iRobot Roomba Not Vacuuming Troubleshooting![Complete Guide]

Being a popular series, a lot of time Roomba freaks out and shows red light sending the fault codes in the display.

Don’t worry, it’s possible to solve the Roomba not vacuuming error. You only need to identify the causes and take action to fix the bugs.

So, I’ll just make it clear to you by providing the details of the procedure and how you can fix the error ASAP. Let’s Go!

iRobot Roomba Not Vacuuming

9 Reasons Why Roomba Is Not Vacuuming! (Problems + Fixes)

The blinking of the red light once in 2 seconds and showing error codes indicates the Roomba has some sort of problem or obstacle that causes it to not vacuum correctly. I’ll just mention the possible causes of why it’s sick and give the solutions according to the error code. Here’s the detail:

1. One Wheel Handing Down

If you see the Roomba seeing the ‘Error 1’ sign on the display that means it is stuck since the wheel is handing in the air while another one is on the floor.

How To Fix:

  • Turn your device in the Off position.
  • Flip the vacuum and locate the 2 wheels.
  • Push them upward and then downward while shaking the device. This will help clean particles which are stuck inside the wheels.
  • Tightly hold the wheel that seems okay. At the same time, rotate the problematic wheel so that it sits properly. Keep on doing it until you see both wheels aligned in the right way.
  • Place the Roomba in a new location and click the CLEAN to restart.

2. Main Extractor (Brushes) Trapped In Dirt

It’s Error 2 that pops in the screen stating that the extractor frame and surface have hairs or dust. This causes the part to not operate like it used to turn.

How To Fix:

  • Power off the device.
  • Flip it over and locate the brush cover/guard with 2 yellow taps (on the left and right side).
  • Lift the 2 taps to raise the brush cover/guard.
  • Take out the bearings on both extractors (brushes).
  • Grab a pair of scissors to cut the hairs to release them from the brushes. You can also use a utility knife to get the job done.
  • Put on the bearings into the extractors (brushes).
  • Insert them inside the right spot.
  • Drop the 2 taps of the brush cover/guard.
  • Check the side and caster front wheels to spot hair or debris. If you find some, clean them then turn on the vacuum to check if it works or not.

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3. Roomba On The Obstacle

The vacuum stops running as it’s being on an obstacle or a jagged surface. When this happens, the screen shows Error 3 in most models of Roomba.

How To Fix:

  • Lift it from the floor and inspect if the wheels are aligned properly or not.
  • Put it in the center of the room.
  • Click on the CLEAN button to restart it.

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4. Left Wheel Is Stuck

It simply means the left side wheel is trapped in debris or other particles. And so, the Roomba is showing Error 4 on the screen.

How To Fix:

  • Ensure the vacuum cleaner is turned off and flip it.
  • Push the left wheel up and down a couple of times so that dust comes out.
  • Turn the left wheel continuously to ensure it’s rotating freely. If it seems something is blocking it, then place it on even ground and move front to backward motion for 1 foot (0.3 meters).
  • Use compressed air to clean the wheel properly.

5. Right Wheel Caught In Debris

Due to extreme debris inside the side (R) wheels, you’ll see Error 5 and Error 7 in the display telling them they are stuck and need attention.

How To Fix:

  • Shut down the device and turn it over.
  • Locate the side wheels (on the left and right sides).
  • Take a screwdriver and simply remove all the screws so that you can uncover the back guard. Based on the model, the screws might be around 6 – 8 in total.
  • In the interior area, you’ll find 2 small screws that hold each wheel. Again, use the same tool to detach them.
  • Take out the right and left wheels.
  • Use the cleaning tool that Roomba offers or simply use a tiny toothbrush. Clean the internal areas too.
  • After cleaning both wheels, insert the 2 wheels back into their place.
  • Insert the 2 screws and then put on the back guard with the same tool.
  • Secure all the screws in their previous place using the screwdriver.
  • Turn on the Roomba in a new zone to test it out.
Roomba Not Vacuuming Troubleshooting

6. Cliff Sensors Are Dirty

When the display shows Error 6, it means the cliff sensors are trapped in debris which causes a stuck issue on a dark surface.

How To Fix:

  • Turn the vacuum cleaner off and flip it.
  • Take a cotton bird or tiny brush to wipe out the cliff sensors located on the front and rear sides. You’ll find 6 of them in the front (4) and rear (2). Avoid using liquid solution or water.
  • After that, place it in a new zone.
  • Press the CLEAN button to simply restart.

7. Dust Container Is Filled In Dust

The reason why Roomba not picking up debris or particles is because of the max level filled dust container. When it happens, you’ll see the screen showing an Error 8 message.

How To Fix:

  • Press the dust container release button (round in shape).
  • Slide the dust container out and hold it upright and straight.
  • Move it on top of the dustbin and simply unfold the door.
  • Empty the dust, debris, and hair in the bin.
  • Grab a brush and wipe it out.
  • Pull out the lid in the top area. Remove the filter holding the label (yellow in shade). Knock the filter so that dust comes out. Reinstall the filter and close the lid.
  • Close the door of the dust container.
  • Put it back inside the Roomba.

8. Bumper Or Its Sensor Are Dirty

The bumper is stuck on the obstacle or the bumper sensor can’t work like it usually does. If this happens, the screen shows an Error 9 message.

How To Fix:

  • Turn off the vacuum cleaner.
  • Hold the Roomba and locate the bumper. Hit the bumper softly and quickly the bumper 10 – 20 times. Let the dust come out.
  • Take a brush and wipe out the bumper.

9. Internal System Bug

The Roomba usually shows Circle Dance (moving round & round) because the side wheels and bumper can’t locate the cleaning zone. That’s why it’s highlighting Error 10 on the screen.

How To Fix:

  • Inspect the wheels for dust blocking the path. Push the wheels in up and down motion 10 or more times while shaking to clean the debris.
  • Check if the wheels are running freely or not. If it’s not turning, then move it upward to backward motion for 1 foot a couple of times.
  • Now, hold the SPOT and DOCK buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds to reboot the vacuum cleaner. If that doesn’t solve the error code, then go to the next step.
  • Inspect the wheels (including the caster front tire) and replace them if needed.
  • Place the Roomba on a flat surface and check if it’s working or not.

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Note: Be sure to charge the Roomba since sometimes low battery power can cause the device to not vacuum.

Wrap Up

Next time when the Roomba not vacuuming and showing weird error codes, just try the above techniques to fix these bugs.

No matter what happens, just be sure to take good care of it by cleaning, maintaining, and repairing it when needed.

Hope you find this guide helpful and informative at once and solve the error by using less effort. Keep On Doing The Good Work!

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