My Shark Robot Vacuum is Not Working

No home appliance can be completely invincible. And this applies to the best vacuum cleaners out there from pretty amazing brands. For instance, the one we are discussing today. Shark’s robot vacuums.

Indeed, these are among some of the highly recommended robot cleaners to get. But occasional issues and the need for troubleshooting are almost unavoidable.

So, what should you do when your shark robot vacuum not working? Well, first you ask yourself, exactly why has my Shark robot vacuum stopped working?

A few common problems can cause the shark robot vacuum to stop working. Failure to turn on, charging-related issues, Wi-Fi connection errors, damaged side brush, dirt picking inability, and squeaky noises are the common issues that lead to such situations. 

Let’s talk more about it below.

Troubleshoot a Shark Robot Vacuum That Is Not Working

The full process for shark IQ robot troubleshooting involves going through each problem to determine whether or not that’s the root issue and then finding a solution accordingly. As soon as you discover that your shark ion robot won’t turn on or charge, it’s the best route to try.

Keep in mind that based on models, technical anomalies can exist. However, it’s the same working mechanism as well as shape that you will work with typically. And so, a basic understanding of core issues will be helpful, nevertheless.

Also, before trying anything at all, why don’t you give the unit a reset? Yes, you can do that! Is there a reset button on the Shark vacuum for such a purpose?

Not really, there’s no reset button on a shark vacuum but another existing button plays the role. And it’s the power button that you use for turning the machine On or Off. This mechanism might be available for a certain model, you will find the procedure in the manual.

The next thing you are wondering should be, how do I reset my Shark robot without using the power button? Well, I’ve got you covered there as well!

To reset a shark robot, you need to use the application. There you will find a section on the settings called Factory Reset. Select and confirm it to trigger the reset. Keep in mind this will delete almost maps and similar information. It should not take more than a few seconds. 

Troubleshoot a Shark Robot Vacuum

Shark Robot Vacuum Fails to Turn On

At times you may try everything, but your shark vacuum will not turn on. There could be some minor mistakes that are leading to this situation. And it is also possible some big internal failure is causing the problem.

The first spot to check is whether or not the vacuum is docked properly. It can make a lot of sense why the robot is failing to turn on if it was improperly positioned over the dock. 

As that means the vacuum is simply not charged enough to turn on. A sensor can also be responsible for it.

According To Ready To DIY,

“If your Shark vacuum is suddenly not docking, it could be a problem with the sensors. You can give them a quick wipe-down with a microfiber cloth to clean the sensors.”

Also, it can happen if a wire is damaged. And so, there’s no connection for power. Sometimes it is a faulty outlet for causing the same problem.

Shark Robot Vacuum WIFI Connection Failure

Now a WIFI connection might not be possible for a few of the robot vacuum models from Shark. But some can connect to WIFI and allow the user to make commands for operating the vacuum. This is done through a phone application.

But if the unit fails to connect with your home WIFI, controlling won’t be possible. Now, why is such a thing happening?

Most of the time, the problem is not the robot but the router you are using for WIFI. Try resetting it to check if things sort out. You should also try to reboot your robot.

Simply have the power switch situated on the back on the dock position and then press the side-located power button to the OFF position for 10 seconds. And you can turn the power back on to check.

Shark Robot Vacuum Charging Issues

Discovering the shark IQ robot not charging often happens due to improper contact with the charging dock. You can try to push the vacuum towards the dock to help it engage better. A flashing blue light on the top part of the unit will confirm its charging.

This can also happen if the contacts have dirt accumulated on it. You just need to clean it according to the manual instructed manner. Also, you want to make sure the robot is automatically visiting the dock. 

If the unit cannot travel to the dock for some reason, then the charging issues will make more sense. The unit needs immediate repair by a professional.

Shark Robot Vacuum Not Spinning Side Brush

The ability to access almost any nook or cranny inside a house is one of the highlighting features of Shark robot vacuums. And this is possible thanks to the side brush that comes with its design. These extend on either side of the body.

However, the side brushes failing to spin can make that feature unusable. Now there are quite a few reasons for this happening. 

Most probably, there’s dirt stuck on it or the internal components working with it, causing the brush to not rotate. The post is responsible for turning the brush, probably this is where something is wrapped and casing issue. You can remove the part and clean it.

It is also possible that the side brushes are just damaged and need replacement. This could be the likely case if it’s a pretty old robot vacuum that has worked for quite a long time.

Shark Robot Vacuum Not Picking Up Mess

From spilled cereal to your pet’s grooming sheds, a shark robot is expected to effortlessly pick up all these different types of mess. 

And that’s why when the unit fails to pick up the easiest dirt pile, it sure seems weird. You may also notice that the unit is leaving some trails behind along with not picking up the dirt.

The most likely culprit for this issue is the air filters. Those might be too dirty to work anymore. And if that’s the case, you need to wash those. If cleaning is not enough to revive the filters, you need to replace them.

Keep In Mind – You must check in the manual if the filters are declared to be washable and only then try to follow the cleaning method.

Wrapping Up

And now you know what to do as soon as you find out your shark robot vacuum not working. There’s of course the risk of the machine being dead.

And if that is the case, some expensive repairs might be needed that you have to get from the service center or a professional. At absolute worse, you may have to replace the vacuum.

One quick tip would be to check the shark ion robot error codes available in the manual. These codes can be a great help to identify what sort of issue the robot is facing.

And hence taking steps according to that information will make things a lot easier.

Good Luck!

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