How to Clean a Vacuum Cleaner

I just stumbled upon a bunch of jokes about vacuum cleaners. I’m not quite sure what the context is, but it looks like people are asking questions about them online.

Sometimes clean is nice, but we still wouldn’t call us vacuum cleaners. However, since we’re really good at cleaning up messes, we’re more than happy to do so.

On a lighter note, are you actually trying to be like a vacuum cleaner?

Well, if yes, then stick till the end. Because we are going to discuss how to clean the vacuum cleaner the right way today.

How to Clean a Vacuum Cleaner

How to Clean Vacuum Cleaner

One needs to clean the canister and then go for the filter. Also, the base plate needs some cleaning. Reading the manual and gathering the necessary tools before that will make the process easier. Scent beads are used for keeping the vacuum cleaner free from smelling odd.

A bagless vacuum would need proper cleaning if you don’t want to obstacle the proper airflow for proper functioning. And to make that happen, you must clean the filter and canisters. Diving right into the full process.

You Will Need – scissors, a grout brush, microfiber cloths, and dishwashing liquid.

Keep In Mind – You must read the manufacturer-provided manual before cleaning or washing the parts. There could be certain warnings you need to be aware of.

How To Clean Vacuum Cleaner Canisters?

  • Start by taking the canister out from the vacuum cleaner. The equipment should be unplugged before that.
  • Now bring the canister to a plain surface and basically use a microfiber to give it’s inside a good wiping.
  • You want to take it to the sink next. Use warm soapy water to wash the whole thing.
  • Use clean water this time to give the canister a good wash.
  • Once it is all dry or you wipe it with a piece of cloth to make it dry, put the canister back to its spot.

How to Clean Vacuum Cleaner Filter?

  • Remove the filter from the vacuum cleaner and tap it against some hard surfaces.
  • The manual will have information regarding if the filter is washable or not. In case it’s not then you cannot use any sort of water. And tapping it against the hard surface is the only thing you should keep on doing until it looks clean enough to work.
  • If washing is possible, bring the filter under a sink tap. You want to use warm water for rinsing the filter.
  • Keep in mind that you cannot use any sort of cleaner, even liquid soap is not allowed. However, if the manufacturer’s instructions say you can. There’s no problem.
  • Leave the filter to dry the whole night and then put it back the next day.

How To Clean The Vacuum Cleaner Base Plates?

  • Finally, you need to take out the base plate of the vacuum cleaner. To clean the beater bar part
  • The bar has bristles that you should observe and look for any hair or threads on it. Cut it away and give the bristles a uniform look.
  • To remove debris and gunk out, use a grout brush for the beater bar.
  • Then use a microfiber cloth and wipe the plate taking your time.
  • You want to finish the process by giving the outer surface of the vacuum a good wiping as well.

How to Clean a Vacuum Cleaner That Smells Awful

The main reason for this happening is often the dust bag or canister. If you have a habit of not emptying it every day, then this is sure to happen. Also, if you just sucked something gross with the vacuum cleaner, then the reason is obvious.

But no problem! If you know how to clean and sanitize vacuum cleaners then it is an easy thing to fix. And air scent beads are often the best solution for that along with some cinnamon or ground potpourri. It’ll leave your vacuum smelling fresh and also naturally sanitize it.

Have the air scent beads inside the vacuum bag. With the cinnamon or ground potpourri, use the littlest amount to sprinkle inside your dust bag. Some also prefer directly sprinkling these in the area that they are cleaning.

Keep In Mind – A burning smell is bad news! There must be some electrical cord fault that needs urgent attention. The risk of electric shock or even a fire comes from this. Quickly contact an electrician.

You Must Never!

  1. Try handling the beater bar without unplugging your vacuum. Your hair can be pulled in and also the clothes you’re wearing.
  2. Cleaning a vacuum cleaner that has electrical issues or worn-out wires that need repairing. Also, the ones that have wires sticking out.
  3. Carrying the vacuum cleaner by a cord while trying to clean it is a big no. It’s a direct invitation to an electrical fault.

Sometimes You Need Deeper Maintenance Too

The vacuum cleaner handles a lot of pressure. And so, along with cleaning, you should also keep a few maintenance tips in mind.

Check for any cracks on the hose that could be leaking air and causing suction reduction. Fix these as soon as you notice. You also want to check the sense of robot vacuum, this being too dirty can make the bot behave weirdly. In case. the belt of the brush is broken, it’s cheap to fix, so don’t keep it aside.

Wrapping Up

And now you know how to clean the vacuum cleaner. Or should we say, now you are ready to be a vacuum cleaner? (Just Kidding).

Hopefully, the guide was able to give you some insight into what a proper cleaning session for a vacuum cleaner looks like. It’s not a complicated matter anyways, but checking what to do and finding a few more tricks you were not using till now, will not hurt.

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