How to Make a Pool Vacuum Using a Garden Hose?

There’s no doubt that diving into a refreshing pool with sparkling clean water is a different type of bliss. But maintaining that sparkling water is not so blissful.

It will take more than just an hour or two to get the desired results. You need to put in the effort and have the right tools for the job. A pool vacuum is a must!

Perhaps you own one, but it’s suddenly playing hard to work. Or you’re just a new pool owner yet not able to buy one. And it could be anything like so, having you wonder “can I make my pool vacuum for now”?

Well, of course, you can. Let’s guide you on how to make a pool vacuum using a garden hose easily.

How to Use a Garden Hose Pool Vacuum

How to Use a Garden Hose as a Pool Vacuum

You fix the garden hose with the vacuum bag and telescoping shaft or pole to make a homemade pool vacuum easily. You may need an adapter for connecting the pole and hose. Also checking whether the DIY version is working fine is necessary at the last.

Tools That You’ll Need for The Process:

  1. Get a garden hose that is made with rubber material and is flexible enough, any standard one would do. These should come with open ends on both sides.

Keep In Mind – The length of this hose will vary depending on what type of pool you’ll be cleaning with it If you are going for an above-ground Intex pool vacuum DIY, then the length can be short. Or any DIY pool vacuum for above-ground pools mainly. However, for a huge inground pool, longer hoses are the way to go. At least a reasonable long length is necessary.

  1. Next, you’ll need a vacuum bag, one of the main parts of a pool vacuum that you cannot leave behind even for the DIY version. It stays in the machine to ensure nothing returns to the pool as you clean it and the part enables suction.
  2. If you plan to do a lot of manual cleaning with your made pool vacuum version, then you’ll also need a telescoping shaft or pole. To skim the pool water and get rid of any floating gunk, this part plays a huge role.
  3. A funnel will be necessary to fix the hose. You can try using any regular 500ml bottle for this, the ones made of plastic of course. Cut at 45 degrees and it’ll work like a funnel.

Once you have all of these supplies, you’re ready to find out how to make a portable pool vacuum, given beneath.

Start with Fixing the Vacuum Bag to Hose

Fixing the Vacuum Bag to Hose

If you have ever seen how a pool vacuum works, then you’ll already know that the vacuum bag parts connect to the garden hose. One of its ends will have the bag attached to it. The end of the bag that connects with the valve will be able to easily go with the bag’s bypass.

One good hack here is picking a vacuum bag of an old vacuum that does not work anymore. Making a vacuum bag yourself from scratch, even though it’s DIY, does not sound like a good idea.

Next, You Need to Attach the Pole

Attaching the Pole

After you are done with the hose and bag connection, focus on the telescoping shaft or pole. One of its ends will connect to the remaining end of the hose. You might need an adapter here for fitting the telescopic pole properly.

However, sometimes, you may end up not being able to fit the pole handle to the hose. In that case, use a clean rope. You want to tie the end of the hose with the handle using the rope as neatly as possible.

Check If It’s Working Fine

Checking the pole

Now that you are done fixing the telescopic pole with the hose, gradually lower it down into the pool. Let it go all the way to the bottom of your pool and touch the ground. Of course, you want to have the circulation system of your pool turned off.

The pole should be easy for you to guide through the bottom and all the gunk and sediments shall get pulled into the hose. The vacuum bag shall help with low pressure here to make that happen.

Pay extra attention to the suction power. It could be going down. In that case, you want to turn the hose off and get the vacuum out of the water. Empty the bag and then reassemble it to start again. The suction power should restore just like that.

Once the floor looks clean enough, take the homemade vacuum out of the pool. Of course, you don’t want to stir the dirt that’s residing in the water while doing so.

Detach the pole from the hose and make sure to clean the vacuum bag before you store it for your next use.

And if till now everything went well, you have a whole pool vacuum made all by yourself, congrats!

Wrapping Up

So now you know how to make a pool vacuum using a garden hose that is easily available at home, or just cheap to buy from a local store. It’s understandable if you just want to keep a backup for situations where your store-bought pool vacuum suddenly stops working. 

Also, you might have to clean the pool quite often, so you doubt the vacuum won’t be able to withstand this much usage. Then having such backup versions does make sense.

But keep in mind, a proper professional designed pool vacuum will never be achieved through simple DIYing like this. So, if you are actually considering not buying a proper pool vacuum to simply choose such DIY routes, think about it again. 

Chances are pools that need some frequent cleaning would not experience a thorough vacuuming with these, and the DIY versions won’t last you a very long time as well.

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