Roomba Vacuum Will Not Update Software Until You Do This!

The update shows available but not completed or maybe canceled mid-way is a long-term issue that I suffer from. Finally, the solutions are in the hand which I want to share in this guide.

To begin with, the Roomba vacuum will not update software if you are doing it wrong. Like using a 5 GHz Wi-Fi router or not updating the iRobot HOME app.

Maybe the battery of the vacuum expires or it’s about internal system bugs. Whatever the causes are, I’ll explain this matter by bringing related info with the real-time solution here.

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Why The Roomba Vacuum does not Update its Software?

Why The Roomba Vacuum does not Update Software

In order to resolve the error that Roomba is facing, you have to figure out the causes. In total, you’ll find 3 possible causes that result in the vacuum not updating. These are:

  • iRobot HOME app needs to be updated.
  • The battery of the Roomba is dead.
  • Internal system fault.

Here’s How To Fix This Trouble

As you now know the reasons, troubleshooting would be easier by aiming at the problematic parts only. Let me show you the instructions for fixes:

Solution #1: Update The iRobot HOME App

The iRobot HOME app might not function properly during the software update if the application itself needs to be up to date. In that case, follow the given direction:

  • Open the Play Store Or App Store based on your phone OS.
    • If your device is Android, search for the app name in the Play Store. Click on the Update bar and wait around 15 minutes to completely update.
    • If your device is iOS, search for the app name in the App Store. Click on your Account profile image. Next, scroll down to find Available Updates and look for iRobot HOME to hit the Update bar. Wait for it to complete updating.
  • Go to your app and simply check if the software update works or not.

Solution #2: Change The Battery

In case you have inserted the Roomba in the Charging Base but it is still not allowing update software, then replace the battery. A lot of time this causes obstacles during software updates. Do the following steps to fix the error:

  • Power off the Roomba by pressing the CLEAN button for 3 seconds.
  • Once all the indicator lights turn off, flip the device.
  • Grab a tiny screwdriver or screw gun to remove all the screws that hold the back cover as well as the side brush upper part.
  • Take out the back cover.
  • Locate the battery compartment which has a big label written iRobot.
  • Now, hold the black label (on the left and right side of the battery) to pull the battery out.
  • Insert the new battery as you have removed it. If possible, use slight force to place the battery into the right spot by pressing the label part. Do not touch the battery directly as it can lessen the lifespan. If you accidentally touch it, wipe the surface with a clean rag.
  • Place the back cover and insert all screws into the holes.
  • Tighten out the screws using the same tool.
  • Press and hold the CLEAN button for 3 seconds to turn the device on.
  • With your phone, open the iRobot HOME app to connect it to the Roomba device. After that, go to More > Settings > About (Robot Name) > Robot Software > Request Update. Then, wait for a few hours for the vacuum to update the software properly.
Note: Check the white clockwise swirl that will go round and round indicating updating the software aka Please Wait for the signal.

Solution #3: Factory Reset & Reboot The Vacuum

The struggle with updating the recent software versions can be solved if you simply factory reset and reboot the vacuum. Here’s the direction:

  • Connect to a Wi-Fi connection in your phone and Roomba.
  • Place your Roomba on a level surface with no obstacles. Be sure it is connected to the Charging Base near the Wi-Fi router.
  • Open the iRobot HOME app.
  • Then, allow access to the Location by clicking on ‘Access Location Services’.
  • Click on the ‘Yes, continue’ bar when finding the right Wi-Fi profile.
  • Enter the Wi-Fi password in the space and confirm.
  • Wait for the device to get connected to the iRobot HOME app. 
  • Tap continue to finish.
  • Press More > Settings > Factory Reset (Robot Name) bar.
  • Make sure to click on ‘Save maps during factory reset’ if you don’t want to lose any data.
  • Wait for some while.
  • Lastly, check if the update works or not.

What To Do If I Don’t Receive Software Updates?

In case your phone app (iRobot HOME) not showing updates or it shows not completed and canceled, then do the following things:

  1. Ensure the Charging Base is near the Wi-Fi router to get the needed range that helps it to update software. Just check your phone’s Wi-Fi signal icon to find the right spot where it shows the best signal.
  2. Be sure Wi-Fi has 2.4 GHz bandwidth as most models don’t support other GHz. In the phone’s app, go to More > Settings> Wi-Fi Settings > Robot Wi-Fi Details. If it shows a name with 5G, then it indicates 5 GHz which won’t help to update the software.
  3. Reboot your router by unplugging it for 10 seconds and plug it back. Then, wait for 120 seconds (2 minutes) so that the Wi-Fi router boots up properly.

How Long Does Roomba Need To Update Software?

It usually takes 25 minutes or 2 – 5 hours to complete the update. But, sometimes the device can take longer based on the firewall versions of the software.

Ending Note

Roomba vacuum will not update software issue can be really irritating. The device acts weird and won’t do the job like it used to do.

So, you are left with nothing but to update the software. The above solutions will surely solve the bugs if you catch the causes rightly.

However, if it’s still not able to update software, then contact the iRobot Customer Care or go to their showroom with some necessary stuff (fully charged robot, serial number, proof of purchase aka receipt).

Hope This Helps, Adios!


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