How To Pick The Right Spray Gun Tip Size

It is important to select the right size tip for your spray gun to ensure proper coverage of the target area. The size of the tip can be determined by taking into account some basic sizing factors.

This topic is especially helpful in understanding how much fluid flow comes out of the nozzle when you hit the trigger. If the size is problematic, then the spraying ability of the spray gun will be worse.

To achieve a better finish and quality work, it is important to use a spray gun tip of the right dimension. This will ensure an even coat.

For that, spend a lot of time just to figure that out. So, we have a plan to give an explanation guide on how to pick the right spray gun tip size, in hope that you would save your energy and time. Without bubbling around, let’s get into that!

How To Pick The Right Spray Gun Tip Size

How To Pick The Right Spray Gun Tip Size

For thinner paints, the right tip size is around 0.5” to 1.4” (mm). And, the thicker paints can be used in the 1.6” to 2.5” (mm) tip size of the spray gun. 

The spray tip size does matter if you want to spray paint for heavy or light coverage. And, to know the real spray gun tip size chart, it’s essential to give priority to fan width as this thing affects the sizing.

Also, here are a few points which you should know to understand the right tip side of the spray gun.

  • If you are applying enamel or stains, it’s better to choose a larger tip size. Yet, if you have latex-based or oil-based paints, then the larger tip size will be ideal.
  • Determine the fan width and for that, check the 3-digit number. Then, underline the first number and multiply it to 2 to find the correct fan width in inches.
  • From the 3-digit number, the last 2 codes indicate the size of the tip opening (1,000 of an inch) in case you don’t know how to measure spray gun tip size.
  • Most sprayers can use any tip size at ease.

You must-have tons of stuff in your mind and want to know the right base coat that will be the ideal size of the spray tips size. And based on thicker and thinner paints, we have sorted the spray tip sizes. Keep on reading to find that out.

Choose Smaller Spray Gun Tip Sizes for Thinner Paints

According to the tip rating of your spray gun, you can choose a tip size. For thinly coated paints like enamel and stains, it’s good to use the smaller spray gun tip such as 0.5 to 1.4 mm.  

0.5 to 1 mm Size

Made with smaller patterns that do a great job when used for thinning and dying. And this size range is pretty common for thinner paint applications.

1.2 to 1.3 mm Size

Being a standard spray gun tip size for base coats, thinner primers, or clear coats, no one can beat this size. It is a bit larger than the previous one but still able to flow through the small hole with little coverage.

And, this size range does a great job to coat not too thick or thin. Besides, a few users find it comfortable to use water-based paints.

1.4 mm Size

This size is the thickest in the smaller size that people use for priming, thickening varnishes, or evening. And this sizing is considered the universal tip.

Select Spray Gun Tip Size for Thicker Paint

Picking the correct spray gun tip size is harder if you are using lacquers, latex-based, and oil-based paints. Due to the texture of the paint, the easiness of applying paint through right-sized tips will be different such as 1.6 to 2.5 mm sizes.

1.6 mm Size

This size of spray gun tip is ideal for primer and single-stage paint applications. And also, they do well for varnishing projects. 

1.8 mm Size

Quite larger in pattern, the 1.8 size is perfect for latex-based paint application. The thin complexion of paint helps to get smooth and even coverage thanks to the size. 

2.2 to 2.3 mm Size

Most experts suggest using the largest spray gun tip on thick primer, oil-based paint, and other materials. And, the size of the spray tip ensures the bigger flow of fluid coming out of the nozzle when used.

Note: Check the spray gun product specification sheet or label to ensure the right spray tip size.

Wrapping Up

Now, that was our effort to explain how to pick the right spray gun tip size. It’s an essential topic especially when you have decided to get a spray gun.

Remember that a smaller tip will result in a thinner coating, while a larger one will give you thicker coverage. Keep the purpose in mind and you’ll be able to choose the right size easily.

We hope this guide seems helpful and useful to get your needed information. And, if you can’t pick the right tip size for the spray gun, it’s wise to contact a friend who has good knowledge on this matter and help you pick one. We’ll catch you later with a new topic. See You Soon!

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