How to Use a Manual Pool Vacuum Cleaner

The key distinction between a manual and an automatic pool vacuum cleaner is that the manual model requires you to remove all the debris from the pool yourself, rather than simply plugging it in like the automatic version.

While a manual pool vacuum cleaner might not be very helpful to clean an entire pool quite regularly on your own, you still might be able to get some use out of it.

So, stay with us for this guide, where we’ll explore how to use a manual pool vacuum cleaner, from the correct assembly to the right process.

How to Use a Manual Pool Vacuum Cleaner

So How do You Use a Manual Pool Vacuum Cleaner?

After gathering all the necessary things you’ll need, doing the proper setup comes first. Then it would be best to vacuum the entire pool in a slow, long, and overlaying motion with the manual pool vacuum from the shallow to the deeper end, taking your time. And that should be it!

Let’s dive into the process we’ll cover by including each vital segment.

Things You’ll Need to Use a Manual Pool Vacuum Cleaner?

Before jumping into the concept of using a manual pool vacuum, here are a few things that need to be available to you.

  1. A scrub brush attachment.
  2. Vacuum hose that’s long enough for your pool.
  3. Vacuum plate, also known as a skim vac.
  4. The vacuum heads.
  5. A telescopic pole.

Assembling The Manual Pool Vacuum Cleaner

  • Make sure you have both the filter and pump running.
  • The telescopic pole will have an open end; this is where you need to fix the vacuum head.
  • Then fix the vac head with one end of the hose. You can use a hose clamp for those that feel too slippery to work with.
  • Bring the hose, vac head, and telescopic pole inside the pool. The vac head should be lying on the floor of your pool.
  • Right against the pool’s return jet, you want to hold the vacuum hose’s other end. So that water can push through the hose, and all the air inside it can come out.
  • The only line that can stay open to the pump is a vacuum inlet; confirm that. This is Very Important!
  • Is anyone curious about how to vacuum a pool using a skimmer? You need to emphasize the assembly part that we’ll go through now. The end of the hose held against the pool’s return jet connects it with the vacuum plate. 

Use your hand to block the opening. And then bring the skimmer to the spot. Maintaining a good seal here is crucial. Otherwise, you won’t have enough suction to work.

  • However, if you don’t want to use the vacuum plate, get rid of the skimmer inside the basket. Then hold the water filler hose end with your hand to block it. 
  • Next, you want to keep the hose on the skimmer. It needs to go inside the suction hole firmly, situated in the skimmer bottom.  

Using a Manual Pool Vacuum Cleaner

If you have some idea of how a pool vacuum works, then this segment would be easier to understand. The next part is about using it as soon as you have the manual pool vacuum set up the right way. 

And it’s just the standard old-school method of how anyone would use a pool vacuum. However, a few tactics will give you different results compared to when you just go with your instinct and clean the entire pool.

  • First of all, always start from the pool’s shallow end. This way, you would have better maneuvering ability and control over going through all the spots of the pool floor as you keep gradually moving towards the deeper end of the pool.
  • Those should be done in a sweeping motion, as slow as you can in terms of strokes. And most importantly, keep them long at a time. Your manual pool vacuum would work best if you use such strokes with it.
  • Also, you don’t want to miss a single spot. And so, try overlapping the strokes slightly. Just like that, you’d confirm no dirt or debris is left behind.
  • Again, keep it as slow as you can, and this is not just for having an effective stroke. There’s a chance of creating debris clouds inside the pool if you rush the strokes.
  • It would make the dirt disturbed, and you’ll have to wait an hour at least for the whole thing to settle down again to start the vacuuming. Just avoid that hassle, go slower, and have patience. However, going slow won’t stop the cloud for a few cases, as the pool is quite dirty.
  • A vacuum head getting stuck is another disaster you don’t want to face. A quick way to avoid that would be instantly turning the pump off. So, the force of the vacuum calms down a bit, and you can have your head out quickly.

About Choosing the Right Filter

Adjusting the pool filter properly is essential for dealing with pools with a massive quantity of debris. Picking the filter system would depend on the size and type of your pool. 

However, most importantly, if you’re using a manual pool vacuum for algae, flocculant, and severe waste like those, then multiport filters with the Waste setting work best. 

Then for smaller pools, using a push-pull valve filter seems like a fine choice. 

Wrapping Up

That’s It! This was all about how to use a manual pool vacuum cleaner. However, once you use it yourself, you’ll most probably come up with tricks and tips of your own. 

You would need to try the gear for yourself to see if it’s the best fit for your pool’s cleaning.

So go for it, don’t worry, it’s an easy task. And you have enough ideas now to give it a try and make the process an easy part of your pool life.

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