How To Use A Paint Sprayer With Air Compressor (Properly Explained!)

The air compressors deliver the spray at high-pressure levels, which can easily get rid of stains and marks on the floors. The washing, drying, and vacuuming can be done afterward. It is effective at removing stains and marks, and the drying process is quick.

This tool is super simple and quick to apply compared to roller and brush. But, exactly how to use a spray gun with an air compressor?

It is essential to learn how to use air compressor spray guns, especially for DIY projects. This will save time when applying paint.

Luckily, the steps of using it are not hard at all which encourages many to use it for painting. Be with us for the next 3 minutes so that we can explain related to spray gun usage with an air compressor. 

Now, Let’s Get Into That!

How To Use A Spray Gun With Air Compressor

How To Use A Spray Gun With Air Compressor

After preparing the spot, attire protective gears to mix thinner with paint. Next, start the compressor, adjust the pressure, fix the nozzle pattern, and then hit the trigger to use well. 

Knowing the right way of using a spray gun with an air compressor will be easier if you have good focus and patience. So, we suggest you be mentally prepared before starting the procedure. 

And be sure to use oil-based or acrylic paint for correct application. Now, grab all the tools and hop into the given steps.

Wear Safe Equipment Beforehand

Without the right tools, you can’t start the given procedure. So, it’s wise to pick them and then follow the direction given below. Here’s a quick sneak peek of the required gear. 

  1. Safety Mask.
  2. Safety Glasses & Gloves.
  3. Spray Gun
  4. Air Compressor.
  5. Paint. 
  6. Canvas Sheet.

Prepare the Paint Area Using Canvas Sheets

Picking the right place to ensure no slip-ups in the following procedure is key. As the compressor included a spray gun spread out a lot, it’s better to set canvas sheets on the painting areas. Be sure to cover every area which you’ll not be going to paint.

Apply Thinner to Mix the Paint

Next, you need to pick good-quality paint that is oil-based. And latex-based or acrylic paints are also good for this purpose. As you can’t directly use the paint due to consistency, it’s time to add thinner or water.

For that, we suggest checking the instruction manual before adding anything. Ensure to make the paint in the right consistency before transferring it into a spray gun with a compressor.  

Turn On the Air Compressor

In this step, you need to strap the air compressor. And, it might need some time to build up pressure. Just revolve the controller of the air compressor to regulate the pressure of the spray gun. And then, be sure to adjust the pressure to apply the spray gun. 

Fix The Spray Pattern

After adjusting the pressure, you need to focus on adjusting the spray pattern of the paint gun. And most of the time, the spray gun will come in 3 patterns which are vertical, horizontal, and circular patterns.

Based on your preference and job, you can choose one for better coverage techniques. Take a look at the given guide to pick the best.

  1. Vertical Pattern: Spread paint in a straight up-to-down motion. Good for walls.
  2. Horizontal Pattern: Spray paint in left to right movement. Ideal for fences and railings.
  3. Circular Pattern: Spray gun flow painting in the round nozzle. Perfect for touch-ups.

Use The Air Paint Sprayer

Now, apply the spray gun using an air compressor. Be sure to hold it at least 7” to 12” far from the surface. And also, before pressing the trigger, it should be in the upright position to use on the targeted place.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What size air compressor for spray painting?
The air compressor size is rated in CFM (100%). And, it should be at least 12-15 CFM to work on spray painting. However, some air compressors have a lower rating which is 10 CFM. 

How much PSI do I need to run a spray gun?
Well, the spray gun usually runs at 28 to 29 PSI to access well. And, this pressure point ensures great flow to use paint smoothly. 

Can I use an air compressor to spray paint?
Yes, you can. The spray paint compressor uses a solid power source that makes pressurized air in the tank to use for spray paint. 


Now, you know all about how to use a spray gun with air compressor. It’s pretty cool to use this tool set up to make a clean and flat finish.

As we have spelled before, it’s quite simple to apply after following the given directions. The most important part of the painting is the prep work, which ensures professional-level results. And today, hopefully, you got to know the right way of doing with this guide.

Be sure not to skip any step and get all the tools that’ll be required. And, if you need help, make sure to contact an expert. Keep Working On It!

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