Shark uv540 vs nv356e: Which Upright Vacuum Is The Winner?

Shark vacuum is a well-known brand of vacuum cleaner, widely used in the United States and around the world. Shark vacuums are made by Electrolux, a Swedish multinational company, and are known for their powerful suction and ability to clean hard-to-reach places.

While women hate to clean, (and their husbands call them maniacs!) women love shark vacuums. Its tank-like design means nothing gets into the vacuum. The vacuum’s 360-degree suction means nothing is missed.

So, when we went to research our navigator, we got puzzled between the shark uv540 and nv356e. Both models promise to provide user-friendly features. Let’s find out from shark uv540 vs nv356e which vacuum can meet your needs.

When driving into a crazy person amidst all the features you need to focus on before buying, we have described the following features for your easy shopping:

  • Powered Lift-Away 
  • Advanced Anti-Allergen Complete Seal 
  • Technology, Lightweight and Ultra-Quiet Operation
  • Suction Upright 
  • Portability
  • Easy cleaning of pet’s hair
  • Usability
  • Filtration
  • And more
Shark uv540 vs nv356e

Shark uv540 vs nv356e: The Comparison Overview

Do you want your Shark vacuum to work as a house-maid with you? Go-through the whole feature-by-feature comparison and made the right decision!

FeaturesUV540 Shark Navigator Lift-Away UprightNV356E Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional
Weight:15.6 lbs.13.7 lbs.
Dust cup capacity:1.2 dry quarts2.2 dry quarts
Cord length:35 feet30 feet
Brush:Dusting Brush, Pet Power BrushAir-driven pet brush, dusting brush 16-inch extension wand
Crevice tool:8″5.5″
Accessories:Dust-Away Hard Floor Attachment with 2 Microfiber Pads16-inch extension wand
Noise level:StandardStandard
Detachable canister:BothBoth
HEPA filter:BothBoth

Suction Technology:

Do you run into a vacuum cleaner that is not self-propelled but yet manages to take your task on its shoulder?

The 13.7 pounds lightweight shark NV 356E has phenomenal suction which maintains a tight grip on the carpet and sucks up all dust and dirt on its way.

Moreover, when you switch on the brush rolls, it starts chugging along on its own. And the brush roll can be controlled directly from the canister itself.

Hard Floor Hero Attachment and brush roll shutoff are working great for hardwood flooring. What if we talk about its respective job on bare floors? Though the bare floor is not exactly its forte, it somehow manages to do the task with its microfiber pads and washable filters. For its powerful suction, whatever comes in front of it, goes inside it, period!

Again, if we look at the UV540 vacuum, the suction power of this vacuum is quite impressive too. It has a continuous suction power that will not lessen even when your battery is dying.

The battery life extends to 20 minutes with a charging time of three hours. It has two modes: regular and max mode. The max mode has a great suction power of 270AW, and the regular mode is slightly less.

Now, if your vacuum is running a bit low, there will be a possibility that it is clogged with debris. The Shark uv540 might not have a lot of accessories for controlling the suction power, but it has great suction that will definitely impress you.

Since your expensive carpets will need some delicate treatment, turn on the motorized cleaner of the UV540 vacuum, which will perfectly perform the cleaning work.

The stiff bristles will eradicate any dirt present in it. In the case of hardwood, turn the motorized mode off. The soft carbon filaments of this brush will allow you to work through without any damage.

So, in the battle of shark nv356e vs uv540, we can give both of them points since they can provide consistent suction power from the beginning to the end of the cleaning session.

Noise Level:

One of our neighbors came and asked for some suggestions about my new Shark NV356E. She was wondering if I had taken a day off from cleaning because she could not hear anything.

Voila! I can do my cleaning peacefully when my baby sleeps. And my neighbor was also sharing her experience of noise level with shark UV540 since this picture-perfect vacuum also produces a standard noise level like any other vacuum she had before.

So, both navigators will not produce such great mayhem that might get you in trouble with your neighbors!


Another lucrative aspect of these two vacuums is their self-detaching canister unit that converts this into a portable vacuum. The super clean mommy can clean all those hard-to-reach places like stairs, car interiors, and under the furniture without removing it by the lift-away canister.

The smooth gliding wheels and swivel steering design are also there for easy maneuverability. The slim and compact design of UV540 will allow you to handle it with ease. It is easier to be carried the NV356E by anyone, even the elderly.

Again, there is a difference in the length of the power cord, which helps to cover a lot of space while cleaning. The UV540 vacuum has a 35ft long power cord, whereas the NV356E has a 30ft long power cord. An added advantage for UV540 is an extra extension wand.

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When You Have Pets!

When your pet’s hair is scattered all over the floor, the impressive pet-friendly vacuum cleaner named NV356E can ease your task with its pet hair power brush.

Actually, you have to empty the canister couple of times because of its high amount of stuff the vacuum sucks. The same goes for the UV540 vacuum too.

The bagless design of this vacuum makes it easier for you to clean it. The dustbin is complementarily transparent. This will notify you when you need to throw out the dirt and debris.

However, the bin is comparatively small.

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This impressive piece of modern engineering named shark NV356E is absolutely user-friendly. You don’t need any tools or hire any professional to step up as the shark nv356e parts are easy to set up.

Again, for UV540, changing the filters of this beauty is quite easy too. You just need to push a button on the head of the vacuum. You don’t need to dismantle all the impressive Shark uv540 parts wholly.

The Shark uv540 filters are already an amazing experience on its own. So, you will not have a headache when you are operating these two vacuums.

Cleaning and Filtration:

Both the vacuums have the anti-allergen complete seal tech with a HEPA filter that can capture 99.9 percent of dust and allergens. The 100-watt powerful motor of the NV356E vacuum is designed to be a workhouse and can decrease waste of suction and clean in no time.

Since time is money, we want an effective vacuum that can save time. So, the manufacturers give an extra dust cup with the NV356E filter that allows removing the dust from the vacuum within a few stops.

The total capacity of the dust cup of NV356E is 2.2 dry quarts. On the other hand, the capacity of the dust cup of UV540 is 1.2 dry quarts.

Shark nv356e vs uv540: Final Feedback

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E, White and Silver
Shark NV356E

Shark NV356E Feedback: Many of us look for an everyday use vacuum cleaner, which should be lightweight, nifty around corners, has professional-grade dusting accessories for cleaning carpets or hardwood floors, or even upholstery. Are you feeling overambitious?

Don’t feel like you have got Shark NV 356E professional lift-away navigator upright vacuum, which is poised as an all-floor versatile cleaner. However, the vacuum has not any height adjustments, and the hose is somewhat stiff.

All in all, the product name has a ‘professional’ tag in it, and the features we see in the shark nv356e review can express us the reason for this name. So, you can count on the vacuum.

Shark UV540 Lift-Away Upright Vacuum (Renewed)
Shark UV540

Shark UV540 feedback: The Shark uv540 has an incredibly sophisticated design that comes in a grey shade. It is an upright vacuum as well as bagless.

When we go through the shark UV540 review, we see the vacuum comes in a comparatively thinner dimension with lift-away functions. This function allows the user to clean difficult places like ceilings, curtains, or stairs with ease.

Furthermore, it is quite lightweight to handle. Controls are within your reach, which allows you to stand upright while working. The handle of the vacuum has an ergonomic design that lets you have a great grip on your beauty.

However, the vacuum is a bit heavier. All in all, you can already figure out that the Shark uv540 reviews only speak the best about this gorgeous.


1. Is Shark vacuum better than Dyson?

Whether you are a fan of these vacuum giants or not, you have to admit these two are the best in the market. They have satisfied customers in the markets that claim these two provide the best cleaning and are easy to use.
So, which one is better? The main differences are reflected in their price, suction, and weight. On the one hand, Dyson vacuums are a bit too pricey with more suction than its counterpart. It is a tad bit heavier to carry as well.
On the contrary, the gorgeous Shark vacuums are much more affordable. It is also slightly lighter but is low on the suction force than its competitor.

2. How long do Shark vacuums last?

If there is any brand that everybody knows when it comes to amazing vacuums, then it is the Shark vacuum brand. It is particularly the best brand for upright models not only for its features but also for its affordable price. You will be able to use this beauty for around 7 years. It might be a bit under the median

Final Verdict

Both shark models are middle-priced, yet they are bestowed with high-end features. These sturdy machines can really live up to your expectations. The shark nv356e and shark uv540 have so many things in common, but they are still able to stand brightly on their own with a few differences.

So, when we tried to find out the ultimate winner of Shark uv540 vs nv356e, we have come to a point where each one is the winner. So, you can choose any of them according to your preferences.

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