How to Vacuum Faster – Top 7 Working Tips!

Vacuuming is a chore most people anticipate avoiding. People often avoid vacuuming because they feel like it takes too long to finish, and they’ll make a mess if they try to finish it quickly. Fortunately, there is a way to vacuum faster, but still efficient enough to make your space clean and still take less time.

What if we tell you how to vacuum faster?

Well, we will actually! Keep On Reading…

How to Vacuum Faster

How to Vacuum Faster & More Efficiently

Making a plan beforehand, practicing small cleaning habits, spot treating, removing any small object from the floor, using the spiral inward method for vacuuming, watching over your working speed, and right setting selection are some tips that help, we will talk in-depth about those right below.

Having a Plan Can Make It So Much Easier

Sit down for a few minutes and think about these things, which is pre-planning. And it should make the process not just easier but also much faster.

  1. What is the shape of your house? If it’s a rectangular (most probable case) then you should be vacuuming for one end. Also double back on for areas is not something to try.
  2. The vacuum plugging in which socket and where the cord would be then, something also very important to figure out earlier. Disasters where one mistakenly vacuums up its cord are not new, and you want to avoid that at all cost.
  3. If you have a bunch of chores to do including vacuuming, then make sure to put it last. So that dust knocking off loose would be removed by vacuuming at the very end.

Don’t Over Complicate the Chore, Take It Easy

“Not Easy at All” is the literal vacuuming meaning to certain folks. And there’s the reason for that. People would unnecessarily bring shoes inside their homes, which gets accompanied by dirt, leaves, and what not. Now, can you vacuum dirt, leaves, and all that crap? 

Of course, you can! But the whole thing gets more time-consuming you see, something you’re willing to work on and make the process faster.

Then there’s also the habit of not taking care of packets and similar trash right after using those. The list is long. All of these make your vacuuming day hard. And you can simply avoid that by being mindful of cleaning small messes instantly.

Put bins at home and make a habit of regularly using those. Place a shoe rack and mat in front of the door. So that anyone entering the house can use those and you can stay free from some hassle later on.

Treating The Spots Before Vacuuming is Key

Keep in mind that vacuum cleaners are not meant to get rid of stubborn stains easily. And you must take immediate action right after something gets spilled on the carpet so that there’s less long-term stain.

If you have to get rid of stains, do that before vacuuming. The best way would be using a spot cleaner, something that’s meant to vanish the spots. A steam cleaner also makes the thing less likely to be a problem. 

If You Have a Huge Open Space, Use the Spiraling Pattern Inwards to Vacuum

The whole concept means you need to divide the huge room into tiny sections. These can be square, spiral, or even circle shapes segments. Start vacuuming from a border. And then you want one width shifting for moving onto another lap in the same space.

To make things super-fast, go with spiral or concentrate circles. In that way, you don’t need to worry about 90-degree corners.

Using this method helps in reducing the total time needed for vacuuming a huge room. If you are curious about how to vacuum professional areas such as huge ballrooms or even conference spaces, then this is the trick to stick with.

Keep In Mind – This is not the best practice for tiny spaces or anywhere with lots of furniture.

Don’t Vacuum Before Removing Tiny Objects from Floor

If you want to know how to run a vacuum cleaner, then it’s torturing the unit by sucking small rough objects with it. The vacuum cleaner is supposed to get rid of particles and such messy substances. 

And so, not just your vacuum cleaner gets at risk with going over tiny objects on the floor but also this makes the whole process slow.

Be Faster with Practice – Try the Pomodoro Method

You can set a time limit for vacuuming instead of changing the settings. The trick is to work on your efficiency of moving the vacuum or simply just putting more concentration into the process to finish the cleaning sooner.

And this technique of managing the time is known as the promoter method, which you can use for vacuuming. You will see some change if you’re timing yourself and trying to beat that record the next time.

The Setting Selection is Also Important

The surface that you’re dealing with will be a big factor in selecting a retail setting for a vacuum cleaner. Often the wrong combination ends up making the whole process time-consuming. 

For example, you might have a setting that helps you with the best way to vacuum hardwood floors. But with the same setting, vacuuming a carpet will feel not as easy, in fact quite unmanageable. 

That’s because both are different types of surfaces with distinct types of textures. And if you understand that to be a little careful with setting selection, the vacuuming should be as well as efficient.

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Wrapping Up

So now you know how to vacuum faster and better with quite a few tips. One note we want to add before leaving is that it’s fine to try making the vacuuming process faster but you should not absolutely rush it. 

If you’re too hasty with your vacuum cleaner, you won’t be able to clean it properly. You’ll miss dirt, grime, and all the nasty stuff.

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