How to Vacuum Pool with Sand Filter Properly

You cannot afford to avoid vacuuming and maintaining your pool. Sometimes the cleaning calls for a particular type of filter, known as the sand filter.

If your swimming pool’s particulate level necessitates a sand filter for vacuuming, then you’ll need to use one. Don’t worry about the process. We will guide you through how to vacuum pool with sand filter and matters that need your attention.

Here's How to Vacuum Pool with Sand Filter

Here’s How to Vacuum Pool with Sand Filter

You just need to use the sand filter with the vacuum head, hose, and pool pole to go through the bottom of the pool. As you go through the bottom with the vacuum, it will slowly suck all the dirt and leave you with a clean pool by the end.

Let’s cover the whole process below, it should not take you more than one and a half hours.

Clean The Sides of Pool & Remove Big Pieces with Pool Net

You should always start by brushing the sides of a pool. This way the dirt accumulated on those pots would fall in the bottom and you’ll be able to vacuum all of that together later. Also, don’t forget to use a pool net for getting the large dirt out of the pool. 

These are stones and leaves floating on top or sinking inside. The vacuum might not be able to get these because of the huge size. And eliminating these out of your way will make it easier to get those tiny particles more effectively.

Here’s Something to Try – Allow any fine dirt to settle in the pool by leaving it for an hour after brushing and using the net.

Pool Vac Attaching, Hose Connection, and Air Removal

At this point, you want to connect the pool vac to the vacuum pole. Also, the vacuum head should be connected to the pool pole. Right on top of the pool vacuum head, attach the hose next. You want to bring the vacuum to the bottom of the pool, right beside the skimmer.

The remaining pool hose should be pushed straight into the pool. So that all the air could be removed.

Connecting The Skimmer

Now it’s time to attach the skimmer. Here’s how to vacuum a pool using a skimmer by attaching it in 2 ways.

  • By making poolside vacuuming inlet connections.
  • Connecting directly through skimmer bottom available inlet. (Needs the basket to be removed of course)

Through a skimmer vacuum plate

Next, you want to push the handle down and have the filter setting on. At the electric panel, switch on the pool pump. And once again, make sure there’s no air in the system before you start the vacuuming process next. The water should be pumped at this point.

Start Vacuuming

Time to put your entire attention towards vacuuming the bottom of the pool. You want to very slowly move the vacuum.

Also, you should start vacuuming from one corner, then move along the side of your intended direction. Go back to the position and this time work from side to pool center. Then you want to work along with the pool and visit the other end. 

And basically, keep doing the same thing for another side of the pool. Following a certain methodical way is important, you can have your own too.

Once you are done, turn the pump off and disconnect the hose from the skimmer. You can take out the vacuum from the pool.

Filter Backwashing & Finishing Off

For a pool that didn’t have much dirt to clean, this is not crucial. But otherwise, you should backwash. And to do turn the multiport valve to backwash. The pump needs to run for another few minutes. 

The view glass will show you the dirt and debris swirling as it starts expelling. Some outlet lines might have a valve, you must open it in that case.

As soon as the running water is clear, you can turn the pump off and go for a rinse multiport valve. Run for another minute and put the valve back to the filter. The strainer basket might have leaves and other debris. 

If so, remove the cover and get the basket to empty it. Then put it back in its place and also don’t forget the cover. And you have a nice clean pool to swim in and chill.

Too Fast Vacuuming & Not Enough Suction – Avoid!

These are the two things you must avoid while vacuuming. If you notice it’s getting cloudy in the pool, then usually the reasons behind are vacuuming very quickly or working with a poor suction. 

The first one disturbs the dirt and makes it enter suspension. Slow down the process if you face this issue, cover one foot every second.

And the other reason, a poor suction will not pick the dirt efficiently. So, you must do something to increase it. You can try shutting valves to pump, leaving only the skimmer one. Or backwash the filter, as it could be dirty and not reduce the flow because of that.

When Vacuuming a Pool What Setting Should the Filter Be On?

You are using a sand filter here. So, the more specific query is, what setting to vacuum pool with a sand filter on should be right. 

It depends on the dirt or contamination amount in your pool. Here are the pointers that can help:

  • In case the level of particulates is on routine levels, then go with a bather load and filter setting on the multiport valve.
  • If your pool has algae or a thick layer on the bottom due to not using it regularly, sending the vacuumed water through a sand filter is not the ideal way.
  • If you are not sure about putting the vacuum pool to waste or filter, then consider this. The vacuumed water needs to go into the sewer through the drain, and in such circumstances, you should pick waste, not a sand filter.

Wrapping Up

And that was how to vacuum pole with sand filter. Hope this guide was able to give you some notes on the entire process. We also tried to mention the two things you should avoid doing for effective pool vacuuming. See you in another similar piece soon, take care till then!

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