How To Mix Paint For A Spray Gun – 4 Simple Steps!

A paint blending gun is a very useful device when it comes to painting. A paint blending gun is a much better choice as a paint sprayer than a simple paintbrush.

A major part of painting a piece of furniture is knowing how to mix the paint properly. When you prepare to paint, you need to know how to blend the paint.

An incorrect paint gun tip can cause an uneven coat or paint as too much paint may be sucked in, creating a thick layer of paint on the tip. Also, the paint can clog the tip of the gun, rendering it useless. And to get rid of that, you need to know how to mix paint for a spray gun.

Don’t worry, as learning the right way of doing it is easy! Knowing the right way of mixing paint in a spray gun will make less mess. So, without wasting time, let’s move to the procedure. Are You Ready?

How To Mix Paint For A Spray Gun

How To Mix Paint For A Spray Gun

Grab The Essential Tools

Gather all the gear needed to start mixing paint and make it in the proper thickness during the procedure. If you are new and have zero ideas about this topic, then be sure to check this list and have all the tools.

  1. Paint.
  2. Strainer.
  3. Spray Gun.
  4. Thinner.
  5. Protective Goggles.
  6. Face Mask.

Before mixing the paint, you have to pick the right paint and go through the strainer procedure for prep. And then, using thinner in the correct ratio, which is a quarter in 1 gallon, will make the paint thin to mix properly.

Do not transfer the spray gun paint directly to the container, as it has to be prepared in an ideal ratio that is not too thick or thin. After that, you can use the paint for the spray gun.

And to confirm that, you need to have proper knowledge of that. So, let’s hop in the following direction.

1. Pick A Standard Paint

As you’ll use the paint for the spray gun, it’d be better if you pick the right one. According to most experts, the best paint used for spray guns is latex-based paint. But you can’t use it directly, so most suggest using it with water or thinner.   

And, avoid using oil-based paint as it won’t be able to give water consistency, unlike the latex-based one.

2. Go Through Paint Strainer Procedure

Mixing paint in a spray gun won’t be enough unless you go through the strainer process., the strainer helps get rid of clumps or clogs.

And if you neglect this essential step, the paint left over on the spray gun will result in clog issues which would be hard to remove. Just follow the given direction to strain the paint rightly.

  • Take a clean paint strainer and place it on top of the container.
  • Then, fill the paint through it on the container. Be sure all the paints are going smoothly.
  • After that, grasp the paint strainer so that no paint is left on it. 

3. Mix The Paint with Thinner

Next, you have to thin the paint by using a high-quality thinner. Check the description written on the label before following the given steps.

  • Take a new bucket and fill it with the preferred amount of paint. Be sure you have done the straining process; otherwise, the paint will clump.
  • Add a small amount of thinner to make the paint in watery consistency. It is suggested to use 1/4 cup of lighter in 1 gallon of paint.

Tips: It’s wise to add less thin and then test the paint in the spray gun to determine the right texture of the paint.

4. Fill The Mixed Paints In The Spray Gun

Lastly, you must shift the mixed paint into the spray gun and check if the consistency is okay. If not, add a tiny amount of thinner to maintain the correct viscosity.

After doing all, it’s better for you to simply clean every little piece of gear used in the process, such as gloves, masks, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much water do I add to the paint for spraying?

You can add 10% or 1 gallon of paint in a quarter cup of water for spraying. The paint-to-water ratio for the spray gun needs to be balanced; otherwise, it won’t work properly.

How thick should spray paint be?

The thickness of the spray paint should be at least 0.5-1 mil (0.001 inches). And, if measured in microns, then it would be 25.4 microns.   

Wrapping Up

Now, that’s all you need to know about how to mix paint for a spray gun. It will take more time and energy if the idea of this topic is unknown.

Since all manufacturers make paint using different technology, it’s wise to read the instruction manual to confirm the right way of doing so. And for sure, you need to consider the paint thickness, gears, and other factors.

Hopefully, this guide fulfills your need to get the best information and answers you were looking for. I hope you do well. Best Of Luck!

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