Shark IQ Robot AV970 Error Codes & Their Fixes

Error codes are a wonderful feature of appliances and machines that now makes way for the user to slightly have some understanding of why it’s facing a problem.

It’s fascinating, but at the same time confusing. Well, that happens only when you don’t know the meanings behind these codes. And that may be an issue because the user manual provided information seems too robotic to understand. 

And that is why I’ll be guiding you through all Shark IQ robot AV970 error codes with some guidance on what should be your initial steps with each error type.

Let’s get into the main topic without waiting!

Let’s Find Out About the Shark IQ Robot AV970 Error Codes & Their Fixes!

There are several error codes for Shark IQ robot AV970 each referring to various parts of the vacuum facing a specific sort of problem. 

Error Code 2 – Obstruction Error of Side Brush, Drive Wheel & Brush Roll or Wheel Motor Failure

  1. DOCK Light Red & ! Light Flashing Red

The stuck side brush causes error code 2 and it is easy to fix by simply cleaning the side brushes to make sure there’s no movement obstacle.

To Clean the Side Brushes:

  • Remove the side brush from the peg by carefully lifting it off. The peg is right at the bottom area of the robot.
  • Start by checking for any string or hair that could be wrapped around brushes.
  • Gradually unwind and remove those.
  • Use a dry cloth to wipe the brushes with gentle strokes.
  • The brushes need to be snapped over the square-shaped pegs for reinstallation.
  • Manually try to spin the brushes to check they are installed properly and working right.
  • During the cleaning, if you discover that the side brushes are faulty with bents then it needs to go. You will require new side brushes.
  1. CLEAN Light Red & DOCK Light Flashing Red

The drive wheel might be stuck due to debris or an obstacle making the axles unable to move freely. It’s simply going to need periodic cleaning of the drive wheels. 

And you should also clean the housing surrounding it. Don’t forget to spin each wheel while you dust it with a clean dry cloth.

  1. CLEAN Light Blue & ! Light Red Alternating/Flashing

The brush roll is facing a blockage and you need to clean it. Spin the brush roll to get rid of any debris that could be around the brush roll. 

Make sure you carefully lift and reinstall the brush roll. And it needs to click into the place on both sides to confirm proper installation. After every 6 to 12 months, make sure to replace the brush roll.

  1. CLEAN Light Blue & DOCK Light Red & ! Light Red Flashing

This one is a critical error of wheel motor failure. You should not delay calling customer service of Shark if this occurs.

Error Code 3 – CLEAN Light Red & ! Light Flashing Red

This is an indicator of suction motor failure. You need to clear the dustbin by removing it. The filters need to be cleaned as well. 

Any blockages inside should be gone. Debris buildup can take over the area between the plastic shield and filter needs cleaning as well. You can use a soft brush or dry cloth for that. Also, often poor dust bi emptying habits lead to this issue.

To Empty the DustBin:

  • Turn the machine off.
  • Start by pressuring the release tab meant for the dust bin. And then carefully slide it out.
  • Now hold the dustbin in an upright position. Or else you may cause spilling of substance inside.
  • Open the lid by using the finger slots.
  • Carefully empty it into the trash.
  • Now insert it back and make sure it clicks into place.

Error Code 6 – DOCK Light Flashing Red

The 6 Number error refers to the robot’s front bumper being jammed. And it is not able to move in or out freely. You need to clean the bumper and make sure there’s no obstacle in the way if it’s free movement.

Error Code 7 – DOCK Light Blue & CLEAN Light Flashing Red

This is a cliff sensor-related error which means it is unable to work for some reason. Most likely due to some obstacle. You need to move the unit to another location for fixing the error. Also, consider cleaning the sensors.

Keep in mind that if dirt builds up on the cliff sensors, then they can work less effectively. And that is why you should clean the entire unit often to keep this problem away from happening. The job of a cliff sensor is to make sure the unit does not go near any stairs or steep drops.

You can use any dry cloth for dusting off the sensors carefully. Don’t miss the charging pads while cleaning the sensor. It must be situated on the dock as well as beneath the robot unit.

Another problem that may disturb the functioning of the cliff sensor is it being close to rugs, carpets, or runners. You must keep these at least 8 inches from the stairs. 

Extending over the stairs’ edge is also helpful. If there’s no way of moving rugs or carpets, then you can use a BotBoundary strip for blocking the stairs.

Error Code 9 – DOCK Light Red & CLEAN Light Flashing Red

The installation of the dust bin when done wrong, this error occurs with the unit. And it simply means you need to reinstall the part by inserting it until there’s a click in place. You should not consider a successful installation of a dust bin without that clicking sound.

Error Code 10 – CLEAN Light Flashing Red

This error means that the robot might be stuck due to some hindrance while operating. And to make it go you need to move the robot to a different surface that is also level enough.

Error Code 14 – DOCK Light Red & CLEAN Light Flashing Blue

The shark IQ robot error code 14 refers to the BotBoundary error. To solve this problem, you need to bring it to a flatter surface. Because the magnetic boundary strip is failing to function, the robot needs to be away from it. Try cleaning again. 

A Few Things to Do for BotBoundary Error Prevention:

  • You should not place the strips beneath the carpet or rugs.
  • Try to use the strips around surfaces and flooring that are reflective.
  • It should be close to carpeted stairs.
  • The strips should not be available within 10 feet of the dock.

Error Code 16 – CLEAN Light Red & DOCK Light Blue Alternating

The robot is unable to move, and it is stuck somewhere while the front bumper is not able to move freely. To sort this issue simply place the robot in a new location. It should start cleaning.

Error Code 21 – CLEAN Light Red & DOCK Light Blue & ! Light Red Flashing

A booting-related error is what this one is all about. You need to turn the power of the robot vacuum off and then start it again. 

The power switch button should be on the backside of the dock, it needs to be ON position for the reboot to start. You need to press the power button to the OFF position next. 

And then keep holding your press on the button for 10 seconds before you turn it ON again. The reboot should be finished. 

Consider rebooting the router as well by unplugging its power cable for half a minute and then plugging it back. Leave it for several minutes so that the router can reboot completely.

Error Code 23 – CLEAN Light Blue & DOCK Light Red Flashing

The robot is not placed on the dock properly. You need to make sure the robot can return to the dock. If not, manually place it and make sure the clicking sound happens. The dock indicator light also needs to go blue.

Keep in mind that the charging dock should always be placed at a certain spot. Also, there should be nothing beneath it. 

A thin carpet is fine but nothing too deep or thick. Baseboards, direct sunlight, and heating elements are a big no for the dock placement as well. And it needs to be plugged in for the unit to find it without any problem every time.

Error Code 24 – DOCK Light Blue & ! Light Red Flashing

If the unit encounters a problem while charging, error code 24 shows up. And this often means you should check the power cord for the dock if it is the correct one.

A level surface, no objects within 3 feet from the docksides and 5 feet from the dock front, and the dock being placed against the wall are all important notes to check as well.

To connect the charging cord, you need to go to the back of the dock and find the outlet for plugging in. The dock has power if you can see a green light on the dock’s indicator light.

Error Code 25 – BATTERY ICON Red Flashing

Shark IQ error code 25 is a battery-related problem. And typically, it happens due to a low battery that requires charging. 

Placing it on the dock to enable charging shall be enough to solve the problem. However, sometimes it can be a more severe problem that needs additional checking of the battery and the charging mechanism.

Error Code 26 – DOCK Light Red & ! Light Flashing Red

Error 26 is about the dust bin being clogged with dirt or debris. And that blockage is failing the unit to work properly. 

To fix the problem, you need to take out the dustbin and give it a good clean. Then reinstall the part making sure there’s the click in place. Remember clicking sound is essential.

Wrapping Up

And that was all about the many Shark IQ robot AV970 error codes with the fixes. Hopefully, now you don’t have to sit in wonder about what these flashing and error numbers mean. 

Also, this information should be available inside your manual already. And if you lost the manual then there’s a good chance you’ll find it online by little finding. 

So, if you are looking for an error code of another similar model, perhaps try this route.

Anyways, I’ll be out for today, see you soon again!

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