About us

Nothing comes easy in our life. In this modern time, we’ve got thousands techs and tools to help us and save our time a lot. Any kind of tool makes our life easy and efficient. Having these in mind, we (Julia & Alex ) were started to list the tools that we’d find around.

But after a while, we realized, not every tool is actually worthy that we thought. There’s a need to recheck the efficiency and value for money for each of the tools you’ve found on the internet.

So, we’d started to collect some necessary home and outdoor tools at first and tested them on hand. We took every of our test results in a blog and after reviewing a lot of different tools, we are now confident enough to help you guys with our honest opinion.

That’s the behind the story of Tool Forever.

But we are not like we were a few years ago. Now we have a team of writers and researches. We collect the data we get from each of the reviewed items, analyzed the product with two steps, and then our expert writers, write the whole thing in a well-organized way.

Tool Forever is devoted exclusively to aware people who need any kind of tool for their home or outdoor projects. We also provide useful blog content to show the proper use of any specific tool. With the honest testing results and real data, we suggest the best products currently available in the market.

Besides, the how-to blogs and buying guide will boost up your any repairing task or creative works with your next best tool from our recommendations.

Meet The Team

I’m the Chief Product Researcher & Editor

Alex Parker

Alex is the Editor of Tool Forever who has 10+ years experience of using most of the outdoor and housing tools. With his excellent pieces of writings, he lets you know some facts and figures about those tools, buying guide to find the best-suited tool for your specific need and how-to guides to upsurge your knowledge base on the tool industry.

Alex Parker - Author of Tool Forever
Julia Smith

I’m the Product Researcher & Editor

Julia Smith

Julia Smith is a housewife and works as a part-time analyst in the Tool Forever Review Team. She’d been doing great since she joined the team as she is fully master of most of the household tools like – cleaning, beauty, kitchen item, sewing & embroidery, and so on. With her product analysis and writing skill, you will get an honest opinion and in-depth information about any household tools we review.