How To Clean Shark Robot Vacuum

Shark robot vacuums are quite effective cleaning robots, but like most cleaning machines, they require some basic maintenance every now and then in order to keep them working to their fullest potential.

It is seen that a lot of people do not know how to clean a shark robot vacuum. In fact, Like most people, I had no idea how to clean a shark robot vacuum – but through a bit of research, I was able to clean mine.

However, you don’t need to worry about which shark robot you have. The cleaning procedure for Shark AI, Shark ION, Shark EZ and Shark IQ is the same. You can clean your vacuum without any hesitation.

Today, I will be guiding you on how you can clean your shark robot vacuum. So, let’s get started.

How To Clean Shark Robot Vacuum

7 Steps To Clean A Shark Robot Vacuum

Step 1: Make Your Shark Robots Dust Cup/Bin Empty And Clean It.

Well, in the first step, you need to empty the dustbin of your shark robot and clean it. For this, you must push and slide out the release tabs simultaneously. Holding it on top of a garbage can makes it empty. In order to remove trash completely, you should shake the bin gently.

In case your shark robot vacuum is connected to your phone and you are receiving the error notification continuously for the dust bin, you need to turn on the “evacuate and resume it on”. By doing so, your robot dustbin will be able to return the base to the empty after half an hour. 

Then it will start its procedure from the previous ending. However, this feature is only found on the shart robot that has a self-empty base. This type of vacuum is good for homes where there is a lot of debris.

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Step 2: Purify The Filter

Now, you need to pull out the filter. You can do this easily by pulling the filter tabs. Again hold your robot filter over the garbage bin and press the filter in order to release the debris and dust. You should not use water while cleaning this filter.

You can check your robot filter inside your dustbin to get a strong suction. In case you find it dirty, you need to replace or clean it. According to the experts, it is better to clean the filter every month and replace it after six months.

After cleaning the filter, install it again into your vacuum dust bin following the way you uninstall it. Then, install the dust bin again.

Step 3: Self-Cleaning Brush Roll Needs To Be Cleaned

The duty of a self-cleaning brush roll is removing the debris and wrapped hair by itself. The build-up of this brush roll allows the vacuum to clean so that the brush roll can work. In case you find any debris in this brush roll, you should clean it.

For removing the brush roll, you need to flip over the robot, press the tabs and lift the brush roll out. Then clean the brush roll using a microfiber cloth. The cloth should be dry. After cleaning the brush roll, install it again. You should insert the plane end first and then close the entrance door. 

Step 4: Clean The Charging Pads And Sensors

You need to always clean the sensor of your shark robot vacuum for better performance no matter which model you own.

For this, use a dry cloth to clean the dust. To make sure you have charged the vacuum properly, clean the contact of metal charging on your robot’s bottom part. It is important to keep the dock of your shark robots clean for better charging and a good connection.

However, you need to ensure the metal contact of your robot base is clean. Otherwise, it can be the reason for charging difficulties with your shark robot vacuum.

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Step 5: Clean The Side Brush Also

Basically, you will find two side brushes in a shark robot vacuum. To keep them clean, pull off the posts of the brush and wipe them using a damp cloth. Spend some time getting them dry. Once you find it dry, you can put them back in its place.

Step 6: Clean The Wheels

For cleaning the wheels, you should take them off first. First, take off the caster wheel. You can use a piece of screwdriver to separate the front caster wheel from the assembly. There is no way to take off the assembly. Now clean any debris you find in the wheel housing and place it in the assembly again.

Step 7: Replace The Battery

In case you want to replace the battery with a new one, make sure that you have turned off the robot. You can open the battery cover using a screwdriver. Then place a new battery and close the cover again using the screwdriver. That’s it.

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