Dust Cup Maintenance 101: How To Empty Shark Vacuum?

After cleaning the dirty rooms, the Shark vacuum can reach the max level. In this situation, it’ll never be able to collect dust, hair, and other particles from the floor. 

You’ll need to empty it to perform the cleaning journey. But, it gets confusing since there are different types of Shark vacuums in the market.

So, how to empty the Shark vacuum? The simple way (for Cordless, Canister, & Robot types) is to detach the dust cup and empty it by opening the lid through the button on the side.

Keep on reading to know the exact directions!

Empty Shark Vacuum Dust Cup By Doing This

Since there is variety in design, emptying the Shark vacuum dust cup might be a little challenging. But not anymore as I’ll explain the instructions in detail based on the Shark vacuum types. Let’s dive into it:

How To Empty Shark Vacuum Cordless?

  • Turn the vacuum off and plug it out.
  • Take out the vacuum dust container from the wand by clicking the ‘Wand Release Button’ using slight pressure.
  • Put it upward to detach it properly.
  • Hold the cup above the trash bin.
  • Click on the ‘Dust Cup Release Button’ to pop open the bottom of it. You can locate the button if you look on the left side.
  • Insert the dust container in the wand using slight force, making a ‘click’ noise.

How To Empty Shark Vacuum Canister?

  • Unplug the vacuum before starting the steps.
  • Hold the ‘Dust Cup Release’ latch to detach the dust cup from the vacuum canister.
  • Lift it from the pod.
  • Place it over the dustbin and hit the ‘Empty’ or ‘Release’ button on the bottom side to empty the debris.
  • Bang the cup to clean the dust properly.
  • Click the ‘Release’ or ‘Empty’ button on the top side to empty the above debris. Again, tap a little to remove the dust.
  • Put it on the vacuum canister pod.

How To Empty Shark Vacuum Robot?

This kind of Shark vacuum has 2 kinds of dust containers that you will need to clean daily. Here’s how to do it:

Empty The Robot Dust Container

  • Turn the Shark robot vacuum in the Off position.
  • Click on the ‘Dust Bin Release Tabs’ in the front area. Slide it out to detach the dust container.
  • Hold the dust container in an upright position above the trash bin.
  • Press and lift the lid to open.
  • Then, clear the dust.
  • Inspect the plastic shield as sometimes the dust container has some dust inside. Try to knock it so that dust comes out. You can also use a dry rag or soft bristle brush to wipe out the trapped grime.
  • Attach everything back to its place.

Empty The Charging Base Dust Container

  • Click the ‘Release’ button on the top side of the handle to detach the dust container from the Charging Base.
  • Tilt the dust container and lift it.
  • Press the ‘Empty’ button (on the side) to clear the dust in the trash bin.
  • Close the lid and put it inside the Charging Base.
Note: Clean the Charging Base dust container once in 30 days.

Clean The Shark Dust Cup!

It is recommended to clean the dust cup once a week (especially if the debris inside reaches to max level). Follow the directions if you want to clean the Shark dust cup:

  1. Take out the dust container from the vacuum and empty it.
  2. Remove the dust cup.
  3. Take a brush and scrub the interior of the dust cup.
  4. Wash it out to make it clean by removing filters.
  5. Put the filters in the right spot.
  6. Insert the dust cup into the container area and place it on the vacuum.

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Troubleshooting Shark Dust Cup (Causes, Problems & Fixes)

Struggling to deal with the dust cup seems disturbing when you get up early and want to clean the home ASAP. Let me show you the troubleshooting:

Trouble 1: Shark Dust Cup Won’t Release

A lot of folks aren’t able to open the dust cup as it gets jammed or maybe dirt-trapping the release buttons. 

You can fix it if you use penetrating oil inside the gaps of the release buttons (up and bottom) to reduce the rust or dirt inside the spring.

If this doesn’t solve that, then I would suggest shaking the dust cup while pressing the release buttons using slight force. Continue to do that until they pop open and then use a tiny brush to wipe out trapped dust near the buttons.

Trouble 2: Latch Spring Not Sitting In Shark Dust Cup

Sometimes the latch spring inside the dust cup release button can get damaged or rusty which causes the dust cup to stay shut.

To get rid of it, use a pry screwdriver and gently detach the empty or release button cover. Replace the spring like you normally take it and insert anything.

Next, hold the release button cover aligning on the plastic doohickey. It might need a little squash to lock properly. Do the same thing on another side (if needed).

Trouble 3: Shark Dust Cup Doesn’t Latch

If the dust cup refuses to lock or close often, it simply needs a little adjustment and cleaning to fix the problem.

Take out the tiny screen filter using a Phillips screwdriver which hides the pleated filter. Soak it inside lukewarm water and rub the surface using a soft sponge.

Based on the condition, replace the pleated filter. Next, dry the screen filter for a day and put everything back. 

Then, wipe the release button part using a small brush and test if it locks properly by making a click sound or not.

Wrap Up

That’s how to empty Shark vacuum in the right way! It’s always better to read the user manual when trying something new with the device. 

Hope this guide helps you to learn the needed stuff. Catch You In The Next Guide!

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