How to Make Vacuum Cleaner Quieter

When there were no vacuum cleaners back then, can you imagine what life was like for the people? Despite how diligently you clean your home, there is always something piled up no matter how hard you work. Over time, even if you sweep and mop, the house will only become dirtier and dirtier. Nobody loved doing that. 

Now we have vacuum cleaners, gladly, for making that job so much simpler and effortless.

However, The most annoying thing about using a vacuum cleaner is the noise it makes.

Now, this could be simply because you have a pretty outdated vacuum cleaner with no such technology dedicated to reducing the noise. 

Or perhaps because the unit has been used for too long now and it’s just declaring the soon-to-happen retirement through making an awful noise.

In both cases, we hope this guide on how to make vacuum cleaner quieter comes in help for you.

How to Make Vacuum Cleaner Quieter

How to Make Vacuum Cleaner Quieter?

Find out the exact cause behind the sound. Repair, clean or replace the filters, fans, and parts that need attention. There are more ways, let’s find one by one.

Why is My Vacuum So Loud All Of A Sudden– Here’re The Possible Causes

  • The filter could be clogged or too dirty. And so, the vacuum cleaner is having difficulty in cleaning, hence making a loud noise.
  • There could be something stuck inside your unit that’s making it roar awfully when you use it. checking the canister can help to find out.  
  • Vacuum cleaners make a loud noise when the brush bearing is broken along with vibrating a lot as well.
  • The vacuum fan might have collected a lot of grime and gunk that is contributing to the loud noise.

Repair/Replace Filter and Fan

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Once you find out the filter is dirty, clean the filter or replace it so that the suction process is better. In case of cleaning, you just have to use some warm water. There should be two filters, and one of those is in charge of all dirt accumulation. You just have to change it now and then.

There could also be fan issues, that you can usually easily sort by tightening. Sometimes, you may need to go for blade replacement here though. 

However, in the case of a broken fan, replacement is a must. Using any tape or glue will only make it worse, so you should avoid trying that.

Brush & Canister Cleaning Can Help

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If there’s anything stuck in the canister or brush or both, don’t delay in getting those dirt clumps cleaned up. 

You just need to remove the part, give it a clean, and put it back to resume. In the case of the canister, make it empty and then clean to reuse as usual.

For Huge Vacuum Cleaners, Insulation is the Best Fix

One trick that can work as a great silencer for the vacuum cleaner that makes awful noise is insulation. 

You might already know that there are so many modern vacuum cleaners these days that use melamine foam and such substances for absorbing the sound and minimizing the noise factor. And you can basically do that too. 

If it’s a huge vacuum, you simply need to insulate the motor area. So that the sound waves absorb in it. This is supposed to drastically make a change in not just noises but also vibration issues if you were having.

A Few Things About the Motor Should Be Fixed for Noise Reduction

People who know how to make vacuum cleaners less noisy will usually share that they just pay attention to the engine issues and sort those. And that simply makes the whole thing better. Here’s how you can too:

  • Grease the bearings in the engine so that there’s no corrosion, dirt, or similar obstacle troubling the motor leading to overheating and eventually loud noise.
  • The motor design is a big factor in noise. So, if you go for a replacement, choose something with a simplified design that ensures high suction but low power, and that would minimize noise chances.
  • Along with size, also focus on the placement of the motor. The one situated high ground will spread noise to a larger distance, this type is the quiet vacuum motor. While the one that stays near the ground, won’t have that ability to spread, so it’ll be less loud.

Do Something About Stuck Objects, Leaks & Holes

There could be a broken part in the plastic case or a hole that is causing the noise. Sometimes the hole happens in the canister as well as the hose. Hence a whistling sound starts to occur from the vacuum cleaner. 

Also, if anything is trapped inside the vacuum, a loud noise will occur. Beater brushes as well as canisters are the two most common spots for having items stuck in them. Hair clumps, papers, and coins are the common items that get trapped.

The noise you hear from such scenes would be sort of bumbling like often. Just free it from the blockage.

Maybe It’s Just Time to Give Your Old Vacuum Cleaner A Break

If you check the motor shaft bearing and find those are damaged, it’s going to be hard fixing the vacuum cleaner. Also, not safe. Because from then, there will be more electric shocks endangering the user.

You should think about getting a new vacuum cleaner. And while you are at it, make sure to invest this time in recent models that come with features for minimizing noise.

Wrapping Up

Nobody knows how to make a vacuum cleaner quieter if it’s almost by the end of its lifetime. Better you get a new one if that’s the case. However, for units that are not very old, you can try these few tips and give a try at making those a little less noisy.

Just keep in mind, vacuum cleaners that were loud from the beginning, there’s not much you can do about those. You can just make sure it does not get any worse.

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