How to Maintain Vacuum Cleaner & Use It for a Long Time

Vacuum cleaners are one of the household cleaning units that need minimal attention. It’s easy, convenient, and makes a lot of hassle just staying gone!

But that does not mean you should be neglectful of taking care of this very useful appliance of yours. Maintaining your belongings is vital for not only getting the most use from them but also for keeping them in good shape for as long as possible.

So, we have decided to sit down and create a guide on how to maintain vacuum cleaner including tasks you should consider for this matter.

How to Maintain Vacuum Cleaner & Use It for a Long Time

How to Maintain Vacuum Cleaner & Keep It Going for Long?

Check for damages in the head, brush rolls, vacuum belt, and other parts. The same goes for finding clogs. You also want to replace the bags timely, check the filter and hoses when necessary, and lubricate the moving parts.

Check These Parts First & Foremost

It’s not just about how to use and maintain the vacuum cleaner and floor polisher, but also checking timely if certain parts prone to damage are fine or not. Basically, what you should be doing at first. Try These:

  1. Finding how to clean vacuum cleaner heads is necessary. But before that, you need to check something. The floor head of the vacuum could have blockages. Try bringing the head upside down and have a look beneath. If you can see clogging, it needs to be sorted asap.
  2. If you open the floor head, you’ll see the brush roll set up at one end. You want to make sure it’s spinning properly from time to time. Such simple routine checkups are necessary for avoiding any repairs.
  3. Right over the brush roll, you’ll find the vacuum belt. This can catch carks or notable wear. If so, we need to get it replaced. 

Replacing The Vacuum Bag Timely Is Crucial

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As soon as the bag gets three-fourths full, it’s time to get it replaced and there are no buts here. You have to check and change these bags before using the vacuum, especially the upright or canister-type ones. 

There are bags that come with indicating lines on their side for you to understand the changing time.

If you don’t, then this is going to make the bag full when you are vacuuming and it’s not a great thing for the whole unit. Also, if there’s no room for the debris, the vacuum cleaner won’t be as efficient as it should be. This is one of the main reasons behind poor suction power.

You Also Need to Clean the Brush Roll

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With constant usage, the brush roll will catch items getting wrapped around it. And that won’t let it spin properly. So, it goes without saying that you must get rid of all those trying, floss, hair, and things like that from the roll.

Some people consider removing this stuff by having the roll in its place. However, removal of the part will allow better access, hence a better cleaning. So, we would suggest you do go that way.

You can use a pair of scissors to get the wrapped objects out, or even use your finger. A little bit of soap water washing will also help in further cleaning.

If the bearings, caps or any interior part needs replacement from that area, don’t just avoid it. Such skipping might invite grave repairs eventually causing you to spend more.

After Cleaning & Before Storing, Try Lubrication

This will really get rid of any smoothness in the vacuum cleaner and give you great usability. Make sure you always try lubricating the moving parts of the unit. These are basically the brush rolls, swiveling heads, and also the turning wheels.

You may also want to apply some lubricant in the joining parts of the swivel head in a cordless stick vacuum.

Filters & Hoses Cleaning

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The filter is in charge of picking all the particles from the indoor air. And so, it needs periodic replacements. There are the ones you can clean. Of course, you need to know how to clean a vacuum cleaner filter depending on what specific type it is.

Some would be fine with rinsing, the plastic ones mostly. Then there’s the type made of paper or fabric, that you can shake and the dirt would just fall off.

Then about the hoses, most of the time you’ll discover huge objects trapped inside of them. And that makes a lot of problems occur when you try to vacuum. 

You can stick a hook inside or simply peer into the hose to check if there’s a clog. Tiny toys, underwear, and socks are the objects that usually get stuck in hoses.

Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance Checklist

  • Never start any maintenance with the vacuum plugged in. accidental startups can cause electrical injuries that can be really hard to deal with.
  • When using the vacuum cleaner, it can stop suddenly sometimes. That just means the unit is overheated. And you should give it a break by turning off and unplugging the unit until it completely cools down.
  • If your vacuum cleaner is making a weird noise, it might have damage that you should not ignore, and get a checkup quickly.
  • Don’t forget the right way to store the vacuum cleaner once you clean it. Having the unit cleaned only to place it somewhere easy to catch dirt from, is clearly a silly mistake but something a lot of people don’t pay much attention to and end up doing.

Wrapping Up

And that’s basically how you should maintain a vacuum cleaner, which includes checking the parts, replacing or repairing damages, and cleaning it routinely. 

It’s nice to see someone trying to get their vacuum cleaner maintenance regime sorted by finding more about it. Hopefully, we were able to help you!

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