How to Store Vacuum Cleaner

There could be many reasons to learn how to store a vacuum cleaner. Perhaps you own a large, bulky one that needs to be hidden all the time, as having guests see it wouldn’t be ideal.

Or perhaps you have a very small space but accessibility is also important, and you can’t find an ideal spot that meets both of those needs. There are endless examples of this.

No matter what your thought behind the query is, we have three crucial factors that should help you shortlist locations for storing the vacuum cleaner along with ideas on areas at your home that work best for such storage. Keep Reading…

How to Store Vacuum Cleaner

How to Store Vacuum Cleaner at Your Home

The layout, vacuum’s size with its type and how frequently you use it, consider all three factors for shortlisting how to store the equipment in areas such as kitchen, laundry, hallway, cabinets, garage, walls, and so on.

3 Most Important Things To Consider

You should consider at least these three things before choosing a certain spot for storing that vacuum cleaner of yours. It’ll help in terms of finding something ideal while having very limited storage.

  1. Take into account the layout of your house as well as available space. From the bedroom, living room, hallway to even bathroom, kitchen, and garage. Where do you think you’ll be able to designate a better space for the vacuum cleaner? Think about it!
  2. Next, you want to bring the matter of size and type that your vacuum cleaner has. So that you can decide whether it goes inside of a certain huge storing space such as cabinets and closets, or somewhere outside in a corner.
  3. Finally, how frequently you use the vacuum cleaner. Something you use very often needs to be placed in a spot where you can access the tool easily.

Other than these, think about the weather, your carpets, the flooring type of the house if you have pets in the house and similar sort of matters. 

Sit down and give all of these some thoughts. And then go through the ideas we’ll suggest below. It’ll be much easier to figure out which one would go best with your setting.

You Can Store It in The Kitchen Pantry or Even the Laundry Space

These two are ideal spots for folks who are very specific with keeping their space tidy at all times. 

Because when you have the vacuum cleaner, in the kitchen or laundry, accessing it becomes the easiest. And of course, you want it that way as the equipment gets used frequently.

Also, most of the time, there will be a perfect spot in these areas to store the vacuum cleaner. And you don’t have to worry about any guest paying attention to the equipment, as someone visiting your house would hardly enter these rooms. 

Especially laundry areas, bulky vacuum cleaners are just fab to store here.

Keep It Mess-Free by Using Hooks & Hardboards

You could be stressing over where to store vacuum cleaners in a pretty tiny apartment. And there’s not much space that you can use for storing it. 

Just find a wall that’s unused, or at least less used. Yes, you’re going to turn that wall into a storage space for your vacuum cleaner. How will you do that?

Well, grab a perforated hardboard and hooks. These are pretty popular supplies meant for DIY projects. Make sure the hooks are robust, especially if you have quite heavy vacuum cleaners.

Fix it to the wall and you can place the vacuum cleaner on it. Along with other attachments, cords, and stuff like that in the hooks.

Make Use of The Entrance Area

Now having the vacuum cleaner visible in the hallway, might not be a great idea to many. In that case, just get one of those vacuum cleaner storage boxes available in-home supplies stores.

Most come for a cheap price. You can pick a pretty one that goes with the hallway vibe, and it just needs to stay in a corner holding the vacuum cleaner inside of it. Simple!

Also, if you don’t mind being a little Boogey, go for a vacuum cleaner storage compatible Ikea organizer. Those look pretty standard to not ruin the aesthetic of your house.

Just Put It in The Garage

If you can’t settle with the thought of where to store a vacuum cleaner in the house, because it just doesn’t work for some reason, consider your garage (if you have one). 

Just stash all the bulky-looking stuff there and you don’t have to worry about anything related to those ruining the look of your house. However, just make sure you don’t clutter the space. Especially if you are a person who tries several DIY projects inside the garage.

Closets & Cabinets with Little Left Space

This would be the best storage for vacuums and brooms that are too weird-looking to be kept in an open space. There should be at least one underused cabinet or closet in your house, and you can make use of it by storing brooms and vacuum cleaners inside. 

The staircase below awkward closets is the type that we’re referring to. You can even buy some vacuum cleaner storage hooks and hang disassembled, small size units with these.

Wrapping Up

Just a little bit of creativity, that’s what you need to figure out with a storage idea for your vacuum. 

When someone thinks, how to store vacuum cleaners, it’s mostly about the location that they cannot decide for storing the unit. And hopefully, this guide was able to help in making that choice easier. 

Think about your own ideas too. Be conscious of those areas in your home that are awkward, underused, or generally unappealing. You should be more aware of them than anyone else.

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