How To Clean Roborock Sensor

Among all the home tools, the Roborock vacuum cleaner is a mentionable one. Basically, the Roborock vacuum cleaner is used for cleaning the floor of your house. It is really amazing to see how the Roborock vacuum finds its way around your home while cleaning. 

It is actually the sensor of your cleaner that allows it to do so. The duty of sensors is to enable your vacuum to have smooth navigation avoiding all the obstacles it faces while moving.

I hope you already understood the importance of the sensors in your Roborock vacuum cleaner. That is why, in order to find your vacuum moving freely, you have to clean the sensors very often.

However, you can follow my guide to clean your Roborock vacuum cleaner sensor. I am going to explain it here.

In general, there are two simple methods you can follow for cleaning. Both the methods are straightforward. You can follow anyone according to your wish.

2 Methods To Clean Roborock Sensor

Method 1: Following The Best Practices

Using Dry Cloth 

In this step, you need to find a piece of dry cloth for cleaning the dust and debris that is blocking your vacuum sensor. You can pick cotton or fiber cloth for that. It is highly recommended not to use any abrasives such as paper towels for cleaning the sensors. It may produce scratches.

Avoid Using Water

You should never use water to clean your Roborock vacuum sensor. Without it, any kind of damp or wet cloth needs to be avoided while wiping down. If any amount of liquid accidentally enters your vacuum, it can result in damage.

Clean the Roborock Vacuum Sensor Once A Week

You may find that sometimes your Roborock stops working. This is because of dirt and debris on its sensor. They do not allow your vacuum to work properly. That is why you should clean your Roborock vacuum cleaner at least once a week. It is better to clean it after each use.

Method 2: Wiping Down The Different Sensors

Cleaning The Drop Sensors

There are 3 drop sensors in your Roborock vacuum cleaner. In order to find them, you need to flip your vacuum. You will find them running along with your vacuum front half-edge. Once you have located them, take a piece of dry cloth and clean all the drop sensors gently.

Cleaning The Distance Sensors

There is an oval-shaped sensor in your Roborock vacuums on each side. The name of these sensors is distance sensors. They help the vacuum to measure how far the wall is from its location. Wipe down these sensors to remove dust and debris.

Cleaning The Dock-station Return And Collision Sensors

Well, these sensors basically help the vacuum in entering the docking station and avoiding objects when moving. This sensor is a narrow, horizontal oval that is centered on the onward bumper. The collision sensor is usually narrow and runs along with the front bumpers’ bottom edge. Again, use a dry cloth to clean both these sensors.

Wiping The Contact Sensors On The Bottom Of Your Vacuum

There are some sensors you will find on either side of your vacuum onward wheel. They are small and square in size. The name of these sensors is contact sensors. While charging your Roborock vacuum, they got the terminal contact on the docking station. Use a dry cloth to wipe down these sensors gently.

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