How to Use Vacuum Sealer Machine Properly?

Foods that are covered in ice crystals and come out of the freezer just don’t feel right. They are unappetizing and in some cases can spoil the food.

Even when you store it inside the fridge, food can go bad quickly. Vacuum sealers are one handy tool that can reduce this type of food waste, and so a lot of households now own these sealing machines.

If you have just got a new one and don’t know anything about using it, even after checking the manual, it’s okay! Let’s talk about how to use a vacuum sealer, and of course in such a manner that it gives the most effective storage. Keep Reading.

Using Vacuum Sealer Machine

So How to Use Vacuum Sealer Machine and Bags the Right Way?

Start with getting some good quality and suitable vacuum sealer bags, prepare your food items wisely, fill them inside leave some room and carefully seal the bag using the vacuum sealer machine. Easy!

Let’s dive a little deeper into those steps.

1. Picking The Right Vacuum Bag

Going through several vacuum bag reviews and then deciding on the one that got some good works backing it up, seems like a wise move. But you also should consider your usage specifically. 

And think about the foods you’ll store in it, how long you’ll have to store them and also the quantity for choosing sizes. Some people even consider sealing glass jars and containers. So, it’s obviously not just any bag that would help here.

Choose the right bag first, and then think about how to use vacuum sealer bags. Often people end up getting the wrong ones, which obviously ends up with not an experience they were expecting. 

Leading them later to blame the sealer bags, saying those were not good enough. But the problem actually was picking unsuitable bags. So, start here, shortlisting what type of vacuum bag you need. 

2. Preparing the Food, You’d Like to Seal

After you are done with getting appropriate vacuum sealer bags, it’s time to prepare the food that would go inside. And it does not take a long time, fortunately. Here are a few things to consider for the step:

  1. Meat and fish should be cut into a manageable size so that you can place them inside the sealer bags and seal them properly. Of course, nerves and fats that you don’t need for cooking should be cut. And then get them sliced into smaller portions.
  2. Any food item with sharp edges will need some wrapping first. You can use a paper kitchen towel for this. Items like these are meat with bones or uncooked pasta. Sharp edges of these items can poke the bag and mess up the tight seal otherwise.
  3. Finally, you want to consider learning how to use a vacuum sealer with liquid and that starts with freezing. It just makes the whole thing a lot mess-free as well as there’s less chance of ruining your machine.

3. Bag Filling Done the Right Way

Filling any bag should not be hard, but keeping a few things in mind will help as it’s the case of vacuum sealer bags that cannot have any type of air inside.

First and foremost, you want to leave a little room inside. The edge of the bag and food should have some space. 

Then near the top part, spare 3-4 inches. So that you can get a good seal and there’s less chance of any wear off. 

As with your first attempt to seal the bag, you might not be able to get a good one. But there will be some space for you to try again by leaving a little room this way.

4. Finally, Seal the Vacuum Bag Carefully

It’s time to use your vacuum sealer machine. Different machines will have varying processes of vacuuming, so don’t forget to check the provided manual. And once you are done, follow these steps:

  • Lay the sealing bag flat on top of an even surface, such as your counter.
  • The lid of the bag should be open and place the opening near the strip for sealing. Don’t place it close to a channel.
  • Start closing the lid of the machine as tight as possible. A few models hint with a clicking sound ensuring proper securing.
  • Finally, press the button for the sealing to start and air until it’s complete. The machine should automatically stop once it’s finished. And there must be an indicator light for you to know that.

Keep In Mind – there are different sealing settings in today’s available advanced models. So, you might have extra control buttons that you can give a try and experiment with for better sealing. Your manual will have all the details on those, do check!

If It’s a Handheld Vacuum Sealer:

  • Make sure your sealer has enough charging.
  • Lay the bag flat on the counter and press the corresponding button to start the sealing.
  • Hold the button until all the air inside leaves the bag. And that’s all!

Wrapping Up

See? Easy right? The main point of learning how to use a vacuum sealer machine is just ensuring the seal was down the right way. And if you follow the steps with a little caution and attention, it should not be anything tricky.

Go ahead and store those sealed bags that should last you 4-5 times longer than normal freezing. 

It’s also important to keep your vacuum sealer machine and bags clean.

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