Shark Robot Vacuum Not Charging: How To Fix

Shark robot vacuums go through a lot of wear and tear, and heavy dirt, dust and hair. These can damage its batteries and motors. The best thing you can do is keep it clean. Vacuum the brushes once a week, and brush the brush roll or dust bowl once a month.

However, in spite of regular maintenance, you may find that your shark robot vacuum is not charging. In this kind of case, there are some simple troubleshooting tips you can follow to solve this problem.

This guide will tell you those troubleshooting tips to overcome the charging problem of your shark robot vacuum.

Shark Robot Vacuum

Shark Robot Vacuum Not Charging: Fix Now

Testing The Power Outlet

It is very normal to think the problem is with the vacuum or battery at first. However, it may not always happen. That’s why you need to check the source of power first. You can turn on the switch. 

In order to check whether the power outlet is fine, you can plug any other device in the same power outlet. Without it, you can plug your shark robot vacuum in another outlet. Thus you will be able to check the power outlet.

Checking Your Vacuum

It is better to give your vacuum a quick check to find if there is any part broken. Sometimes it may happen that your vacuum body got broken accidentally. It can be the reason behind charging difficulty. If you find the vacuum is fine, then you should try another tip.

Cleaning The Charger And Battery

After checking your vacuum, you need to pay attention to the charger and battery. Sometimes a weak connection can make the battery stop working. This may happen if you did not plug the charger properly. Give it a check. If the charger is plugged in properly, you can check the contact of your vacuum battery. Because charge can get blocked or flow can be restricted by the dirt and debris.

If you find there is dirt or debris in contact with the vacuum’s battery, you should wipe the charge. In order to do that, unplug it first and use a piece of microfiber cloth for cleaning the contact areas. The cloth should be dry. Make sure that you are not using a cotton towel. It can leave mint which may ultimately lead to another problem. Also, you should never try using a damp cloth for this purpose. The water left inside can damage your vacuum.

After doing all these, you need to plug in your robot vacuum again. If you find the charging indicator is on, then your problem is solved.

Changing The Batteries

Changing your shark robot vacuum battery can be a solution if you are using it for a long time. After using the batteries for a long time, they lose the ability to hold power and continue the operation. In this case, you have to bring the replacement batteries.

Apart from that, if you find your vacuum batteries are not providing the expected output as promised, you can consider changing them. You may find this problem before the batteries stop working completely. However, while purchasing batteries for your shark robot vacuum, make sure that they are compatible with your device.

Cleaning The Whole Vacuum

At this point, you are supposed to find your shark robot vacuum is charging properly. However, if you are still facing this problem, then you can try cleaning your complete vacuum. I know that the dirt in your vacuum has nothing to do with charging. It is better to leave no option. 

So, clean all the dirt in the canister with your vacuum and rinse it using water. Then, try to find if there is any blockage. If you find any blockage, you need to clean them using your finger or broomstick. After that, make sure that the rolling brush of your vacuum is also clean.

After cleaning your shark robot vacuum entirely, you can keep it in charge for about sixteen hours, I mean the time it takes to become fully charged. 

If you are still facing difficulties, then you have to consider repairing your vacuum.

Checking The Warranty 

You can check the warranty card to find if the charging problem is under the warranty policy. If yes, then you are lucky. You will get a solution. For details about the warranty, you can call customer support.

Bringing A Replacement

If still, you are helpless, then you can think about bringing a new vacuum for you. Basically, a vacuum can provide service for about 4 to 6 years. If your vacuum is older than this, then it is better to bring a new one.

However, before going to purchase a new one, you can go to the repair shop and find the solution. If repairing your vacuum does not cost much, then you can get it fixed.

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