Your Shark Vacuum Will Not Turn on Until You Fix These Issues!

A lot of internal as well as external factors can play the devil’s role in not letting your Shark vacuum start as it should. There are more than just a few reasons for this to happen.

However, what are the most common causes that need to be fixed ASAP, or your Shark vacuum will not turn on, no matter what you try?

The shark vacuum will not turn on if the unit fails to receive power properly. This can happen to both cordless and corded models. Another issue that can make the vacuum unable to start is overheating of the motor.

Let’s discuss all the other top reasons responsible for the starting failure of the vacuum with the solutions.

Why Shark Vacuum Will Not Turn On – Identifying the Issues

I have made three categories to include the reasons for a shark vacuum not turning on. The most common one is an issue with the motor. And then some minor problems can be fixed quickly. Finally, it could be due to an electrical part such as the vacuum cord failure.

Problematic Shark Vacuum Motor

If you experience shark vacuum failing to switch on, then the motor is where to start checking from. A specific indication is when your vacuum runs for a little while and stops all of a sudden.

Through excessive usage and wearing out, a motor is likely to break down eventually. So, if your shark vacuum motor died, it will need a replacement.

But first, try inspecting the motor and confirm it’s gone completely. Take it out and observe the damage. You can also call customer service if it’s moderately damaged. A repair person will try to revive the motor if the damage is not too serious.

You can also try a shark vacuum overheat reset if the machine stopped due to overheating.

Here’s how:

  • Take out the cord of the vacuum from the power outlet and make the unit completely electricity free.
  • Now, look through the filter and hose for any blockages that could be there. You must wash the filters and unclog the parts.
  • Let the vacuum seat aside for at least 45 minutes and completely cool down.
  • Turn on the vacuum and start vacuuming once again.

Well, if you cannot turn it on, then clearly the motor is severely damaged or there’s some other issue going on with the unit. Your shark not turning on is often just because of a little overheating. And such resets help. Similarly, when the shark duo clean vacuum won’t turn on, this overheating reset will come in handy in solving the issue. There’s another factory reset option that you can try as well.

This other one is helpful in situations where a shark robot vacuum not turning on. Let’s go there next!

Shark Robot Vacuum Factory Reset

Keep in mind a factory reset will trigger the deletion of any robot data it has. And this includes preferences for cleaning, schedules, maps, and also other settings.

Is there a reset button on the Shark vacuum? Not really! You need to use the shark vacuum on/off switch.

The power switch button works as the shark vacuum reset button. So, you need to press the button for 10 seconds and this will initiate the factory reset process. After waiting for a few seconds, you should be able to turn on your robot vacuum.

You can also reset using the phone App. The vacuum should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. There will be a reset option in settings.

Try These Quick Fixes for Some Minor Problems

Just like I said before, some conditions are minor enough to handle yourself and it will solve the problem of your shark vacuum. So, in this case, how do you fix a vacuum that won’t turn on?

To fix the vacuum and turn it on you will need to clean the bag, and filter as well as the blockages inside. A gunk in the power cable can also lead to such a situation. A simple cleanup of the whole unit can help.

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Cleaning The Filter

Once you find that your shark vacuum not turning on, inspecting the filter is a good start as there’s a chance it is clogged. A range of items can cause clogging but mostly it is hair and dirt.

Dirty filters can make the suction go extremely low. Eventually, the dirt will make the filter unable to work hence the vacuum won’t turn on. And so, you need to clean the filter regularly.

To find exactly how to clean shark vacuum filters, you can dig through the provided manual. It’s important to watch out for any warning the manufacturer might have included specifically.

You also want to make sure the filter is washable. Some shark vacuum cleaners come with HEPA filters along with felt and foam filters. Or else, the cleaning process of the filter is usually the same.

Empty The Dust Cap

The vacuum cleaner will start to lose suction not just from a dirty filter but also from a filled dust cap. Once it reaches the maximum fill line, troubles will start to appear. And eventually, the shark will not turn on. As soon as you experience a drastic suction fall (almost 30%) make sure to empty the dust cap.

A vacuum full of dirt will make the motor get extra pressure. And you’ll discover the shark vacuum overheated and failed to turn on.

Clearing Blockage from Hose or Brush Roll

This one is a minor problem at first but soon can become a nightmare and eat away your motor’s life. Yes, too much clog in the brush roll or even the hose can result in increasing the temperature of the motor due to overpressure.

And this blockage triggers the motor to work harder. Causing it to turn extremely hot and eventually shut down. Brush roll and cleaner head will catch pet hair easily. Use a scissor to cut through the hair and keep such blockages away.

If you own a shark model such as the Shark Navigator Pet Pro Upright Vacuum that comes with a self-cleaning brush roll then there’s less chance of tangled hair causing such trouble. These models may seem expensive but eventually cuts down the maintenance cost in near future.

Sorting Power Plug Issues

Improper plugging of the shark vacuum on a power source could be the reason behind it not turning on. Now keep in mind, this may look like a too simple mistake to make, but there’s still a fair chance of it happening.

Some power outlets are hard to insert the power plug in. And in those cases, it is easy to not insert the plug completely. This eventually will fail to make any electrical connection and obviously, the vacuum cleaner will not turn on. You also want to make sure the power socket is working by using another home appliance.

Dirt accumulation on the power cord can also result in the shark vacuum not sucking properly or even not turning on. You must clean it regularly along with the whole body of your vacuum cleaner.

Also, wear and tear are likely with a power cord that faces a lot of yanking and swinging while you clean the space. Thoroughly checking the power cord for any cut or loose wire can confirm whether it needs a replacement or not.

Unavoidable Vacuum Cleaner Replacement

Before discussing the situation, let’s first clear out one thing, how long do shark vacuums last?

Typically, upright shark vacuums are expected to last at least 5 to 6 years. This can always vary a little bit depending on the model, usage frequency, and similar mattering factors. 

Now if you know the unit has served its portion of time well, there’s a good chance the appliance is worn out completely. And you need a replacement.

However, there are other situations too where even if the shark vacuum is not too old, it still needs replacement. For example, when the motor is dead.

Unfortunately, a motor replacement can be more expensive than buying a new vacuum cleaner. If the manufacturer or the person you hired to check the motor, declares the need for a motor replacement, there’s not much to do about it.

You pay more than the unit itself to replace the motor. Or simply get a new one. Most would choose the latter option.

If your motor is still doing fine, you are on the safe side. But make sure to follow these golden maintenance rules to stay there for as long as possible:

  • A clogged filter is the number one cause of motor damage.
  • Overuse of the canister can cause the motor to die.
  • Delay in other component replacement when it is time can also lead to complete motor failure.

Wrapping Up

So those were the common causes that can disrupt the unit’s operation, and your shark vacuum will not turn on until it’s solved.

There are too many factors that play a vital role in the vacuum cleaner’s overall performance. However, one fool-proof practice that can keep most of these troubles away is regular maintenance.

As the home appliance is used quite a lot at your home, it too needs frequent rests and upkeep. So, pay attention to cleaning and storing it with care and watch your shark vacuum cleaner thrive for many years ahead.

See you in my next piece soon!

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