How to Dry Wet Carpet without Vacuum

When your vacuum cleaner breaks down and you’re left with a wet carpet, it’s tough to know what to do. You might start thinking about other alternatives that can help temporarily, but there are few options. However, none of them will be as convenient as using a vacuum machine.

But then again, it’s an emergency and you have no other choice. Well, let’s find out how to dry wet carpet without a vacuum and handle the situation.

How to Dry Wet Carpet without Vacuum

How to Dry Wet Carpet without Vacuum Machine

You have several options for drying a wet carpet, including iron steaming, using a fan or industrial blower, or even exposing it to direct sunlight. You can also try using baking soda from the kitchen cabinet or a hairdryer. However, not all of these would work to handle every type of carpet or spill.

Use A Regular Towel & Iron for Steaming the Carpet

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This method would work great for those who need to take care of carpet that is wet from a tiny amount of water. it’s just a small spill and nothing major, that’s when this formula works without any use of vacuum.

You are going to need a regular towel, a proper iron for creating steam, and paper towels. Once you gather these, follow the steps given below:

  • Use the towel to pat the carpet. You want to absorb moisture as much as possible.
  • Get another towel, a dry one, to place it on top of the surface. And then use the steam of iron on it as long as the surface dries off.
  • Finish the drying process by cooling it a bit and then use a paper towel to check if it’s still wet. You must keep steaming the paper towel that comes off wet. Otherwise, it’s all sorted.
  • There’s no exact answer on how long it takes for mold to grow in wet carpet. So, you don’t want to take a chance and try this method as soon as the spill takes place.

Drying with a Fan or Industrial Blower Can Help Too

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You might have already wondered, will a fan dry the wet carpet that has not a huge spill but minor ones. Yes, it can sometimes. It will take a few hours though, but if there’s no other route for you to try then this won’t be a very bad idea.

If you own an industrial blower, then that can help in quickening the process. Make sure the air is directly blowing on the carpet for the right results.

Drying Wet Carpet with Baking Soda

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It’s true that baking soda really boosts the capability of moisture soaking, so for drying your wet carpet this can be a great hack. 

This is for scenes where the carpet is dripping in a lot of moisture from a major spill. And you need to get rid of moisture as much as possible to try something else for drying it completely.

Simply a generous amount on all the soaked areas. And leave it for a few hours. Also, if you have the baking soda alone, and need to dry using only it, then leaving for at least 12-15 hours is necessary. 

Keep in mind, you must blow the carpet with a fan after the process to remove all the baking soda from carpet fiber, or else it may cause harm to the piece.

Using Dehumidifier for Wet Carpet

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Not everyone can guess that their dehumidifier can also help in drying the wet carpet when a vacuum cleaner is not available. It’s not the best way though, but emergencies may help. 

However, you need to combine other methods as well, because dehumidifiers alone won’t be able to dry the carpet completely. 

Use the towel and iron steaming method first and then turn the dehumidifier on in the spot where the carpet is located. 

Drying in the Sun Works Well

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This applies to small carpets that are bought for decor purposes mainly. A huge size would be hard to bring outside under the sun, so those are out of the discussion. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Use paper towels for getting moisture out of the spot as much as possible,
  • Bring the carpet outside and hang it on a surface so that it can take sunlight. Of course, a shady area on the rooftop is not ideal for this. 
  • Once you place it, check again and again at intervals. As soon as the carpet feels dry enough, bring it back inside
  • Insects might have entered the fibers of your carpet, so consider using some insecticides spray.

Keep in mind that sunlight can be damaging to your carpet, so don’t just keep it there for too long. You want to check and allow the sunlight only until the carpet feels wet, don’t delay in bringing it inside.

Try A Hair Dryer for Drying the Carpet

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Apart from airflow, heat can also be a factor you can use for drying the carpet quickly. So, your hair dryer can help in this situation. 

However, this is applicable for smaller carpets sections that need to be dried. Before trying the hairdryer, you need to put some paper towels in to soak the moisture as much as possible. 

And then bring the air dryer and aim toward the section while moving it back and forth continuously.

Things To Keep in Mind

  • If you are wondering how to dry wet carpet padding, then keep in mind at home you may be able to get the piece dried but it will shrink. And the only way to avoid that would be to call a professional carpet cleaning service for help.
  • Some might not be sure what happens if you vacuum the wet carpet. The dirty liquid might feel hard to suck with the vacuum cleaner, make sure to add more clean water and then go with the tool over it.

Wrapping Up

And that was a guide on how to dry wet carpet without vacuum machine. Hopefully at least one out of these would be able to get that wet carpet dry. Also, if you just can’t handle it, as the carpet is too bulky, calling professionals might be a good option. 

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