How To Vacuum a Carpet [Pro Tips For Vacuuming The Right Way]

Keeping your carpet clean, if that’s the goal then one appliance that would outdo any other is a vacuum cleaner. 

We have some of the most advanced units available today, with special features and settings that make it easy to keep your expensive carpets and rugs looking great for a long time. Plus, there are separately buyable attachments that can help you get even more out of your investment.

But the process of vacuuming these carpets, especially heavy and bulky ones, is nowhere easy. And since you’ll spend a good amount of time getting it clean, finding how to vacuum a carpet for the maximum satisfying result, seems like a wise thing to try. 

What we are all here for!

How To Vacuum a Carpet

How to Vacuum a Carpet for a Good Outcome Every time

You should buy the necessary accessories and attachments for your carpets along with a suitable vacuum cleaner. Before cleaning the carpet, get rid of any huge obstacle and gently go over it with a broom first. Then with to-and-fro motion, slowly go over sections in both directions. Finish the carpet vacuuming with a reversed motion.

Keep in mind that you must vacuum the carpet regularly. It does not matter what type of carpet it is. If the thing goes through a good amount of foot traffic, it deserves a thorough vacuuming session more than just often. 

And that should be daily for high-traffic carpeted areas and twice every week for moderate ones.

Getting Right Carpet Vacuum Cleaner, Settings & Accessories

Carpet Vacuum Cleaner

You might already have explored many carpet vacuum cleaner prices and backed off from buying one. 

However, if you own a pretty expensive carpet, then investing in an all-in-one unit is necessary, even with a high price tag. The heavier ones with strong suction power should be the best choice for high piled carpets. While the lightweight canister types would vacuum pulling up carpet fibers and getting stuck.

After vacuum consideration, you should also think about settings and attachments. The vacuum brush for carpet or floor cleaning is a must-have accessory, especially a beater brush bar. It lifts the debris from the fibers of the carpet.

However, if you own a high pile, barber, or natural wool carpet, the beater bar brushes are not so helpful. 

Then going for height adjustable heads for vacuum will be a better choice. Also, which vacuum head to use for carpet would mainly depend on the design. For example, if you have corners that are carpeted, a crevice attachment will be necessary.

Along with worrying about your carpet vacuuming methods, make sure to also think about these. Not having the right tools for the task, will keep the results missing something no matter what.

Get Rid of Any Obstacle

vacuum cleaner obstacle

Before you start vacuuming the carpet, make sure to clear the area. You don’t want any big items or obstacles on the carpet that would mess up with the vacuuming process. 

Also, get rid of any huge debris from the floor. Dusting the carpet with a broom first will also help. This will make the dirt and debris sitting on the carpet loosened. 

And when you go through the sections with the vacuum, it’ll be easier to get every speckle of dust out from the carpet

Proper Vacuuming Techniques for Carpets

It’s all about the combination of the right tools and techniques. We are done talking about the tools, now comes the techniques, consider these:

  • To-and-Fro motion works best for going through the carpets in sections. You want to begin from a tiny section. And then follow a forwarding motion, run it that way. And then bring the unit back to yourself. Going through the adjacent sections while overlapping previous sections with new ones is the best way. You literally will cover all the parts, and nothing will be left behind from vacuuming.
  • After the motion, you need to think about the speed of vacuuming. If you go too fast, it’ll damage the carpet fibers. Not to mention, the vacuuming effect won’t be enough to suck all the gunk out from the carpet.
  • Finally, use the reverse direction to finish the vacuuming. This means if you started vacuuming from the south and went towards the north, now it’s time to work from east to west. So that the carpet gets a thorough and deep cleaning. And all the embedded particles will leave without any chance.

Never Do These

  • Vacuuming only in one direction is a big mistake. You’ll leave a huge quantity of dust and dirt stuck inside the fibers this way.
  • To vacuum a carpet section that covers the edges of a room, not using a crevice tool is kind of a bad thing. So, we wanted to include it in this segment. The tricky corners are quite hard to vacuum, and you just need a crevice to deal with them.
  • Some will keep the vacuuming chore for a day when the carpet looks dirty enough. That’s a bad decision. Not only will you have a daunting time getting it cleaned but also the fibers of the carpet will keep degrading with passing time.

Wrapping Up

And that was all about vacuuming a carpet for an effective result every time. Now keep in mind, having routines for regular vacuuming is important. 

This was not, by any means, a discussion on how to vacuum professionally. Something that applies to awfully mistreated carpets is not something you would be able to rescue with tips and techniques that work for regular cleaning intentions.

If your expensive carpet has just lost the vibe and looks, because you were not giving it the maintenance it deserves, getting a professional carpet cleaning service sounds like the right route to go. 

Yes, it would need you to spend a generous amount, but if that carpet was expensive, it’s necessary. You can follow the tips given in this guide after that professional vacuuming or cleaning session, so as to not end up the same way again.


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