How To Clean A Paint Gun

The paint will settle down the more it is exposed to air. This means that if too little paint was used, it will dry too quickly, and it may not adhere well to the surface.

It is important to clean the spray gun after each use. It can get messy if you do not, especially on those busy days. And that’s how this becomes harder to get rid of.

When painting, wiping the residue off the paint spray gun makes the painting job easier, but we should keep the residue cleaned off. Sometimes, the paint stick on the tip and is not easily removed, which wastes time and energy.

So, how to clean a paint gun? All the newbie fellows might find this matter puzzling due to the difficulty which requires specific tools to unclog it. Keep on reading to know the procedure.

How To Clean A Paint Gun

How To Clean A Paint Gun Using Right Equipment 

Using spray cleaner, brush & solvent, and automatic washer are the three techniques to clean a paint gun. During the procedure, you’ll need some tools and safety gear too. 

The paint gun or sprayer is a handy tool that makes the DIY projects complete in a short while. And, you need to wipe it after every usage. Many people neglect the cleaning matter, which leads to dry residue issues.

Now, if you like to know how to clean a paint gun with dried paint, it’s better to have some gears in your hand. Well, what can you use to clean a paint gun? Let’s find that out. 

Necessary Tools:

  1. Paint gun cleaner or solvent.
  2. Brush or wire.
  3. Scrubber.
  4. Gun washer.

Clean Interior of a Paint Gun with a Cleaner

A liquid cleaner is one of the time-saving and most acceptable ways to unclog inside a paint sprayer. In this segment, you might need a high-quality cleaner made for this purpose. Now, take a look at the procedure below.

  • Remove the small container on the top of the paint gun or sprayer. 
  • Insert a good amount of liquid cleaner inside. And then, insert the container on it. 
  • Spray the gun towards to clean the interior of the paint gun. 
  • Don’t stop pressing the trigger until you see mineral spirits coming out of the mouth. 
  • Open the lid and clean the dry paints. 
  • Wash the paint gun using pure mineral spirits.

Scrub Exterior of a Paint Gun Using Brush & Solvent

It’s wise to use scrubbing methods to clean the outer skin of the paint gun. And for that, you’ll need the brush and solvent or liquid cleaner. Follow the given procedure.

  • Start by scrubbing the tip and the tip guard by removing them. Then, use the brush with a cleaner and rub the surface. 
  • Clean the fluid nozzle of the paint gun using the brush by dipping it into the cleaner. Make sure there’s no dry particle left on the surface. 
  • Detach the container and check if the mouth has dry paint attached. If yes, then clean the surface. 
  • Again, dip some cleaner over the paint gun, including the trigger, body, and other sides. With the brush, wipe the dirt out until it’s properly clean. And then, wash the surface using mineral spirits instead of water.

Wash The Paint Sprayer on Automatic Gun Washer

The automatic gun washer is a quick way to clean the paint gun. It is considered the safest and suggested by experts as it cleans deeply. Although they are expensive, it’s one of the most delicate cleaning equipment. 

  • Take out the lid of the paint gun. And place the lid in a safe place.
  • Open the container which holds the paint and place it aside. 
  • Insert the paint gun mouth (where the container fits) in the automatic gun washer. Be sure to wash it 2-3 times. 
  • Use a brush to wipe out residue in the mouth. Try to use a cleaner over the paint gun and then wash it off. 
  • Unclog the lid and scrub it using the brush. Then, insert the liquid solution to remove the particles or leftovers.

Safety Tips:

  • Choose a safe outfit along with protective gear like gloves and masks.
  • Read out the instruction manual that comes with the paint gun.

Wrapping Up

And that was our effort to present precisely how to clean a paint gun in 3 simple ways. Hopefully, you now know what to do to avoid the unclogging issue.

The paint gun maintenance step is where you can remove dry paint and residue, and it’s recommended to do it once a week. It is recommended to remove the dry paint and residue because it allows for easy cleaning and prevents clogging.

Follow the given cleaning methods just as mentioned and prioritize safety concern points. And if nothing works, then seek help from an expert. Good Luck!

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