How to Get a Sock Out of a Vacuum Hose?

Do you ever have weird dreams of being stuck inside a huge vacuum cleaner? No? Well, doesn’t it feel a bit like that now that you have a whole sock stuck inside the hose? Perhaps not.

Some of you may be concerned about the sock inside the vacuum cleaner and whether or not it will cause further problems.

Don’t worry, there’s nothing severe that can happen until you find out how to get a sock out of a vacuum hose safely and quickly. Something we will be helping you with today!

How to Get a Sock Out of a Vacuum Hose

How to Get a Sock Out of a Vacuum Hose?

There are more than a few ways. You can use a tool like a wire hanger, try flexing the hose or remove the bottom cover to access certain areas. In some cases, you may even need to take out a belt along with a brush roll for getting to the sock.

The very first thing you should do when a sock or anything gets stuck inside the vacuum hose is, stop vacuuming. Unplug it, you don’t want to get a shock while trying to rescue the sock. 

Just put the vacuum on the side and look for a way. Go through the below sections and try one by one. Hopefully at least one will work.

Disconnect The exterior Hose

Quite much all vacuum would have this exterior suction hose. And it stays attached to the tank’s bottom area roller. So, to get the sock out, you first need to disconnect this hose. 

There should be given instructions on how to do that, just check the provided manual. Because vacuums come with different designs, the removal process can be slightly different. So, it’s best to directly check the manual.

Once you have the hose out, try to look inside. You should be able to find the area lodging the sock. If it’s possible to access the socks through your finger, then go ahead and grab it to pull, and basically, the tutorial would just end here.

However, if the sock seems to be stuck a little farther inside, and you cannot reach it with your finger, take the help of a tool. It could be anything thin and long enough to go inside and grab the sock. 

For example, you can use a wire coat hanger. Just straighten it out. And then you have a suitable tool to take the sock out just like that.

Sock Lodged Too Deep Inside

Maybe, you tried the wire hanger thing but it is just lodging deeper inside. And things are not working. Well, flexing the hose might help. If the hose allows that though. Some might not be made in a way that you can flex it. 

However, if it’s possible, then you just need to keep flexing and the sock will start moving from the position. As you continue the flexing, the sock will arrive at the opening of the hose. And then maybe you can use your finger or wire hanger to get it out.

Try Removing the Cover

There is a bottom cover of the vacuum most of the time. If things didn’t work for you this far, then try to remove the bottom cover. 

You need a newspaper too. Lay it on the ground, and then flip the vacuum cleaner. The bottom should be sitting on the newspaper. So that it can hold all the fallen debris that comes out during the process.

Getting The Vacuum Cleaner Belt & Brush Roll Out

In some cases, you may find the sock is sticking right behind the brush roll area. You need to remove the belt and roll if that’s so. Then it should be easy to access the area and remove the stuck sock from there.

Once you finish that, reassemble things back to their position. And that should be all. If you had to remove the hose, cover, roll, and also belt, then by now the stuck sock should be out. Don’t forget to discard all the debris you caught while flipping the cleaner.

Use Another Vacuum Cleaner

Now if none of those worked, try finding another vacuum cleaner. Maybe your neighbor can let you borrow for a while until we finish the sock rescue mission at least. What you want to do is use that other vacuum to suck the sock out from the lower hose. 

Sometimes it just clogs the whole thing and becomes very hard to remove. Then taking the help of another vacuum cleaner is the only remaining option. If you own an air compressor, then it can also play the role of the second vacuum cleaner.

How To Get Something Out of a Vacuum Hose That Is Not a Sock?

Mistakenly getting the bottle cap stuck in a vacuum hose, and so many other things like that can also be a case. And if it’s not something made of cloth material like socks, then bringing it out might be a little trickier. 

To target these huge clogs out, that don’t leave the hose nor enter the vacuum cleaner body, you will need something strong enough. Ironically, a broomstick is the most common tool to unclog a vacuum hose with such large clogs.  

You push the stick through one end, gradually and with less force. And then basically try to bring the stuck item out of it by the other end. Remember, don’t apply too much force, you cannot damage the hose during the process.

Wrap Up

And that’s basically how to get a sock out of a vacuum hose. We understand that you may be confused about whether or not certain actions will damage the equipment. That’s why we have tutorials to help guide you.

Well hopefully, you now have some idea to work with and best of luck getting that stuck sock out from your vacuum hose.

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