Shark IQ Robot Error Code 14 Fix

Isn’t it fascinating that you can have a clue of what specific issue your vacuum is facing through some specific pattern or behavior of this home appliance? Error codes are incredible for letting your figure out those signals. But it’s also true that the numbers can be confusing.

Anyways, today I will be specifically talking about fixing shark IQ robot series error code 14. What it means and the quick fixing response that you need to give, I’m planning to elaborate.

Error code 14 of the shark IQ robot series refers to a Botboundary error. This error can be fixed by shifting the robot to an even flat surface. So that it can work far from the magnetic boundary strip that is causing the issue. It should start cleaning again however if it doesn’t things could be severe. 

And with that short idea of what error number 14 is, let’s move on to some in-depth discussion that I think you’ll need.

Shark IQ Robot Series Error Code 14: Botboundary Error – What Exactly It Is?

Now before jumping to the error, understand what exactly Botboundary is. It refers to a magnetic bumper strip. 

And the job of this strip is to make sure the vacuum does not travel past a certain area. So, concerning its name, there’s a set boundary for the vacuum. You will find some connectors that let the strips fix at a proper angle. There are quite a few

The robot can sense the strips pretty well. And it gets the information about not traveling the room. Hence you block the space from vacuuming just like that.

There’s no need for powering for the boundary strips to work. There are magnets that the robot vacuum can sense. And after that, the robot simply turns around. 

These strips are semi-thick and also follow angles and turn with the connectors. However, don’t expect sharp turns. People use these strips by cutting them to a suitable length using a knife or scissors. Will any magnetic strip work for the robot vacuum?

Generally magnetic works quite well with most robot vacuums of different brands. However, it can only work with the vacuum if there’s a sensor that can recognize the magnetic field. And this is why you need to be careful with the magnetic tapes for use as boundary strips. Contacting the manufacturer will help you ensure suitability.

Also, after facing an error, if you are thinking of removing the Botboundary strips and letting the vacuum work without them, make sure your space does not need any. Now, do you have to use BotBoundary strips religiously? Not always.

You have to use Botboundary strips if there’s a runner, carpet, or rug edge less than 8 inches from the staircase area. And it cannot be moved. The strips will be necessary to block the stairs in that case. 

This smart sensor technology of shark robot vacuums can get halted due to many underlying issues. And that is when error 14 announces the Botboundary sensor problem.

You may need to check the sensor replacement guide for changing the faulty sensor of the vacuum. I’ll give you a brief idea of how this replacement needs to be done. Or reach out to shark for getting the job done on your behalf of you, which is the safest bet.

Also, the botboundary strips could be worn out. And in that case, it will need a replacement.

According To Cleaners Talk,

Due to natural demagnetization, the lifespan of BotBoundary strips is about 12-18 months. The strips should be periodically checked during use. If the BotBoundary strips encounter wear or demagnetization, they need to be replaced.

Replacing The Sensor to Fix Botboundary Error

You need to turn off the robot and work on its underside. Remove the battery cover and then carefully remove the battery. 

Remove the cover, main brush, rubber end cap, and other things to access the sensor. You can clean these parts as sometimes hair or other stuff stays stuck here. It can be a great maintenance scope as well.

You will need to pry the wheel out of the caster and pull it from the slot. You also need to remove the dust bin, the bottom cover screws, and the top cover to finally access all sensors. 

Using a screwdriver, you can hold down the side cover to carefully slide out the sensor from the robot base. It is important to be extremely cautious while disconnecting the white connectors and screws for the sensor removal. 

After removing you can install the new sensor and basically reverse the whole process. This route of trying the replacement yourself is complex and to be honest, not safest. That’s why you should consider getting the sensor replaced by a professional as your first choice.

But Sometimes This Simple Shark Robot Vacuum Troubleshooting Fixes Botboundary Error

You can actually try a simple shark IQ robot troubleshooting that is not exactly a fix, more of a common step that may or not enable the vacuum to work again. There are two special sensors, which are in charge of detecting these magnetic strips in question. 

For fixing the problem with it, you will need to try specific actions based on the situation.

  • Too Small Strips Causing Problem – In this case, there’s a good chance the brushes of the machine have moved the strips. And this happens a lot with hard flooring types. If this is your scene, consider buying some anti-slip self-sticking material to put under the magnetic strip.
  • Strips Beneath the Carpet – Now if the carpet is quite deep and holds the magnetic strip beneath it, then there’s a good chance of creating a gap between the sensor and strip. This can cause the sensor to not recognize the strips. In this situation, you need to place the strips on the carpet front, not beneath.

Now if you clearly witness the vacuum crossing over the strips without dodging, then there’s a hardware fault that would need professional checking. Don’t delay consulting the shark repair service.

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A Few Maintenance Tips That Will Prevent the Error 14 In Near Future

  1. The 1st few runs of the robot vacuum need to be preplanned. You can take out some time for observing the robot to understand how it steers in your home layout.

Observe its work around and beneath furniture and areas where it gets stuck. Then according to this research, you can plan the block area for the robot to use strips strategically and cause less pressure on the sensors.

  1. There’s the main brush that tends to get stuck on long curtains and even cords. This can lead to stopping the vacuum on its track. Not to mention the hazardous probability of it taking the cords and continuing to ride.

You must clear all the cords, phone chargers, and questionable stuff out of the floor before leaving the vacuum to clean. Don’t forget to tie up the curtains if they are too long.

  1. A few tiny objects are super dangerous for the vacuum as they may suck those up and damage internal components. It could be anything lying on the floor from socks to toys of your child/pet. You also want to pick up any paper clip, rubber band, and things like that.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does my shark IQ robot keep saying there’s an obstruction?

If your shark IQ robot keeps saying there’s an obstruction, it could be due to something getting stuck in the dirt container. Obstructions can cause error 14 as well as other problems like this.

2. Is there a reset button on the Shark IQ robot?

Yes, there is a reset button on the shark IQ robot that you can use after experiencing shark vacuum error codes. And it is the power switch button. It should be under the machine. You can press it for 10 seconds to initiate the factory reset and wait for a while after that before starting the robot again.

Wrapping Up

Now you have all the necessary data regarding the shark IQ robot series error code 14 to try things for yourself. 

However, keep in mind the Botboundary error is not something you can handle on your own if the sensor has given up. 

If you don’t have prior experience with manipulating these home appliances or doing repairs, it’s best to contact the shark repair center.

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