Can You Cut Metal with A Miter Saw? [The Ultimate Guide]

If you are a user of Miter Saw, then you know how wonderfully the Saw works. You may use it for cutting wood but did you ever try it on metals? You may get surprised by the question, but do you know this Saw can do versatile work.

So, here we have answered that can you cut metal with a miter saw? For getting the necessary information about it, please scroll down and find the answer.

What Materials Are Usually Cut Using A Miter Saw?

A Miter Saw is a specialized tool for trimming and molding. This tool gives a quick and accurate crosscut in a workpiece at a selected angle. It is made mainly for woodcutting, like it can cut cardboard, chipboard, plywood, softwood, hardwood, etc., by its default blade.

But you know Miter Saw is widely famous for its multipurpose usage. You can also cut some other materials like mild steel, non-ferrous metals, bricks, rocks, plastic, and synthetics using this Saw.

You need an appropriate blade for the selected materials. For example, you want to cut steel; you need to change the edge. You can use a ferrous or non-ferrous blade, depending on what types of steel you are trimming.

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Can You Cut Metal with A Miter Saw?

As miter saw is not appropriate for cutting metal, but the good news is, you can use the regular compound Miter Saw for cutting metals by changing some tools.

First of all, you have to use a metal cutting purpose-built blade-like triple-chip grind blade or coated, which would be appropriate for metals. And the edge should have smaller teeth than the ones saw needs to cut wood. On the contrary, the tooth count of blades should be high. If you want cleaner and safer cuts, the count should better be 100. Higher teeth slow down the cutting speed and result in less friction, less overheating, and fewer sparks.

And the second thing you need to consider a decent miter saw motor. You will need low RPM to cut metals because less heat will give a cleaner cut.

What you should consider, you know, now we will discuss how you can cut metals with the Miter saw. Here, we have discussed the two metal cutting processes, such as steel and aluminum.

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How to Cut Steel Using A Miter Saw

You already know Miter Saw is not the perfect tool for cutting steel; however, the right accessories can make the job easier. You will get better results using a cut-off saw or a chop saw, so for doing the same work, you need to follow the procedures:

  1. At first, buy a ferrous metal circular saw blade that could be the best for steels.
  2. Before starting, wear a safety goggle to protect your eyes.
  3. Now adjust the blade into the miter saw and clamp down the steel to it.
  4. Take the low teeth, and high teeth count.
  5. Power up the miter saw and let the blade fully speed up.
  6. Then let the Saw perform the work.

How to Cut Aluminum Using A Miter Saw

Like steel, aluminum is also not suitable for Miter Saw. But for being the easiest type of metal, you can use the miter saw to cut it. There are many types of aluminum available some are easier, and others seem difficult while chopping. But following the techniques, you can easily cut it:

  1. First, you need to take safety measures, and it is necessary whenever you cut anything using a powered machine. Wear goggles, gloves, and ear protectors to safeguard yourself.
  2. Now choose a non-ferrous carbide-tipped blade that will give a better cutting result.
  3. Clamp-down the aluminum into the Saw and ensure it doesn’t move.
  4. Pick the correct tooth count for the thickness of aluminum you are using.
  5. Power up the saw and allow the blade to reach full RPMs.

Should You Cut Metal with A Miter Saw?

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You can cut metal with a miter saw doesn’t mean you should always do it. Because miter saw is mainly preferable for woodwork, you should know that wood and metals are not the same. There are lots of differences between woodcutters and metal cutters.

The miter saw has a two-thirds faster speed than the quickest chop saw; however, this extra speed will not be beneficial. Instead, it will create additional friction and ruin the project. Perhaps it can make the material red-hot and damage the structural integrity of the workpiece. More RPMs could create more dangerous debris and lots of sparks that are harmful to health.

Another factor is you need to be cautious about the motor’s ability to take all extra heat and resistance. Moreover, you need to spend an extra penny for the correct blade because you can’t use a woodcutting blade for metals.



As you already have understood that a miter saw can be an alternative for chopping the metals, you can not use it as a default cutter. If you can take proper precautions before trimming with it, then go for it. Hopefully, this article will help you to use the Miter saw faultlessly to cut the metals. So, what do you think? Can you cut metal with a miter saw? Just try ad let us know your experience in the comment box below.

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