris very well.
  • It can play the role of vacuum, mop as well as bucket single-handedly.
  • It includes a pet hair strainer.


  • The unit makes horrible sounds and that can be annoying while working for a long time.

Anyone who has pets at home can relate to their small babies leaving their fur signs everywhere, that’s not easy to clean on a linoleum floor effectively. 

Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro All-In-One Vacuum Cleaner is targeted for such needs specifically along with giving most other common vacuum features.

This unit comes with a unique brush roll design that can handle hair lengths up to 8 inches without any tangling. So, there’s no issue of pet hair wrapping and making the whole vacuum process time-consuming.

There is also a way for users to have both pet hair and huge debris separated from any liquid type of mess. And that’s awesome! 

This helps with avoiding clogging issues because of the very thing of having all mess accommodating in a vacuum together.

Don’t expect Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro to give a professional like cleaning with rugs, the results are not bad though. And it does the job considering the price point, but not similar to what you’d get from a professional carpet/rug cleaning service. 

For the most part, it gives hassle-free floor cleaning. We would like to give Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro a big thumbs up for anyone having to deal with pet hair regularly along with needing a unit for linoleum flooring.

3. Hoover WindTunnel 2 Whole House UH71250 Vacuum Cleaner


  • The tools coming along with the vacuum help.
  • The mechanism of the auto-rewinding cord comes in handy.
  • Adjustment of height makes vacuuming easier.
  • A convenient method for using and releasing filters.
  • A premium quality hose makes the whole job easy.


  • One needs to re-plug the cord now and then as it’s short even for handling a single room.

The Hoover UH71250 comes with a few modern features that make vacuuming the linoleum floor, less like a task and more like something you would not mind doing regularly.

Well, most of us hate the part of having to wrap the cord of a unit after finishing using it. With the Hoover UH71250, there is no such thing. 

Because it comes with a 25 ft long power cord you can leave it for auto retraction which takes just a few seconds. And that’s a wonderful benefit to many vacuum users.

However, it would have been even better if there was a longer cord. Because you require re-plugging for shifting from one room to another. In some cases, it is not even long enough to maneuver one single room comfortably. And that is a little disappointing.

Apart from the cord thing, the Hoover UH71250 hauls a strong suction with 2 channels working for lift and eliminating motion of surface cleaning.

It also uses a brush roll supporting more than one-floor type. So, you can use it for carpets just as you’d use it for hardwood floors.

The Hoover UH71250 also helps in cleaning pet dander and reduces pet odor to some extent as well.

Overall, the unit is a user-friendly vacuum choice with no requirement of bags or any extra mess giving you the versatility of different floor and purpose usage. Definitely would make a great purchase!

4. Dyson V11 Torque Drive Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner


  • It provides powerful suction to clear an area quickly.
  • Easy to maneuver with a convenient design.
  • The lightweight vacuum cleaner makes cleaning huge areas easier.
  • Comes with enough battery life.
  • The provided auto mode is genius and helps a lot.
  • Advanced whole machine filtration system.
  • Torque drive cleaner head.


  • Despite being good at battery life, it takes 4.5 hours to charge, which is a bit too much.
  • Doesn’t come with a soft roller cleaner head.

If anyone needs a compact unit for their linoleum floors, that comes with decent looks and a simple emptying mechanism then the Dyson V11 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner will make a perfect fit.

The metallic blue color gives it a modern vibe look-wise. And so, you won’t have to find a space inside your home for hiding it. Because the unit looks good enough to be in front of your guests.

The overall design is meant to give compact flexibility for any user to easily store it in a place where accessing can be quicker as well.

You also don’t have to make unnecessary guesses about how long the unit will run. Because there’s an LCD to do that task. It shows you the remaining duration for the vacuum to work until it needs a charge.

It also includes a mini motorized tool, a crevice tool, and a soft dusting brush to help you with floor cleaning.

In case of an attachment that was not connected properly or facing some sort of blockage, the display shows the information as well for you to easily sort matters in no time.

Dyson V11 Cordless Vacuum also supports one of the easiest mechanisms for emptying the dustbin. It gives all the right vibe for being a next-gen cordless unit that can help in everyday household cleaning with all the star features that people normally expect from the best vacuum cleaners for linoleum floors.

5. Shark AZ1002 Apex Powered Lift-Away Upright Vacuum


  • The unit is super responsive with the provided swivel head.
  • Light on the handle helps in cleaning.
  • Super simple to use with a user-friendly design.
  • The long power cord is made very well.
  • There’s not much noise issue with the unit and that’s awesome.
  • Advanced Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology


  • The positioning of the foot pedal could have been better, it feels slightly awkward.

The best part about the Shark AZ1002 has to be a canister that allows users to detach it. This part makes vacuuming on stairs way easier than other vacuum cleaners of a similar range.

Also, the fact that you get to include 2/4 attachments with the vacuum cleaner, of your choice, just makes it one of those picks that allow versatility at its best. 

However, some may have objections here, because there’s no bag or storage provided to carry all those attachments or simply keep them sorted in one place.

Moving to the 30 ft cord, it’s made very well and thick enough to last a lot of dragging and rough use. You can enjoy 360-degree maneuverability with the cord’s placement and there should not be any trouble at all.

There are LED headlights as well, for users to see all the hidden small and large debris that could be residing in various corners of the house.

It also includes a crevice tool, an upholstery tool, self-cleaning brush rolls as well as one with bristles to work on high pile carpets. Also, this upright vacuum cleaner has a HEPA filtration system with advanced anti-allergen complete seal technology to fight against allergens.

The swivel however might not be a cup of tea for everyone. Something a few would need time to get adjusted with. 

Apart from that, the Shark AZ1002 is a decent purchase for the price point as well, considering it has most of the essential vacuum features in it that suit bare floors pretty well.

6. iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum


  • The cleaning ability of the vacuum is amazing.
  • The making of this unit is robust and withstanding type.
  • The handle placed on top is smartly planned for easy carrying and disguising decoration.
  • Works amazing even while transitioning to different surfaces
  • No issues while using the stairwell with the provided cliff sensors.


  • When the unit gets stuck someplace, it makes an awful loud sound.

The iRobot Roomba 650 is a good vacuum that perfectly fits a household that needs constant cleaning without anyone having to monitor the task constantly.

It comes with responsive enough remote control and you can use the unit through the provided part. The iRobot Roomba 650 can be scheduled to work 7 times every week. Or you simply need to use the CLEAN button for commanding it to start the job.

There are a total of 3 cleaning mechanisms available with this robot vacuum. These are for agitating, brushing, or suctioning a surface, you can choose according to the need of your linoleum flooring.

A total of 60 minutes of runtime shall be enough for an average-size house. However, keep in mind the robot cleaner is no quiet piece. It makes a lot of noise and you most probably will know when the unit starts working thanks to the sound.

The iRobot Roomba 650 is excellent at picking debris and hair. Especially pet fur. According to several users, the unit is well capable of cleaning just like day one for a long time ahead. And there was no need for any special maintenance to keep it going like that.

Anyone who wants to manage basic vacuuming cleaning needs such as clearing dirt and debris or simply managing cat fur and stuff like that without having to always monitor the action, the iRobot Roomba 650 will serve as a great pick. 

7. Shark NV501 Rotator Professional Lift-Away Upright Vacuum Cleaner


  • Comes with pleasing maneuverability and overall design.
  • In case of a stuck item inside, unclogging is super simple.
  • The vacuum is one of the best bagless variants to exist within budget.
  • Perfect for hardwood as well as linoleum floors.
  • Turning the dusting brush on/off is extra easy and handy.


  • It’s a bit hard to vacuum small stairs due to the large head size.

And last but not least is Shark NV501 Upright Vacuum Cleaner, the heavy unit that comes with many attachments you can use for a variety of cleaning purposes.

It comes with a long power cord to help you reach deep corners of the linoleum floor hidden with furniture and stuff on top of it without much trouble. The suction is decent as well for the price point.

Because it’s bulky, the unit can handle a large amount of cleaning tasks at once. Also, the swivel steering allows the user to maneuver into surfaces, furniture, and even all obstacles that come in the way.

The LED headlight helps to track down a few hard-to-see dirt particles and debris. The only thing that is a little disappointing about Shark NV501 is the fact that it feels challenging to use on small stairways.

This is because the head size of the vacuum is quite big and so it does not support effective cleaning on tiny stairs.

Apart from that, the Shark NV501 is a great catch with multiple useful attachments and great built-in quality.

Steps To Follow

linoleum is a great flooring choice for those who dislike carpets. It’s cheaper, and it’s less likely to harbor allergens than carpet. But linoleum can wear down over time, so it is very important to keep your floors clean.

Linoleum floors are easy to clean and very durable. But like any flooring, they also come with some challenges, including how to sweep and vacuum them.

Here are steps for you to follow while vacuuming a linoleum floor:

  • Move all the objects from the floor.
  • Remove all the dust using the vacuum.
  • Sweep your floors and mop them with a cleaner made specifically for linoleum. If you prefer, you can also use just water.
  • Use hot water to rinse the floor.
  • Let the floor dry for a while.

Final Words

And that’s our 7 recommendations that are worthy of being called the best vacuum for linoleum floors each in a different way.

If you need a go-to option for linoleum flooring with the most basic but essential features for a household’s simple cleaning needs, then Shark NV356E S2 can be perfect.

Then there’s the Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro for pet owners with supportive features that go with linoleum flooring again.

People who don’t really prefer changing bags and just want versatile cleaning features will find Hoover UH71250 good enough.

While the Dyson V11 also impresses with a simple dustbin emptying concept along with other next-gen cordless vacuum cleaning benefits.

The Shark AZ1002 has the flexibility of a detachable canister and iRobot Roomba 650 seems like a busy person’s optimal choice with cleaning schedule fixing features and excellent mess picking capabilities.

And Shark NV501 despite being a heavy unit due to the premium durable making, will still go well with linoleum floor as well as the expectation to last a good number of years.

Hopefully, you will find one of these just appropriately suitable for the lifestyle you have and cleaning requirements you care about along with being favorable to your linoleum flooring. Good Luck!

Best Vacuums for Linoleum Floors

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