How to Prevent Roomba From Getting Stuck

Roomba vacuums are designed to clean your house while requiring minimal monitoring. But  If they become stuck,  you’ll need to pay attention to them. It stuck for various causes. Roombas are also stuck on a different object. In this article, I have described the way to prevent Roomba from getting stuck on floor gates, vents, furniture, and rug. 

The most common process you should follow to prevent Roombas from getting stuck are:

  • Keeping a Clear path. Remove any obstacles such as toys, chargers, etc. 
  • Keeping Proper lighting. The sensors of the Roomba do not work properly in dark rooms. 
  • Placing the home base in the appropriate position. 
  • Placing virtual walls to prevent cleaning the specific area. 

How to Prevent Roomba From Getting Stuck on Floor Gates?

If your home has a floor gate and you use Roomba for cleaning the Roomba may get stuck to the floor gate. Some users of Roomba claim this. The Roomba gets stuck to them if there isn’t enough room beneath the floor gates. To prevent the Roomba from stuck on the floor gates you can follow different procedures. 

Prevent Roomba From Getting Stuck on Floor Gates

1. Mark the area of the floor gate 

From the IRobot home app, you may choose the floor gate area to prevent cleaning in that space. There will be no risk of the Roomba being stuck to the floor gate if you choose the area of the floor gate for it to avoid cleaning.

2. Use a floor gate with no space on the bottom

If you use floor gates where there is no space underneath the gate, there will be no chance for Roomba to get stuck to the floor gate because the Roomba will automatically move when it hits the gate. 

3. Use rubber cons 

If you already have a floor gate with space on the bottom of it you can use rubber cons to prevent the Roomba from getting stuck on the floor gate. You will need to attach the rubber con to the bumper of the Roomba. So when the Roomba gets close to the floor gates the rubber that is attached to the bumper hits the floor gate and moves back.  

You should fasten the con to the Roomba’s bumper. Remove the bumper by removing the screws to attach the cone to it. Then make a small hole in the bumper’s upper center so you may attach the cone to it with a screw. The cone is screwed to the bumper to stop it from wriggling when it hits the floor gate. 

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How to Prevent Roomba From Getting Stuck on Vents?

Floor vents are typically rectangular. The vent has slots on it to allow for ventilation.   The vent can occasionally interrupt the Roomba while cleaning. Sometimes, the Roomba gets stuck in the vent. Some users experience problems with their Roombas becoming stuck in their vents.

1. Clean  the sensor 

If your Roomba becomes trapped in the vent, the sensor may malfunction. The cliff sensor determines that the space or hole in the vent is a drop-off, causing Roomba to become stuck in one spot. So if you find out dust on the sensor, clean it. Sometimes the dust goes inside the plastic covers of each cliff sensor. In this case, I will need to clean the dust by removing the plastic cover. So the first thing you should do to prevent getting stuck on the vent is clean the sensors of the Roomba. 

2. Use a piece of card 

You can use a piece of card to keep Roomba from being stuck on the vent. Cut a little piece of card and place it in the center of the vent. This card will be knocked by the Roomba bumper, causing the Roomba to stop and return.

You can’t use soft paper; you have to use a piece of hard paper, a plastic card, or a piece of glass.  You must choose a card that will not bend when the Roomba’s bumper hits it.

How to Prevent Roomba From Getting Stuck on Furniture?

You can stop your Roomba from being stuck if it is getting stuck on your furniture. You can use various methods to stop a Roomba from becoming stuck to the furniture. Below I have described some processes for preventing Roomba from getting stuck on furniture. 

How to Prevent Roomba From Getting Stuck on Furniture

1. Use furniture risers

Your robot vacuum can become stuck under an edge if the sensors are positioned incorrectly for the height of your furniture. The Roomba robot vacuum cleaner requires more than 3.6 inches of space beneath the furniture. If the underside of your furniture is lower than 3.6 inches, you have to lift it. A furniture riser can be used to elevate your furniture. You can also raise your furniture using wooden blocks or boards.

2. Use the 3M command hook 

You can attach two 3M command hooks on the top plate of your Roomba. When the Roomba goes in front of furniture that is not the right height according to the Roomba, the hook will hit the furniture and the Roomba will turn back. 

3. Use boundary strips

You can put boundary strips on the boundary of the furniture to prevent the Roomba from becoming stuck. Place the strips a little inside the furniture area to make them less noticeable.

4. Use rubber con 

Attach a rubber con to the top of the Roomba’s bumper to prevent it from being stuck to the furniture. When the con hits the furniture, the Roomba will spin around. 

5. Use virtual walls 

Place virtual walls underneath the furniture. It will prevent Roomba from entering beneath the furniture. 

6. Put chairs upside down on the dining table

The Roomba gets stuck beneath the dining table when hitting the legs of the chair. The Roomba can effortlessly clean the underside without any obstructions if you lift all of the chairs at the dining table, just as the restaurant does when they close.

How to Prevent Roomba From Getting Stuck on a Rug?

The rug may be cleaned adequately by the Roomba. However, sometimes it gets stuck in the rug. Below are some suggestions for preventing Roomba from becoming stuck on the rug.

1. Remove the Rug 

The easiest way to prevent your Roomba from getting stuck on rugs is to prevent your Roomba from becoming stuck on rugs is to remove the rug temporarily before the robot vacuum starts cleaning 

2. Place a barrier 

You can use different types of barriers to the boundary of the rug which will prevent your Roomba from cleaning that area. 

3. Use pool noodles 

Cut the pool noodle and stick it to the rug’s side. When the Roomba hits the barrier it will back off.

Final Words 

There are numerous methods that can be used to stop the Roomba from being stuck. Not everyone can achieve positive outcomes by using the same technique. Different processes are approachable for different people. Because of the fact that each person’s home’s design and construction are unique.

I have discussed a number of procedures to stop the Roomba from getting stuck in the previous section. I sincerely hope that these procedures prove useful to you.

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