How To Spray Paint Furniture

To shorten the work, it’s wise to use spray paint instead of a brush and roller, right? But this thing will be different to apply as well, especially on furniture. 

As there are many types of furniture made with metal, hard plastic, and wood, the application for each will be different.

And the procedure is easy thanks to the fast-drying ability of spray paint which allows users to avoid waiting for a long while, unlike other options.

So, are you interested in learning how to spray paint furniture with the best techniques and tips? Well then, keep on reading to find out.

How To Spray Paint Furniture

Each piece of furniture made with wood, metal, or plastic will need different techniques here and there. Just sand the furniture, use a thin layer of primer, and then apply paint. Except for plastic furniture, all need sanding and primer.

Before you head to the procedure, we advise wearing gloves and masks to avoid mess. Also, ensure the place is clean and contains a good lighting setup to work nicely. 

The result might not be like professional spray paint furniture for sure. But, it would save bucks and let you have a customized-like feel after painting. So, without wasting time, let’s learn how to spray paint furniture. 

Using Spray Paint on Wood Furniture

  • Wipe the wood furniture using a cleaner and clean cloth.
  • Sand down to level out the furniture body to apply the paint evenly. Clean the mess with a brush.
  • Next, use a primer on the surface. 1-2 coats will be enough to prepare base coverage. If the primer is water-based, it will need 30 minutes to 1 hour to soak. Or else, the drying time will be around 12 hours.
  • After that, wait for 48 hours to set the surface.
  • Shake the spray paint and start coating the furniture. Be sure to hold it while maintaining a 12” gap. Do another coating if you prefer after drying which will need 24 hours. 
Note: It’s better to use spray paint when the temperature is 10°C to 32°C. And the humidity should be 85% at least. Plus, be sure to use Pick the best spray paint for wood furniture.

Applying Spray Paint on Metal Furniture

Using metal furniture is quite hard which needs solid and sticky paint-like enamel. So, how to spray paint metal furniture? The direction is given below.

  • Start by sanding which might need a few strokes to level up the surface.
  • Next, use the metal brush to wipe out the dirt.
  • After that, clean the stubborn dirt using a clean cloth and cleaner.
  • Now, use a primer made for the metal surfaces. It might need 1 to 2 hours based on the consistency.
  • Then, apply the spray paint to the furniture. Be sure to use a light coat before painting in full coverage. You can do several coatings but don’t exceed 3 coats.
  • Wait for 24 hours to soak the paint.

Utilizing Spray Paint on Plastic Furniture

One of the easiest ways to paint the furniture will be the plastic material. You don’t need to sand or use primer for it. Take a look at the procedure. 

  • Clean the plastic furniture using hot water. With a sponge and dishwasher, run the body of it and rinse in water. 
  • Dry the surface using a clean cloth. 
  • Next, apply the spray paint for 1-2 coats or more based on your need. wait for the surface to dry out in several hours.  
For Your Information: Nearly all spray paint will need at least 6-8 hours to dry out.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of spray paint do you use to paint furniture?

Most experts suggest using enamel paint to use spray paint on furniture, cabinets, or woody surfaces. Other than that, you can use latex and oil-based paints that contain satin or semigloss finish.

Is it better to brush or spray paint furniture?

If you want to save time and do work effortlessly, we would like to say the spraying procedure will be better than brushing paint on furniture. Plus, you don’t have to wait for hours when using spray paint.

Can you spray paint wood without primer?

Yes, as long as it is wood. However, using a primer will give good sealing to get grant coverage. And so, most people apply a primer before painting with spray paint.

Overall Thoughts 

Finally, you know how to spray paint furniture by changing the old boring look into an aesthetic appearance. The direction is pretty simple to try in real life. You only need focus and no extra skill to do so unless knowing the usage of the spray paint.

Be sure to avoid making a mess in the room by placing canvas paper or other stuff. And, be sure to check the label of paint to know the right direction if you have any doubt. 

Hope this guide is well-written to invest your valuable time by reading for your needed information. And that’s all for today. We’ll be back with a new topic. Till then, Take Care!

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