How to Make Bagless Vacuum Smell Better?

Vacuum cleaners are designed to make a space appear and feel cleaner. The foul smell does not fit in with that scene at all.

What if your bagless vacuum, for some reason, starts to emit a bad odor? And it gets worse when you try to vacuum your place, as the odor spreads everywhere. That would be horrible!

Well, there can be several bad vacuuming habits behind your equipment smelling awful. But today, let’s not go there.

Instead, let’s focus on how to make a bagless vacuum smell better and rescue this stinky situation. 

How to Make Bagless Vacuum Smell Better

So How to Make Bagless Vacuum Smell Better?

Clean clogged filters and beater brushes, empty your canister when it’s almost full, and use fragrant items to replace the bad odor. You can go for essential oils of your choice or even air fresheners and scented granules. Your choice of potpourri or a little sprinkle of fresh cinnamon spice works like magic too.

Why Does My Vacuum Smell When I Use It – 3 Main Reasons & Solutions

Several reasons could be causing the smell issues. But the most common ones are what we’ll keep included in this list. Avoiding these should help.

The filters tend to trap dirt and debris that would keep building up if you are not good with vacuum cleaning habits. And that leads to clogging, along with a pungent stink every time you use it. The solution is simple: clean it. The washable ones should be regularly washed, while others need air drying and timely replacement.

If your bagless vacuum smells like dog, feet, or vomit, then keeping the dirt in the canister for too long must be the reason. As soon as it’s 3/4th full, you should not delay emptying it. Also, it would be best to clean it while making sure to go through all corners. Use water and baking soda mixture for this.

The beater brush having a clog can also be why your bagless vacuum cleaner smells terrible. The part gets into the fiber of your carpet, and with a clogged one, you won’t have a smooth rotation to dig the accumulated dirt and debris out. 

So, make sure it’s free from stuck pet hair, debris, and dirt using a seam ripper. You can gently wash it with some baking soda which also helps with the odor.

Place Essential-Oils-Soaked Cloth or Cotton Balls Inside Cavity

If you don’t have essential oil, vanilla scents will allow work. What you need more is some cotton ball, dip it with the fragrance of your choice, and just place it inside the bag. Now essential oils are more favorable for such ideas, so we recommend you try that.

You can also use a paper towel or cloth instead of cotton balls. And for essential oils, you can try eucalyptus and lemon. Six drops should be enough for each fabric, which you want to place inside the filter cavity of the vacuum. 

As you vacuum, the oil scent should spread in your house, making this whole hack even better.

Sucking Some Scented Granules Can Help Too

Now, if you don’t like the idea of essential oils, getting some air freshener for a bagless vacuum cleaner would be the following option to consider. It is excellent for units to prevent any lousy odor once you use it.

Granules are a great choice, as these don’t come in powdery texture. And so, your bagless vacuums are safe from becoming a mess.

Just pour some on the floor. Then use your vacuum to suck it into the canisters or chamber. And the stuff would play the role of an air freshener whenever you vacuum.

If You Like the Smell of Cinnamon

A prevalent spice that is available worldwide, no matter where you live, is cinnamon. And it can also help you with the bad odor of a bagless vacuum. It’s a brilliant deodorizer for many other applications as well.

Not to mention its quality of protecting your space from any bacteria and germs. A little sprinkle of cinnamon on the dust cap would be enough for that. And the smell is one of the favorites of so many people; hopefully, you like it too.

Try Potpourri or Similar Perfumed Products

Whenever you use the vacuum, another substance that helps spread a good smell is a potpourri; just store it inside the vacuum chamber. 

And there are so many scents from which you can choose. A little bit of mixing and mashing would allow you to come up with your preferred scents as well.

For example,

  • For anyone who loves calm and mild tone scents, vanilla sounds perfect. 
  • Then for a little upbeat vibe, going for something citrusy such as lemon or orange works best. 
  • The odor of eucalyptus or mint gives an awakening sensation to the entire space. 

And there are so many other types, just go with whatever you like.

Pay Attention to Your Choice of Disinfectants & Cleaners for Bagless Vacuum.

If you are worried about the smell because those could be a sign of bacteria and mold issues, get a good quality enzyme odor cleaner. The chlorine-based cleaning products work great as well. 

In the worst case, some discover that their vacuum smells like poop, and it’s gross. Then, such store-bought options are a must to use. 

Also, consider getting the best vacuum cleaner deodorizer suitable for your bagless vacuum. However, avoid flea collars; these are harmful once dispersed in the air.

Wrapping Up

Those were a few ideas that should help. Hopefully, now you are not wondering how to make a bagless vacuum smell better with all of these options to try. At least one should work in your favor. 

Getting or buying the necessary supplies would count as something you put effort into. Other than that, it’s just a simple “place and enjoys” thing that does not demand much.

To enrich your knowledge of vacuums, have a look at our vacuum guides and reviews.

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