How to Clean In Between Car Seats

Cleaning the seats of the car may prove to be quite tricky. You need to be careful as you do not want to damage any part of the seats. In addition, besides your seat, the console area also needs to be cleaned.

When dealing with this particular area, there are a few notes to keep in mind – things can turn slightly easier and manageable. It is important that a person does not get discouraged, and that one should treat this process as a learning experience.

Something that this guide on how to vacuum in between car seats can help with, hopefully!

How to Vacuum In Between Car Seats

How to Vacuum In Between Car Seats

Be wise with picking an object for cleaning that is not harmful to the specific car area. You also want to get rid of all large waste and adjust the seat to have better access. Then vacuum the console surrounding area, rails as well as the console. 

For the latter, you want to use a soft damp cloth and wipe both dashboards, gauge bezel, and all consisting parts with caution.

The Tight Area Between Your Car Seats

Before starting the process, keep in mind that the area you are trying to clean, between the car seats, is pretty hard to clean for a reason. You just can’t normally use your hands alone. A tool would be necessary to make the task a little easy on you.

However, what most people would do as a mistake here is pick a harmful object. Some go for using detailers, it’s going to be awful for the interior hardware or the fabrics. The same goes for anything heavy, sharp, or too robust. 

Start By Removing All the Big Waste

The big part of how to clean in between the car seat and console is trying to make it easier. And that would be possible if you can get rid of all the big mess out, that does not necessarily need a vacuum cleaner. For example, any packets of chips, papers that got dropped there, or even random pamphlets. 

You Want a Better Access to Vacuum Right

Having the seat shifted or pushed backward, as far as you can help. This becomes even more important if you’re not willing to remove the car seat. 

At least this much is necessary for having better access to those tight spots. Or otherwise, you will have no control over the whole process. You don’t want that for sure!

Finally Start Cleaning the Area

Target the area right surrounding the console. You don’t want to leave the area that stays between the seats and console. Because this is where most of the dirt particles are going to take shelter and keep on building up

After you are done using the vacuum, get a compressed air duster. This is for any type of tiny particles that you were not able to get on the first try. It helps to deeply get the area cleaned.

However, if you don’t have a compressed air duster, a brush can also help. Of course, it won’t be as effective, but still amicable.

If there’s any robust stain you notice in the area, then a steam cleaner will help you loosen that and clean it. Simply go over the spot with a microfiber cloth. And the loosened stain should come off.

If you don’t have a steam cleaner, get a cleaning product that can loosen stains. However, make sure it’s safe to use for the material of your car interior.

Go For the Rails Too

This is usually the reason behind suffering from poor seat adjustment. The buildup in your seat rails could be the possible culprit and you just have to thoroughly clean it for a solution. A handheld vacuum works best for this.

Go over the rails a few times. And to deal with tricky spots, you can manually go with a tiny paintbrush. Get all the hidden particles using it. And then just regularly vacuum one last time.

After that, use a little bit of lubricating product, white lithium gives great results here. 

Don’t Forget the Console Between Car Seats

Often people who are confused about how to vacuum tight spots in the car would refer to the console that stays between seats. 

Now, this is an area you should consider skipping any steam cleaner or vacuum cleaner usage. The center console, as well as dash, won’t be very great with that technique of cleaning.

Cleaning Dashboard:

  • Get a soft cloth for this process.
FYI - The microfiber ones that come with high plies would have the finest texture for such cleaning. As these are great for attracting dust such as the Pure-Sky Microfiber Towels for Cars
  • A cleaner would also be nice to have. but regular clean after will be fine as well.
  • You want to wet the cloth with cleaner or water. Simply spray over the cloth, but make sure you do this outside of the car. Or else the mist might spread into the seats, which you don’t want.
  • Gently go over the dash over in a swiping motion.
  • Similarly, also clean the buttons, components as well as information screen.
  • Do not spray water on the cloth in the car; the mist will spread on the seats and other surfaces.

Cleaning Gauge Bezel

Never use anything too dry for cleaning the gauge bezel, for example, paper towels. These are only good at leaving scratches on them, not for cleaning.

Go over the area with the soft damp cloth with the least pressure in a wiping motion.

You should also avoid using any compressed air in this area. The plastic bezel might have some grime inside. In that case, simply take the whole thing out and clean thoroughly.

Wrapping Up

And that’s basically how to vacuum in between car seats with your most attention to not cause any damage to the area as well as get the best cleaning out of it. 

Hope this guide was helpful, we’ll be back with more amazing stuff soon. Till then take care!

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