Roomba Not Vacuuming Entire Floor: How To Fix?

Scheduled cleaning the floor but not being able to vacuum all the space is an irritating thing to face. Finally, I got the answer and solution to this issue.

The reason for this behavior is that the window or bumper contains dust, Edge Clean not running, filth in sensors, dim lighting, or needs charging.

Here’s what you need to do to fix Roomba not vacuuming the entire floor:

  1. Clean the window or bumper.
  2. Activate the Edge Clean mode.
  3. Wipe grime from sensors.
  4. Adjust the lighting of the room.
  5. Charge the battery before use.

Although the solutions seem easy, you’ll get to the roots by knowing the procedure. Let Me Dive Into It!

Roomba Not Vacuuming Entire Floor

Do These 5 Things To Fix Roomba Not Vacuuming Entire Floor!

If your Roomba fails to cover the entire floor including all the rooms in your home, then, it’s time to troubleshoot the issue. Try out the given methods:

Method #1: Cleaning Window/Bumper Properly

Starting from the base, you need to clean the debris from the communication window or bumper in the right way as it can cause issues to detect the floor map. Here’s the procedure:

  • Turn the vacuum cleaner in the Off position.
  • Detach it from the charging base.
  • Locate the area which connects to the charging base and simply wipe the surface using a soft microfiber rag which we call a communication window.
  • Then, take a blowing compressed air or canned air.
  • Adjust and place the tip of it on the bumper surface.
  • Clean the bumper using the air pressure. Ensure there’s no visible debris struck inside the bumper. Done!

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Method #2: Turn On The Edge Clean

Sometimes the Edge Clean that is accidentally deactivated can cause the Roomba to not work and locate the map to vacuum the entire floor. To fix the bugs, simply follow the given steps to activate the system:

  • Turn on your phone’s Wi-FI connection.
  • Connect your Wi-Fi profile to the Roomba in the right way.
  • On your phone, open the iRobot HOME app.
  • Click on Settings (look at the right corner).
  • Then, scroll down to locate the Cleaning Preferences option.
  • Turn the Edge Clean mode to activate. It’ll help to have a better vacuuming skill that can clean walls as well as furniture legs.

Method #3: Clean The Filthy Sensors

To track the path to cover the entire floor when vacuuming, the Roomba needs sensors to stay activated with no obstacles. But, if it grows dust on the surface, it might lose its direction and vacuum in a short span. Fix the bug by doing this:

  • Shut down the vacuum (Off position).
  • Flip the device over.
  • Locate the front 4 and rear 2 cliff sensors.
  • Grab a soft microfiber cloth to wipe out the debris that the sensors grow.
  • Wipe the round sensor opening that is located on the right side of the robot’s bottom section.
Warning: Do not use any kind of liquid solutions or water directly into the sensors as it can damage them.

Method #4: Setup Room’s Lighting

Another common reason why the Roomba can’t vacuum the entire floor is the lack of lighting which causes the device to not navigate properly and miss the coverage.

By changing the light or adding some lighting to your room, this issue can be resolved quickly. Just be sure all the rooms contain good lighting that is covered by the Roomba.

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Method #5: Ensure The Battery Level Is Full

The Roomba might get stuck when it’s lacking the battery power to operate properly. Sometimes it waits for 40 minutes (at max) and if this doesn’t get charged in between, the device will automatically remove the original cleaning cycle.

Meaning you have to start the entire cleaning job over that’s the reason why it isn’t vacuuming the entire room or floor.

The simple way to fix the bug is to give the user access to the app to return to the previous cleaning cycle after getting fully recharged.

Pro Tip: Empty the dust bin as it can cause Roomba to return to where it started and pause. And, it won’t solve until you clear the bin and press the CLEAN button to resume the settings.
irobot Roomba Not Vacuuming Entire Floor

Overall Thoughts

The Roomba not vacuuming entire floor issue is a frequent thing that happens due to silly reasons (which can be resolved). As you now know all the solutions, it’s your turn to fix the bug.

If the above methods don’t solve this error, then it’s best to contact iRobot support service or call an expert. Hope this guide seems handy and interesting at the same time!

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