How To Use A HVLP Spray Gun [Expert Guide]

If you’re new to using HVLP spray guns, it’s important to take the time to learn how to do it properly. It can be a bit of a pain, especially if you’re used to painting for DIY projects without much planning.

It’s always a good idea to get some guidance when you’re learning a new procedure. Checking out reviews, blogs, and other users’ experiences can help you get a better understanding of what you’re doing. I’m assuming you’ve already done that, but since you still have questions about how to use it, it might not be enough.

Don’t panic; you are about to hear the good news! We’ve done hours of research to develop a good HVLP spray gun usage idea in 4 easy steps.

So be sure to read this guide until the end, and you won’t miss anything. Let’s discuss how to use an HVLP spray gun.

How To Use A HVLP Spray Gun

Pick the right HVLP spray gun, and afterward prepare and mix the paint to insert inside the container. Next, pick the right hose length and press the trigger to start spraying.

Of course, it’ll be great for a DIY-lover if they have the HVLP spray gun kit for easy use. But, this happiness will be short-termed if you don’t know the procedure of using it. As this topic is quite hard to find online, we have gotten our hands on it and come up with this guide.

Now, follow the given direction to know how to use an HVLP spray gun.

1. The Perfect Paint For Your Sprayer

Start with bringing your newly-bought HVLP spray gun. As a novice, you’ll most likely add any type of paint inside it, right? But that’s not a good idea. You can’t add that unless the paint is latex-based, which means it’s watery in texture.

Fresh latex-based paint also has to go through a strainer and thinner procedures to ensure the right consistency for this spray gun type. And, if you don’t do that, the HVLP spray gun will face many difficulties like a clog, clump, damage, and so on.

Use a paint strainer to make the paint smooth like butter. And then, add 10% thinner to one gallon of paint.

Note: Read the instruction manual for a better understanding of thinning.

2. Add The Mixed Paint Inside HVLP Spray Gun

Next, you must transfer the mixed paint after going through a strainer and thinning procedure inside the spray gun. Open now and add a cup to fill the paint inside it. Before that, be sure the lid has no debris or clog issues to use safely.

3. Pick The Correct Hose Dimension

The HVLP spray gun usage is easy if you choose the ideal hose size. FDA sprayer will spray rightly based on the hose dimension. Following the turbine system, If it is small, the paint will be heated when you press the trigger.

That means wet paint comes through the nozzle and requires long hours to dry. On the other side, the longer hose (6 feet or more) will ensure stable consistency of paint with no heat issue. And most experts suggest using the larger hose for HVLP spray gun projects.  

4. Correct Way To Apply The Spray

Now, it’s time to know the proper way to use the HVLP sprayer. As these are directions, we have given them in steps.

  • Wear safety gloves and masks.
  • Use both your or right hand and hold the HVLP spray gun. Be sure it has a 6” gap from the surface.
  • Use the sprayer from the top to the end for a vertical surface. Or else, you can do right to the left position. It would be better if you coat the cover two times. And wait for the one surface to dry before putting another layer.

For Your Information: The HVLP spray gun needs 25 to 30 psi air pressure when triggering the knob.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is an HVLP spray gun?
The HVLP, aka High-Volume-Low-Pressure spray gun, refers to a tool that can use a high volume of air at a pretty less air pressure.  

Do you have to thin paint for an HVLP sprayer?
If you are using an HVLP spray gun for latex paint, it might need a quality finish. You have to add water to make the right thin consistency to spray.

What’s the compression to use for an HVLP spray gun?
The compressor spray gun needs a good amount of airflow. And, you’ll require at least 21/2 to 3 HP air compression on the spray gun.


Finally, we hope you now have a better understanding of how to use an HVLP spray gun to get a quality texture after spraying. The discussion of this topic is compulsory so that you don’t get into a mess when using It as a beginner. 

To be frank, the instruction given above is pretty simple, don’t you agree with us? Just be sure to have lots of patience and give your best in putting in a reasonable effort. And don’t be shy to get help from others if this guide seems not enough to understand. Keep Up The Good Work!

How To Use A HVLP Spray Gun

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