Can You Cut Tile With A Miter Saw? – Ultimate Cutting Guide

At the construction site, you’ll find all sorts of hardware for different lines of work, depending on the working style and environment. Today, we’re going to talk about tile cutting machines and whether or not it’s possible to cut tile with a miter saw.

Different circumstances may call for different tools; if the right tool isn’t available, we need to look for alternatives. A professional tile-cutting saw can be expensive, and I’ve seen many people who don’t have the right tool for the job or can’t afford it.

Now a question may arise, can you cut a tile with a miter saw? Yes, but you need to follow the right procedure and know some ground rules before you use it.

Read the article till the end to find all the alternatives and the procedure that you need to follow. Let’ get down to business, shall we?

Can You Cut Tile With A Miter Saw

What Do You Use to Cut Tile?

First things first, before knowing the alternatives, we need to know about the right tools and their uses, so we can use those more efficiently.

Depending on the tile and the cutting style, different types of machines can be found in the market. However, tilers mostly use 4 basic types of machines to cut tiles.

Manual Tile Cutter:

Manual tile cutter can only cut tiles in a straight line. It is a great tool to cut tile without any mess. It can cut tile that is long up to 24 inches. This machine cannot be used to cut diagonally, rounded and larger tile that won’t fit in it.

Tile Nippers:

Tile nipper is a hand tool that is used for cutting unusually shaped cuts on tiles. They work well in all situations, where you might need very small cuts but can’t use the machine for it.

Diamond Hole Saw:

Diamond hole saw feature is used for power drilling. This machine is best suited for cutting round holes. This type cannot make straight or diagonal cuts of the machine.

Wet Saw:

Wet saw is the solution to your all problems. This is a machine that is well suited for cutting any tile at any angle and in any shape. This saw keeps the blade wet and cool by using water while cutting a tile. However, there are many variations; some even come with their stand.

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Here is a list of 5 best miter saws that you can find under 300$

  1. DEWALT DWS780
  2. Hitachi C10FCG
  3. Bosch Power Tools GCM12SD
  5. Makita LS1018 10-Inch

What Do You Use A Miter Saw For?

The miter saw, also known as drop saw is a power tool used for quick, clean, and accurate cuts at various angles. It is commonly used for cutting and trimming.

They are best suited for woodwork but some are versatile enough to cut tiles too. The blade is usually 8 to 12 inches in diameter. Some have diamond powder coating on them to provide extra strength. The workpiece is usually tightly held so that no movement occurs. The spinning blade is then put against the workpiece.

Can You Cut Tile With A Miter Saw?

Though a miter saw is not made for cutting tile, but it can be used to cut tile as an alternative with some customization.

It uses a carbide-tipped blade, which is also used for cutting tile. However, it does not have enough teeth to cut tile.

To cut a tile, you need to change the blade first. The most common tile blade for miter saw that most people use a Diamond or Carbide blade which is specially made or cutting tile.

How To Cut Tile With Miter Saw?

At first, get all the safety gear. As these machines are not made for cutting tiles, ensuring safety is the most important part.

Then put the tile is a position in a way so there could be no movement or vibration. Now push the blade against the tiles. Do not keep pushing too hard. Do not cut for a long time at a stretch. Otherwise, the tile might break.

The trick is to use the short bursts pushes to make the cuts.

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Machines and tools are made to make our work easier and less time-consuming. But we always cannot afford all the machines and tools that the work requires. So we look for an alternative as a great man once said: “Adapt, Improvise, Overcome.”

You could use a miter saw to cut tile if it is equipped with the right blade, but not for heavy usages. Always follow the safety rules. Using a miter saw could save time and money. If you have any questions, you know where to visit.

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