Suddenly Shark IQ Robot Not Charging – What to Do?

Discovering a shark IQ robot not charging can be quite irritating. But these issues are a part of using these home appliances and sadly no one can guess when sudden trouble will pop out. 

So, with that mindset, I want you to take a deep breath and focus on finding reasons why your shark is not charging. 

Now there are quite a few things that could be responsible for a Shark IQ not charging. But most of the time it is due to a damaged battery. And if that’s not the case, then maybe the charging units are defective. In the worst case, the robot vacuum is out of order, and you will need a replacement.

But if it’s a quite recent purchase, I am hoping the whole unit replacement won’t be the case. Minor issues won’t take much effort, and for those, some simple shark IQ robot troubleshooting tips should be enough.

Let’s go through some issues that can be causing it to not charge with the idea of fixing those.

Steps To Take When Your Shark IQ Robot Is Not Charging

It is a troubleshooting process that I want you to follow and hopefully, you will find the cause for the IQ robot not charging for fixing it.

Start By Testing the Outlet

Primarily, make sure that the outlet you are using for charging the unit works. Sometimes it’s the power outlet’s fault rather than the robot’s. And if that’s the case, you need to shift your attention toward it not the vacuum.

Also, if your shark vacuum will not turn on then it is not being charged enough is one of the many possible causes. You need to find separately about all of those. 

However, the unit failing to charge can be a pretty solid reason for the shark robot vacuum not turning on. And in that case, too, you need to check the outlet.

Now back to the outlet checking, you can test it following the instruction:

  • Bring another device such as a lamp or your smartphone.
  • Plug the charger for that device into this doubted outlet.
  • Check if the device is charging or not.
  • If it is not working, you now know the vacuum is not at fault.

You can also try plugging the vacuum cleaner into a different outlet for checking the same thing. However, if the robot is still not charging, then the crisis still exists.

Next, You Want to Test the Vacuum

There are a few things you want to check with the vacuum. Turn the vacuum on (if it still has some charge to allow that) and check the suction. 

Observe the suction power. Is it normal? Do you think the functionality of the vacuum is similar to how it performs regularly?

If you answered yes to these two questions, it’s quite likely that the problem is with the battery or charger and not any internal component. However, if the suction and functionality are not normal, take it to the service center or a professional for internal checking.

Replace Damaged Battery

It can be possible that the battery is damaged and that’s why the unit cannot charge. You can determine the problem with the battery by checking the duration of it lasting. Normally, how long does the Shark IQ battery last?

Well, a shark IQ battery should provide at least 90 minutes of life with one charge. However, if it needs to return to the station from a filled dust bin or once the battery juice runs out, then the battery power will run out even quicker. After a charge, it should work for the expected time.

If the unit runs out of charge in less than this expected time for no apparent reason, it’s quite probably because the battery is almost damaged or completely unusable. And then you should consider a replacement.

The shark IQ robot battery light flashing can be helpful to identify if it’s critically low on power. Usually, when it needs to recharge, you’ll notice the shark robot battery light blinking red. 

Sometimes it could be depleted of the power needed to return at a charging station. And hence the unit fails to charge. You can manually place it on the dock.

Clean Battery & Charger

It is quite common for the battery contacts to not get into a proper connection. Maybe because of the dirt accumulated on these contact spots. And if the connection between the battery and vacuum is poor, you will find the unit not charging. 

So, what to do? Get rid of all the excess dirt covering the contacts. You must unplug the whole unit before wiping. A dry microfiber cloth is the best bet. 

Don’t use anything that can leave lint behind. Also, you should not use any wet cloth. Along with the contacts, you also want to wipe the surrounding. And it should be back to carrying the power as normal.

Cleaning The Vacuum

The very last thing you should consider doing as a part of troubleshooting the charging issue is cleaning the vacuum. The canister can be dirty or full. And it can also have dirty hoses. These can lead to the unit not charging.

Make sure you dump out the mess from the canister and rinse it with water. It should be air-dried before putting back. Any blockages on the attachments or wands need to go as well. 

You can use your finger or even a broomstick to unclog these stuck debris clumps. Don’t forget to check the head and dust cap of the vacuum.

Any hair or pet fur wrapped around the rolling brush needs to go as well. You can use a scissor too. After thoroughly cleaning the vacuum check if it is charging or not. If it does, then allow the unit to charge for its manual recommended period.

Consider Getting a Replacement

If you have tried almost everything but the shark robot vacuum not working despite your efforts, prepare yourself for a possible replacement. To confirm you want to contact a professional and let them check the unit first.

Now if only certain parts of the vacuum need to change, then the cost won’t be a lot. However, if that’s not the case and the whole vacuum needs a replacement, you cannot skip that, unfortunately. Perhaps take this chance to choose your next vacuum cleaner carefully and bring home a new unit with more advanced features than the old one.

Wrapping Up

And that was a troubleshooting guide for someone who has a shark IQ robot not charging. It’s not a bad idea to try things for yourself. 

However, if you are not a DIY repair kind of person, perhaps the easiest and quickest fix to this messed-up situation would be to look for a repair shop in your locality. 

You can also check the official website for Shark to get information on the service center to contact.

That’s It for Today! See You in My Next Guide.

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