How to Get Hair Out of Vacuum Cleaner

With the vacuum cleaner, it is much easier to enjoy a nice clean home. Homeowners no longer have to worry about dust and dirt piling up because they can easily get rid of any dirt and dust within minutes.

Every so often, it’s not uncommon to have some trouble with cleaning equipment. Sometimes, even the most well-behaved vacuum can cause trouble.

We’re going to be talking about an issue today that is caused by our own mistakes and mishandling. Getting strands of hair inside the vacuum cleaner is something that happens often and can be easily avoided.

No doubt if you don’t take care of the problem as soon as possible, it’ll make the whole piece work less effectively and it may become completely unusable very soon.

So, here’s how to get hair out of a vacuum cleaner all by yourself.

How to Get Hair Out of Vacuum Cleaner

How to Remove Hair From Vacuum Roller

Unplug the vacuum cleaner, locate and access the roller area to pull the hair out using your hands or a suitable cleaning tool. Then clean and lubricate the surrounding area and reassemble everything back to its place. That’s It!

Let’s discuss all of these steps further.

1. Turn off & Unplug the Cleaner

To get out the hair stuck in a vacuum start by turning the machine off. You will be handling it so avoid any chances of getting a shock, unplug it. Also, check for ground pong. If there’s none, it’s risky to deal with such a vacuum cleaner.

2. Locate The Roller

The vacuum brush also called a roller would brush all the dirt out from furry areas such as the carpet. And most likely, the hair got here while cleaning the carpet.

You need to locate the part to access it. In most models, the part stays right beneath the vacuum cleaner. Noticing wounding hair around it is a common sign that the part is in trouble. There should be a bottom plate that covers the area.

3. Accessing The Roller

As you open the vacuum cleaner to get access to the roller, have the machine laid down in a way that the bottom part is exposed. 

Then you need to unscrew four screws to open the vacuum cleaner. Use a suitable screwdriver to unscrew the plate that is covering the roller. And place the plate as well as screws somewhere safe, you don’t want to lose them.

4. Pulling The Hair Out

You never want to try anything without at least once going through the manufacturer’s instructions. There could be specific warnings that you must follow. 

Also in some models, the roller does not come out easily. You might have to rotate it a certain way to get the thing off. Something that should be in the manual, and you should have information about.

The surface where you’ll work, lay some old newspaper on it. Or else tiny hairpieces might just make a mess that’ll be hard to clean.

Now you can either use your hands or a tool to remove hair from the vacuum roller. If you use your hands, just pull the hair by accessing it with your fingers. And keep on doing until not a single strand is left. However, this could take a while and feel annoying.

Trying a brush roll cleaning tool such as a seal ripper would be a great idea. This makes getting even the tiniest stands out from the surrounding of the roller easy. Don’t miss the roller end areas as there can be a few strands too.

Once you finish cleaning the hair, further clean it and consider lubricating the roller bearings. If you don’t want to go for those steps, end the process here by putting the roller back to its spot.  

5. Clean & Oil the Roller Bearings

This is not a compulsory step you need to follow, but it’ll be good to take care of the bearings as you already have the parts disassembled. Spin the roller in its axle using your fingers. And make sure that it’s spinning free without any resistance or obstacle. 

In case it seems less smooth, cleaning and lubricating it would help. So that there’s less friction. In case the bearings and rollers are broken, you want to go for a replacement as soon as possible.

About cleaning it, there would be some debris build-up on and surrounding the bearings that you must target. Make sure you take note of the bearings positioning in case of removal so that putting back is easy. 

The caps that stay on the side, remove for accessing the bearing better. After cleaning, use a good lubricant to grease the area.

6. Assemble Everything Back

It’s time to put everything to its original spot now that you’ve dealt with the hair cleaning. Make sure to slide the roller so that it orients with the belt over there properly. Don’t forget to give a check to the belts as well. Those should be in optimal condition.

Once the roller area is good enough, get the bottom plate back and screw everything securely. You can turn around the vacuum machine and there you have the appliance ready for you to use again.

Wrapping Up

Finding how to remove hair from a vacuum cleaner might seem like a tricky task as the strands are so thin and mishandling might cause certain damage. But actually, it’s not that bad. 

With a little bit of idea on the parts and how to handle them, this should be a piece of cake. You must check the manual though, that’s an important thing to always do before any sort of internal part handling.

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