How Does An Airless Paint Sprayer Work? – [Also Using Tips]

Although many of us are familiar with traditional painting tools like brushes, rollers, and guns. Airless paint sprayers have become increasingly popular among professionals.

The professional painters and decorators recommend these sprayers as the fastest and most efficient way of painting large projects. They also claim that it is a great time-saver tool that can complete the painting task with a smooth and even finishing touch.

In case you do not know about an airless paint sprayer or how does an airless paint sprayer work, you have reached the right place. This article will explain what makes it more effective and efficient than other traditional tools.

How Does An Airless Paint Sprayer Work

What Is The Airless Paint Sprayer?

There are several types of painting tools or techniques, and one of the best ones is the airless paint sprayer, especially when you have limited time to deal with a huge painting job.

An airless sprayer doesn’t use compressed air to atomize the fluid and works by pumping paint at very high pressure up to 3,000 psi, through a specialized hose into a tiny hole in the sprayer’s nozzle, through a hose, and out a small hole in the spray gun tip. The gun tip is designed to break the paint evenly into a fan-shaped spray pattern of tiny droplets.

Initially, a commercial airless paint sprayer was used in heavy-duty marine, chemical, and industrial linings and coatings as an alternative option for traditional painting guns. These effortless tools are useful for DIY, commercial, and industrial projects.

How Does An Airless Paint Sprayer Work?

how does an airless paint sprayer work

Here comes the main to find out exactly how does an airless paint sprayer work very precisely-

Unlike air compressed sprayers, an airless paint sprayer does not use air to propel the paint. Instead, it uses hydraulics where a motorized pump pressurizes and pushes the paint out of the spray gun’s tip. The high pressure built up inside the tube atomizes the paint, which creates a smooth finish with a minimum amount of paint.

Remember, the spray gun’s tip size determines the amount of fluid to be released and the fan’s pattern to be followed during the application. So, you will have to choose tips with different holes for different sorts of tasks.

How To Use An Airless Paint Sprayer?

We believe if you don’t know how to use your sprayer properly, you will end up with a disappointing result. So, let’s have a look at the process-

Step 1- Cleaning And Priming The Pump:

Always clean the inside of the pump before priming, then insert the suction tube into the material bucket.

Then turn the prime valve and switch on the pump.  Keep turning the pressure valve up until the pump starts. And when the paint starts flowing, move it into the bucket.

Step 2- Filling The Hose and Gun:

Next, pull the trigger while holding the gun over the bucket. The valve must have a “spray” setting option, then switch it on. Let go of the gun when the paint starts flowing. Now lock the trigger and follow the steps below to relieve pressure:

  • Turn off the power switch
  • Turn the prime valve on
  • Aim the gun at the side of the waste.
  • To release the pressure, pull the trigger
  • Then find the trigger lock and engage it.

Step 3- Adjusting The Pressure:

Another important task is watching out for the airless sprayer pressure settings. If the pressure is too high or low, then it can hamper the spray pattern. So, to avoid such trouble, follow the technique of gradually increasing the pressure until you reach a spray pattern that satisfies you.

Step 4- Start The Spray:

In case you are a first-timer, do a demo spraying before starting the actual painting on the surface. The correct position of spraying is also important. You should follow the parallel, like from left to right or from top to bottom.

Step 5- Cleaning Up The Sprayer:

Remember to clean the pump at the end of the job to keep it in good condition until the next time.

What The Advantages Of An Airless Paint Sprayer?

Let’s have a look at the major benefits of using an airless paint sprayer because these will help you to understand why you should choose an airless paint sprayer –

  • Airless paint sprayers are best for painting larger areas or surfaces in a short time.
  • The speedy and uniform application quality is perfect for covering textured walls or uneven surfaces.
  • Besides the even and smooth finishing, this sprayer is also extremely portable. So, you can move it around the whole area if needed.

No compression because the sprayer uses a hose method to push the paint through the nozzle.


Final Words

We believe by now you have already grasped the answer to how does an airless paint sprayer work and for which painting job or task this sprayer will be an ideal option.

So, please keep us updated with your valuable feedback.

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